Bangladesh Arrests Assassin in the Killing of Founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Abdul Majed Fled to Germany after the 1975 Killing


The authorities in Bangladesh have arrested a self-confessed killer of the country’s independence leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Abdul Majed, a former military captain, was arrested in Dhaka on Tuesday, nearly 45 years after the August 15, 1975 killing. Rahman and his family were visiting Germany when he was killed.

Majed, who has been on the run, had publicly announced his involvement in the assassination after the killing. It is unclear when he returned to the country from India.

A trial court in 1998 had sentenced Majed and a dozen of other defendants to death. In 2010, five people who admitted to taking part in the assassination were hanged.

Rahman is the father of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.