Virginia Teens Record Themselves Coughing on Produce in Grocery Store


Virginia Teens Allegedly Record Themselves Coughing on Produce in Grocery

Two teens in Virginia allegedly recorded themselves coughing on produce in a grocery store last week before uploading the video on social media, the authorities said Friday.

The incident, which occurred amid the heightened panic over the coronavirus pandemic, took place last Wednesday in Purcellville, approximately an hour’s drive northwest of Washington, D.C.

After an investigation by the police, the teens involved were identified, interviewed, and their parents notified. The teens admitted to their involvement, and it was determined that there was no criminal intent.

The police department praised the swift action by the grocery store to report the incident and remove the produce to ensure healthy environs for everybody.

The identities of the teens involved were not released due to their ages.

After the incident, police officers gave a precaution to parents to keep watch on their kids, who are more susceptible to this kind of behaviour during school closures.