Election Results Philippines 2010


Election Results Philippines 2010 – Manny Pacquiao’s victory in the congressional election in the Philippines is reportedly a dream come true for the boxing champion. It is also the cause for celebration in the Philippines. Polls are already closed, and it appears clear that Pacquiao will be the next Congressman in the Philippines. It is the last calm before a crazy storm over the course of the next 24 hours, where Pacquiao finds out if his biggest prayer comes true.
Pacquiao, who is considered a hero to many in his home country, has been pursuing a political career alongside his sports career for quite some time. To win the election, just like he has all of his fights since 2005, Pacquiao would be making history. Pacquiao being elected in the Philippines is in the same vein as Arnold Schwartzeneggar being elected in California.

He waited in his home today while listening to reports on the radio and receiving updates on several different cell phones. He also reportedly spent most of the day watching the television to hear how he was doing out there at the polls. This is the first time that the country has used electronic voting machines, and many of the voters seemed to feel that they should go with the more traditional paper and pen method.

Controversy filled many of the news channels, who debated whether or not Pacquiao would be a worthwhile politician while he is still focusing on his boxing career. Pacquiao seems to be unfazed by all of the negative backlash against him, and is confident that he would be able to do a great job as Congressman in the Philippines.


  1. He will be a good congressman…I believe him coz he’s already rich he doesn’t need money anymore… I wish Mayweather VS Pacman will push through…I’m a huge fan

  2. Ang kapal!!! I salute him for giving pride to filipinos thru winning his fights, but I think he’s much far better off that way..he is really a hero. But mingling with politics, I am so much disappointed. He is not for that..

    • why do you think so? we cannot judge a person right away, right?..what if he’ll be a great congressman?
      we should not jump into conclusions easily..
      we don’t know what’s he capable of in terms of politics..
      if he’s a mess then that’s the time you can say he’s not for that.. 🙂

  3. congrats manny. si willie and dapat sisihin sa pagkatalo ni manny villar, kasi endorser sya tapos may issue syang ginawa.paano kaya kung nanalo si villar? lalo lalaki ulo nya.

  4. My concern about Manny Pacquio being a congressman is, how will he perform his duties and responsibilities to properly serve the people of Sarangani and the Philippines during his training for Mayweather’s fight and other fights in the future. It is common his training is about 90 days. That seems to be many absent days in the congress. Is the Phiippine congress going to abstain from meeting/s until the fight/s is/are over? Be aware he fights almost every six months. GOOD LUCK PILIPINAS.

  5. im a big fan of PACMAN as a boxer but not as a congressman…he knows how to box but im sure he doesn’t know how to make laws, interpellate and rebutt in the congress. thre’s alot of good lawyer congressmen who didn’t even passed a single law how much more pacman who didn’t even go to college! it’s a slap on our face as filipinos by voting a member of the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH of our government who didnot even go to college..PACMAN should run for mayor or governor koz it’s an EXECUTIVE BRANCH where his work is to implement the laws not make laws….if PACMAN’s intention is to help the poor he could do it by not running in congress..what kind of law will he introduce to help the poor? does he knows how to make a law and defend it in the halls of congress?

  6. ano alam ni pacquiao sa politics? talaga naman ang mga kapatid ko na mga filipino..parang si erap na naman yan..magaling sa pag-aartista pero bokya sa politics…

  7. To all against pacquaio, we all know that pacquiao ain’t know about politics, all these and that, but, lets give the person a chance. We still don’t know what manny can do or contribute..Before you guys make a conclusion, wait first for the result because the result still yet to come..I’m nothing against you guyz or manny..I’m just trying to stress out my point own of view. Mabuhay Pilipinas!!! Yeehaah!!