Ingrid Betancourt Not Asking For $7 Million…Yet


Ingrid Betancourt Not Asking For $7 Million…Yet – She’s a former Colombian presidential candidate, her name is Íngrid Betancourt and she spent several years of her life being tied down as a hostage by dangerous rebels. Now, she wants to be rewarded for the time she spent as a prisoner and she’s asking for about $7 million dollars from the Colombian government. Quite a hefty sum of money but is it justified for the troubles she’s faced in life?

Several documents were submitted to the Colombian government just last month. Each of them highlight the harsh physical and emotional abuse that she had to face. Betancourt and her other family members say that the Colombian government didn’t even try to protect her. Rather, they left her there struggling to survive.
“If you ask me, it seems in very bad taste, very badly done.

One does not do this. She has no case.” These words came from the Colombian Vice president Francisco Santos.
Betancourt and her other family members have also failed to speak out about her requests. She’d been held hostage by the Marxist guerrillas since back in 2002. She was just one of 15 people who were freed in a top secret military helicopter rescue in July of 2008. Colombian soldiers were able to pose as humanitarian aid workers and gain access to free the group. The entire operation was conducted by 3 military members, 11 Colombian police and several other military figures.

Update : Ingrid Betancourt’s lawyer Gabriel Devis just explained that the matter could still be resolved out of court.


  1. Ingrid was a candidate in the 2002 elections. During this time, the guerrilla in Colombia was a very complicated topic, all the candidates focused on this subject. Ingrid decided to visit El Caguan, a zone in which the guerilla was. Everyone knew this, everyone warned her to not go. She wanted to prove herself and decided to go. The authorities make her signed and agreement in which she says she is aware of the danger and she is aware the army will not go with her because it was guerilla land. She decided to go, and like she was warned, she got kidnapped. She spent around seven years in the jungle.
    Now, she wants the government to pay her for being kidnapped. Then, wouldn’t all the people that has been kidnaped in Colombia have the right to ask for money also? What about the soldiers that were kidnapped fighting for the nation? Or those who have put in risk their life trying to free other people?.. She shouldn’t be asking for any money.

  2. She could have charged $1,000 per pop in the jungle, instead of expecting the Colombian taxpayers to pay for the Jet-Set life now.

  3. Stupid woman. In reality she has lost her good reputation. She has betrayed her country. Poor woman the wild got her crazy.