What Does The Health Care Bill Mean To Me?


What Does The Health Care Bill Mean To Me? – With the recent passing of the landmark health care bill, many American’s have been left wondering what the new bill will change for them and their health care. The truth of the matter is that not enough people are aware of the changes that have been made in conjunction with the bill, and are now scrambling to figure out what is going to change for them. Luckily, for those of us who already have insurance or do not require insurance, it will not change much. If you are interested in finding out how the health care bill will affect you, you may want to take a look at a quick summary of what the bill will accomplish;

In The First Year…
• Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to drop those who become sick.
• Children can not be excluded because of pre-existing conditions.
• Young adults can stay on their parents plans until they are 26 years old.
• Adults without insurance will be able to receive health coverage through a federal program that will disappear once the new insurance changes that will be taking place in 2014 are up and running.
• Tax credits for businesses to provide for workers.

In The Second Year…

• Medicare provides a 10 percent bonus to primary care physicians and surgeons.
• More benefits for Medicare patients.
• Employers are required to disclose health benefits on W-2 forms.
• Pharmaceutical companies begin paying a revenue fee based on earnings.

In The Third Year…

• Incentive programs are provided to hospitals.
• Measures enacted to improve quality of care.

In The Fourth Year…

• State funded health insurance exchanges that include both small businesses and individuals first open their doors.
• Most are required by law to obtain health insurance or pay a fine.
• Pre-Existing conditions no longer disqualify individuals from insurance
• Employers with 50 or more employees are required to offer health insurance.



  1. big congrats to the democrats for passing the much awaited health care bill.am sure the world is now moving to the right direction with the democrats and let the sleeping dog lye.

  2. Thats great it will allow several lives to be saved because they will have health insurance. Evryone knows what is mean when you are ill and have no health insurance. It means your pretty much SOL. So Congrats to the president and No weapons formed against him shall PROSPER!!GO OBAMA

    • You have got to be kidding me, right? What part in the constitution (which Obama says is “flawed”)does it say that you can be provided the benefits that other people get when they work? If you are unemployed, there is unemployment, COBRA, and/or Medicaid, which have all increased in size and funding. So, now the 54% of taxpayers have to pay for this, just so the socialistic bar brings poverty level people up and wealthy people down? Yes, there are issues that should be looked at, but not on a national level! If anyone reading this has children, keep in mind that our deficit is now 11 TRILLION. In 2001, it was 2 Trillion. Taxes, and strains in the economy will almost definately affect trade, which will cut jobs and increase taxes for our kids!!
      Should I even bring up the MANDATORY insurance of kids to age 26? Shouldnt most kids get jobs by then?? No wonder Japan is kicking our ass.

      • We’re still going with that socialistic fear-mongering? I guess you think government-cleaned water and government-paved roads are socialistic, too? Do me a favor, Realist, send me something you wrote during George W Bush’s presidency about the deficit. Send me something you wrote complaining about the tax cuts. You didn’t. Now that the government is assuming a responsibility that may not directly benefit you, you and the rest of the hypocrites are concerned about the deficit. Also, you misstate the “flawed constitution” quote; Obama was saying the Constitution has gaps, and it does (remember the amendments, pal). It’s just more information from a political party that has nothing to say. Nothing.

        And, by the way, since you are such an admirer of Japan, you may like to know they have a single-payer long-term care system. You may want to move there when the Party of No gets trounced again in 2012.

      • Ohh Please. this is a very good cause. Health care is everything. America is all about helping people and prevent them from dying. Why is it always about money. Its a good thing so who cares. Its not a waste.

        • Spoken like a true democrat. “Who cares?” You must be one of those people who bought a house you couldnt afford and have 3 credit cards maxxed out, “caring” about paying the bills later…If you have children, they should be taken away from you, because with that mindthought, you MUST be neglecting them!!!

          Although some of the things Realist says I may not agree to, but this HealthCare Reform is a mistake. Why? Because the states do have a case in which the manner this was approved what unconstitutional, so more money wasted in courts and nothing as a result.

      • I feel the same way but lets not forget all the other things in the health care bill that has nothing to do with health care in the least. And the fact that you will be fined if you choose not to get health care.

  3. Amen. Is this site a liberal site?
    Once again, the demos are killing the very foundation of what this country was built on.

