Terry Lakin Army Officer Joins Birthers Defies Obama


Terry Lakin Army Officer Joins Birthers Defies Obama – Lt. Col Terry Larkin has undermined many of his superiors, including President Barack Obama, because he has refused to follow orders until Obama is able to produce his birth certificate. He went on to say that after looking at all of the information that currently publically available, even the most sensible person would have questions about the situation. However, he apparently did not think that the right thing in this situation would not be to refuse orders but to just raise the questions. He doubts that Obama is a naturally born citizen, and has refused to take orders from any superiors until he feels confident that he is not being lied to by the President. He went on to say that he will disobey is orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he believed that all of the servicemen and women deserve to “know the truth” about President Barack Obama.

Obama and his representatives have yet to comment on the story. it is believed that Larkin will likely be punished or relieved of his duties after his latest outburst and it was not immediately clear what information he was referring to when he stated that the public information that is currently available points to Obama not being a natural born citizen of the United States. Lt. Col Larkin will likely be appearing on a number of different conservative radio shows over the course of the coming days to reiterate his position and why he chose to no longer follow orders from his commanding officers. Representatives from the Army have yet to comment on the YouTube video that has surfaced online in recent days. It is believed that they will keep quiet about the situation with Larkin and handle it internally.


  1. Many military personnel over the years have had reason based on their personal conviction as to why they refused to follow orders. I don’t know if this is grandstanding by the army officer and that he has told his superiors that he will be deployed. However, it is dishonest of him to try portray this about “all of the servicemen and women deserve to ‘know the truth’ about President Barack Obama.” It is obvious why his statement is just word games.

    • EXCUSE MEEEE…. This is not an officer, serviceman, women claiming a conscientious objection. This is a serviceman whom has taken an “OATH” to protect and defend the “Constitution of the United States of America” against all enemies both foreign and domestic. An American citizen in the honorable employment of his country willing to sacrifice his life for same requesting that his Commander in Chief; the obombination, declare by proof positive that he in fact legally entitled to be Commander in Chief and issue orders to our countries finest; our brave men and women in the armed services. Personally, if I were Secretary of Defense I would order all troops to stand down until there was proof positive that the obombination is in fact lawfully entitled to hold the elected office of president. Keep in mind the old saying, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and squawks like a duck it probably is a duck. Did you already forget the obombination sat for 20 years in front of a “Minister?” whom preached hatred, prejudice and god damn America then denied knowing the minister to be doing so? How about the 57 states he had campaigned in with 2 to go (there are generally recognized 57 Islamic states in the world) How about all those promises of hope and change. Now most are hoping for a change and checking their pockets and hope to have change. He is the only president that when his close relatives where asked about his birth they disagreed with each other and were in conflict regarding the hospital…. and the list goes on and on and on. To this very day he has never produced a full and factual legal birth certificate. Would you want you son or daughter taking orders from a CIC that may very well be like an onion, when you peel back the layers may in fact be an enemy of the state? The obombination has publicly lied to much and he obviously hides much and this goes far beyond the claim of “politics.” Let’s be candid and honest, at the rate the obombination is disregarding and disposing the Constitution all other presidents combined pale in comparison. I pray for our service men and women and hope they will stand on the side of the Constitution and “We the People” and not the CIC if things keep going forward as they are. May God Bless, help and have mercy on us, the United States of America.

      • Yes, he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. That same oath includes a promise to obey the orders of the President of the United States and of the officers appointed over him.

        Those who refused to go to Iraq because they felt Bush lied to start an illegal war were not heroes and neither is this guy.

        • Sam, thank you for finally stating what no one else has. And everyone who has a problem with our current president, who was elected by the people, if you actually did your homework about his policies that have been put into action you would not be spewing these regergetated phrases that you have heard from all of the negative hatemongers out there. If you cannot trust the government to run a background check then there are much larger issues in our country then is the president a natural born citizn or not. And something else about this LTC who is refusing and all of that. Not only is he breaking his sworn oath, but with the skill set he has he might of just killed American servicemembers by not being there to save them when they are injured. As a former soldier myself, that is the ultimate in evil. When you abandon those who depend on you to achieve the spotlight, then you should be convicted to the full extent of the UCMJ.

