Texas Bar Owner, Armed Vigilantes Arrested after Dramatic Standoff with Police


Armed Men Trying to Protect Bar Owner Who Reopened Business Arrested

Texas police officers faced off with seven heavily-armed men Monday after a bar owner defied the coronavirus lockdown order and reopened the business.

Eight people, including the female bar owner, were arrested after a dramatic standoff, as they defied the governor’s orders to gather outside the business.

Coronavirus restrictions began to ease up in Texas last week, with restaurants and stores being allowed to reopen from Friday. However, bars were still not allowed to reopen until further notice.

According to the authorities, the people who gathered outside Big Daddy Zane’s prompted the response from the Odessa SWAT team. There were at least 20 protesters, and seven were armed with AR-15 type weapons.

Several police deputies and state troopers arrived at the bar and aimed their guns at the protestors while requesting them to stand down.

The bar owner Gabrielle Ellison was later arrested for opening the business during the lockdown, and the seven armed men were also charged with possessing firearms on a licensed property.