    • Democrats is what this country needs. The republicans are the ones who are destroying this country. If i am not mistaken wasn’t our last president a Republican? What did he do??? NOTHING!!!!! Hopefully Pres Obama gets reelected. Hes what we need

  4. Realist: If you want to talk about our deficit you should 1st thank the Bush Administration all do honestly we as a nation will be cleaning up his crap for at least the next 10yrs thank you baby Bush. As far as insuring kids until they are 26 I would only assume because kids go to college/grad school/law school/medical school and that leaves little time for them to carry a job let alone a FULL time job to get insurance benefits. If your not happy MOVE to Japan were you claim they are “kicking our ass”. Let see what civil liberties you will get there.

    • I did not vote for Bush, but I will say this. I NEVER felt afraid that terrorists can overcome our will to defeat them.

      My father is a Vietnam vet, and he firsthand saw what politicians did to the working class. My husband died in Iraq, but I know he did not die in vain. He died for our children’s freedom.

      So, don’t give me any crap about what this administration is doing. The soldiers hate having to salute to this guy, and they despise Pelosi even more. The final straw for me was Obama agreeing that not putting up the US flag in Haiti was the right thing to do. Excuse me, but how much have we given them yet???

    • Medical School/Law School-Ok, I’ll give that to you=10-15% of students, at most

      I graduated from college in 4 years (by age 22). My brother graduated from pharmacy school in 5 1/2 years by age 24. Most students I knew graduated in the same time frame. Then of course, those who were “lost” or didnt know what they wanted to do yet and went to Costa Rica to find themselves. Be ready, more of them to come.

      In regards to Japan, their graduation rate is 3 1/2 years, in our schools. As of lately, they have gotten their degrees and gone BACK to help build their nation. Have you been to Japan lately? Their civil liberties are alive and kicking. Are you thinking China, maybe? If that is what you mean, then I will agree. If not, head to Tokyo on your next vacation. You will feel like you are at Times Square.

      Not trying to argue here, seriously. But you have to agree that we are in a world of hurt, right? Just look at the states debt alone? They are not able to pay for anything now, much less an almost 45% increase in medicaid benefits.

  5. I know a of people dont like this change, but one thing to remember is that no system is EVER perfect, this will be trial and error till the US gets it right, yes changes will be made for the better and some people will be annoyed by the changes. As someone who is HIV positive with meds that cost close to 4000 a month I am relived. I have to get help to pay for my meds, and every year I get close to being rejected. My plan is terrible as is many other peoples, it wont even cover my medication to keep me alive. I am constantly scared that I will become sick and wont be able to help myself. If I know I will be helped and not shut out I will sleep much better. If you have a great plan and nothing wrong with you, good for you, for many of us we dont have that luxury, I really dont understand why people dont want others to have that same piece of mind.

  6. I don’t understand why people don’t realize that the working people with health insurance now, are ALREADY paying for all the ones that don’t. Don’t you think its only common sense that by increasing the amount of people that HAVE to pay it will drop the cost to everyone.

    • now that obama has wasted time on something we dont need he can move ont moer things we dont need, why not just open the borders and provide for everyone from around the world its only money he can print more

    • Yes you can what? Those who say that are doing anything but waiting for a handout.

      As far as the insurance issue regarding age 26, if you look at every successful american in history, the path to their success included hardships they endured. THAT was why they prospered. And when they did, they reaped the rewards for themselves and their families. Not the person who lost his/her job next door and gave up.

      I don’t mean to be harsh, but that is why immigrants came to this country, even to this day. They know the trials and tribulations, but at the end of the day, hard work produced an opportunity for greatness.

      I’m sorry, but this is wrong. The federal government should not be in the position to force an american citizen on to a private service like healthcare.

  7. I am 62 and I don’t see any point in people working hard and getting ahead because they just have to pay more in taxes for others. Todays young people will have a far lower standard of living than I enjoyed. People don’t seem to understand that all of this costs money and someone has to pay and there is only so much confiscation of other peoples money that will be tolerated. This country is going to lose the drive to be innovative and creative if you keep taxing those who are willing to take those risks. Health Insurance Reform could have been much simpler and accomplished a lot.

