Tyler Clementi Suicide


Tyler Clementi Suicide-Molly Wei & Dharun Ravi Involved? – Tyler Clementi, 18, a student who was secretly filmed by his dorm roommate having a sexual encounter with another man jumped to his death off of the George Washington Bridge after he learned that the roommate had broadcasted the streaming video live on the internet.

The incident took place at Rutgers University, and campus police are investigating the death.

The two individuals who were involved in the taping, Dharun Ravi, and Molly Wei, who are both 18 years old, have been brought in on charges of invasion of privacy.

They each received two counts of invasion of privacy for the incident that prompted the suicide, and also received two more charges of invasion of privacy for a previous incident where they taped a sexual encounter without consent, but did not release the information online.

“Roommate asked for room again. It’s happening again. People with iChat don’t you dare video chat me from 930 to 12,” Ravi said on his twitter account, inviting his friends over the service to watch the live stream of his roommate.
The college quickly reacted by saying that they took the accusations very seriously and that the behavior demonstrated by both students will not be tolerated. The incident is a shocking one. The family of the deceased released a statement shortly after the incident saying that they were shocked. The family has agreed to cooperate fully with officials against Ravi and Wei.


  1. An example needs to be made of these two that in this day and age with the limited amount of privacy that we have left, it’s not like the victim can move away to the next town, or next State, or next Country even. There is nowhere to go anymore, once outed or pranked over the net, that’s it, and unfortunately if severe laws are not past that deals with this type of torture, it will happen again, and again. 20 years in prison is not enough time away if you ask me, but is fair… no early release of coarse.

    • If you’re bringing strange men to have sex with you to your dorm room, you’ve outed yourself already. Jesus, can you imagine having to deal with crap like that? You’re a freshman, you’re excited about going to college, and you’re new roommate already thinks nothing of bringing strange men to your dorm room to have sex.

      What Dharun did by taping his roommate like that and posting it was truly horrible, but calling this “tormenting and bullying and torture” is a joke. It was a prank gone bad. No one in their right mind would think the guy would kill himself over this.

      In other cases of bullying where the victim commits suicide, they’ve been truly tormented for months. But this guy–this makes no sense. He reports the incident to his RA. Makes some posts on the web describing his situation. Hell yeah, he should be angry. But his solution is to jump off a bridge? Ultimately he is responsible for himself. He didn’t endure abuse like Phoebe Prince did. Hell, he didn’t even endure the kind of abuse the Star Wars Kid took.

      Are you going to arrest every kid who calls an overweight person “fatso?”

      Equating Dharun and Molly with murderers is a joke. All you self righteous buffoons are just jumping on the politically correct bandwagon. I bet most of you have made fun of some kid before–but you don’t think twice about it because the kid didn’t kill himself.

      • I agree. No one knows the whole story. I was confused myself with Tyler’s actions. He told authorities, but then he decides to kill himself. Then he decides to post it on Facebook. He killed himself. Dharun and Molly are not murderers.

  2. This was a hate crime: rich foreign students picking on American gay guy is fun for them. I bet they’re not laughing now. I lived in NJ 5 years. These foreign students on scholarships enter the U.S. and think their sh** don’t stink. They get their degree and promptly leave…giving nothing back to the community. I blame their parents for making them feel entitled and above the law. They should be forced to watch the video they taped on an ENDLESS stream for 20 years.

  3. What if Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei commit suicide after this? I mean, we’re practically posting their pictures and full names to millions of people. They are now black-listed from most institutions that have any semblance of internet connectivity. I might commit suicide if that happened to me, I mean, it’s just as life-ending as being outed as a homosexual IMO.

    • They’re reaping what they’ve sewn. It’s fantastic partial justice, but they also should go to jail. If the boy wasn’t happy with his roommate, he could’ve been reassigned. These two voyeurs should’ve minded their own business and now their pics should be prominently displayed just as they posted the poor victim’s pic throughout cyberspace.

  4. @noxcovenant: Being “outed as homosexual” doesn’t end lives. Hate crimes do. I feel no remorose for Ravi and Wei; if their lives are ruined after this, it’s by their own doing.

  5. @templescroll – Making racist remarks about the accused is just stupid. This article doesn’t say they are foreign students, and the others I’ve read don’t either. They very well could be American, and it very well could be that the American high schools they attended allowed them to get away with bullying before they got to Rutgers. Parents often aren’t aware of how kids conduct themselves at the high school level. You undermine what we’re working for (“we” being advocates for those who are gay). Acceptance and respect.

    That being said, I agree that neither of these two deserve remorse. The public broadcast of their names and images is a well-deserved dose of their own medicine. It’s obvious that Ravi is a scumbag. And so is anyone else who viewed the broadcast without insisting he shut it off or warning those being recorded.

  6. @Rowan: So if they committed suicide after this, you wouldn’t feel the tiny bit of remorse? That’s cold. These are both 18 year olds who’ve barely started their lives. I’m sure they never imagined this college prank would cause their dorm friend to commit suicide. If they had 20/20 hindsight, I’m sure they would never fathom doing it.

    To me, everyone is turning Ravi’s “Giggle Giggle. Look my friend is having gay sex” into a “I hate gays and I want to kill them now!” hate-crime. If you read any of the twitters, it just seems like an extremely immature prank that spiraled into something that was never their intention (namely Tyler killing his ownself).

    Of course, everyone will excessively demonize these two young ones, but I just hope that everyone keeps things into perspective.

  7. @noxcovenant: So am I to understand that because they’re 18 and as you put it “barely started their lives.” these legal ADULTS get a pass and sympathy? As an African American, Filipino male I’ve noticed that this society has no problem slamming away children into the prison industrial complex; especially if they’re of Latin and or of African descent. What excuses these two? The education, upbringing, potential for success? Well, their immaturity caused them to throw all that away.

    As a military man I’ve seen service members the age of these two lose their lives; such a tragic waste. But saying I’m young and have regret and couldn’t have “fathomed” doing this is what a jury will hear and have to decide if the argument has merit. But I ask you; would Ravi or Wei wanted their intimate moments broadcasted and ridiculed? Noxcovnant are you all for people violating YOUR privacy and then saying; hey “giggle giggle” don’t “excessively demonize” me keep your “perspective”.

  8. It is well known that homosexualists have amusement “web cam”. They like to see such porno, especially that with “straight guys” in toilets, dressing rooms etc (also “secretly filmed”). So one of homosexualists received their favorite “web cam” and tried how good is that. It is only justice.

    • Wow… you seem to know a lot about gays and porn. Are you gay? I am, but hardly think 100% of any broad group can be as monolithic on so many topics as you think.