  8. Everyone swears that we, as americans, need this bill. We could have used the money that “Obama” alloted other countries for abortions and put that towards helping people without health insurance. But, the dems will kill unborn children and act like they are not people too. The only difference between an unborn child and someone that is born is that they are on two different sides of the mother. Either way you look at it, they are still human. Sad thing is that sooooo many people “think” that this is Health Care bill is a good thing and don’t even have half a clue as to what is in it……

  9. Well this is the worst thing this country has ever done.

    The bill you think you are getting is not the bill that people got.

    1. Companies over 50 employees have to offer (but not pay for the insurance ) so whats the difference now ? Rhetorically nothing.
    2. Pre-existing condition subscribers can get coverage, however just like any other insurance not everything is covered under the plan.
    3. NO price fixing limits are in this bill they were taken out. So this means that not only will have to purchase this insurance the government or other insurance companies can charge you whatever they want an YOU HAVE TO PAY or BE FINED
    4. If you could not afford the insurance to begin with then likely you won’t be able to afford it now, and if you don’t qualify for free insurance then you get to pay a fine THANKS OBAMA
    5. My insurance which is the catastrophic type will not qualify as acceptable insurance so the types of insurance that are acceptable cost much more in premium then what I have so my new policy will be $6000 per year as opposed to $1556 per year and thats after the government tax credits
    6. No limits on prescription drugs
    7. Prescription drug manufactures charged and extra tax which will get passed to the consumer in turn will raise insurance premiums even more.

    Lets see how this turns out, but most will be charged more on premiums by force, and likely could end up paying a fine if you can’t afford and left without insurance on top of it in the event you can’t afford the premium.

    This really stinks, but if you like it time to pay the piper.

    CHANGE IT BACK I miss Bush and Jobs, Who cares about healthcare when you can’t put food on the table.
    Where’s all the jobs ?

    • We are not only doomed, but our children and grandchildren are as well.

      My grandfather would be devastated as to what this country that he fought so hard for (and lost his sight) has become.

      If this is so good for us, why was it done in such a sneaky, “back door” approach?

  10. In 2000 I was a thriving collage student with a guaranteed career ahead of me taking care of our public lands. I wrote a paper for my political science class about what I thought the next decade would be like. Unfortunately my predictions of the Bush administration were spot on. He gave the surplus he inherited to all the fine companies that bought his election by starting the oil war in iraq, sacrificed thousands of our sons, and destroyed our reputation. He did it all with intimadation and lies. Here we are ten years later, my wife and myself both educated home owners with 3 children still at home. My wifes career as a teacher is in peril, my career never made it off the ground as the funding went to haliburton and exxon. We pay $800 a month (more than our mortgage) in insurance premiums for coverage that is less than sufficiant. I feel that we will be struggling our whole life. Yet our fine polititions never have to worry about health care. This bill wont help us but it won’t hurt us either. Mabey it will help my kids.
    If we pay the polititions $10 dollars an hour and take away their golden health care they might come up with a better plan.
    Finally, when is the last time they voted for a pay cut for themselves. I know we have taken one

  11. The GAO is not saying that the cost of the health care bill will exceed 3 trillion in the first 10 years! So much for 900 million that the Dems crowed about.

    Obama is killing this country with debt. Don’t tell me about Bush and spending. Comrade Obama has outspent Bush several times over and he is not even a full 2 years in his office. He is the radical who wanted to become king and you know what, he is making his kingdom.

    I am not a tea party person. I am someone who has never been politically motivated, but I am now. Thanks Obama!

  12. I did read through the bill once and admit it was long winded and hard to follow. There are good things and bad things in the bill; but over all I do believe we need healthcare reform and have hopes that it will work out to be a good thing.
    For those complaining about the cost; why are you ok with the amount we spend on Defense in one way or another constantly? “Defense” a.k.a Millitary gets over 1/2 of our National Budget. A little more than 1/4 of the budget goes to domestic needs like healthcare, unemployment, agriculture, interior etc., and a little less than 1/4 of the Budget goes to homeland security, NASA, Government Pay, etc.
    I wish we could switch that so we were spending money on our actual country rather than weapons and war. Defense is important, but is it really more important that Everything else?
    I’m no expert on the Budget, but I know our government spends a lot of money on things we never even hear about, then when we hear about something that is supposed to actually benefit the general population people get angry about it. I wish that voters were more informed about our federal spending; but it’s not something the media currently finds news worthy so it’s not as likely to hear about it.