        • yes the Obey the orders of the president of the US, but that president should not be in office if he is not able to prove he is a natural born citizen,,and Obama has not done that. Aslo, the oath they take is to even disobey the US President if he ask them to do something unconstitutial, and everything Obama has done goes against our constitution

      • You are a fool.. it is not his place to refuse to follow orders of his superior. I am an Army Officer and I personally think LTC Larkin is trying to get out of a deployment with the most rediculous excuse.

        • We also have a US Army officer who has written a article saying that Christians in America are a threat to thier country. So just because you are a Army officer doesnt mean you stand by your Oath. Why would a Officer of the US Armed forces write a article such as that? Is this why Obama is making all those FEMA camps, is he going to turn America military men against thier own people? No Sir, the military men and women take a oath to defend the constitution and protect the citizens,If the so called president is not even protecting the constitution then why should he Obey him?? LTC Larkin is a true US Military Man and he is keeping his oath, which is what we all should be doing

    • I agree, he is a disgrace. I served in the military when President Clinton was elected. I did not not like or vote for him but he was my Commander-in-chief and as a soldier I was obligated to follow him. This is not some third world regime where we pick a warlord to follow and do his wishes. This POS joke to the uniform LTC should just join his local anti-goverment group and wear it to the weekly meetings in the trailer home park.

      • That’s not the point. You totally misread and misunderstood where he is going with this. It’s not simply a matter of disliking Obama, it’s a matter of whether or not Obama is even an American Citizen, and if he is not an American citizen then he has absolutely NO validity to his presidency.
        US laws dictate that you must be 35years old and a natural born American citizen in order to run for the presidency and Obama has not proven that he is. The Democratic Party has paid lawyers over a million dollars to fight over 35 lawsuits demanding for his birth records which Obama has refused to hand over… I don’t understand how he was even able to get nominated without proving his natural born citizenship.
        This man is not a disgrace, he is asking a legitimate question. This is the very question which spurred the revolution. The fathers of this country decided that they should not be ruled by a foreign king who doesn’t have the people’s best interest in mind. I don’t think 99% of politicians have the people’s best interest at heart, but this man needs to prove his citizenship… I think this is a no-brainer, prove who you are and where you’re from… its the very question Obama asks himself in his books.

          • Democrats demanded this same info from McCain and Tom Delay and got it without a fuss. As even the very liberal Huffington Post pointed out and Washington Post.

          • Actually Congress at the demand of GW BUSH passed legislation DECLARING John McCain as a Natural Born Citizen so he could run for President AND FURTHERMORE the State of Hawaii and their REPUBLICAN Governor and their REPUBLICAN AG have both stated that not only was President Obama BORN IN HAWAII but also that the birth certificate that is on his website WAS PROVIDED by them and is VALID PROOF of his natural born citizenship.

        • I don;t think I misread this or missed the point. The gentleman in question is an officer in the United States Armed Forces. He took an oath to “protect and defend”. His refusal to disobey legitimate orders is a court-martial offense under the UCMJ. His he has questions he could very easily resign his commission which would be the honorable thing to do. This is grandstanding and he should be ashamed of himself. President Obama is neither a foregner nor a king so comapring this gentleman’s refusal to honor his oath and uniform to the struggle of the founders of this country is just silly. He is not a hero, he’s just derelict in his duty and should be court-martialed. That actually is the lesser of punishments since we are at war.

          • Sorry, I meant to write his refusal to obey legitimate orders, not disobey. Honest mistake there. I should have been more careful in my diction…boooo!

  2. I really feel we’re close to rock bottom now as civilzation in America.
    It amazes me that on one end of the spectrum we have the people at CERN In Switzerland smashing atoms and pushing mankind forward, while at the other end we have garbarge like the snively adult cry babies in Washington and this moron who act like someone just took their candy away every time they don’t get what they want.
    This place feels eerily like the Titanic.

  3. This is the most courageous and heroic act, a service member could do. It takes honor and strength to ENSURE his/her oath is being lawfully upheld!

    The Constitution IS the highest law of the land, far greater than anything any one president could ever wish to possess.

    The president is not above the law and any person with integrity would never leave such a contentious position open, like barrack obama has.

    I, being a military vet, and frankly disgusted with this potentially illegitimate president.

    Mr. Lakin, many stand behind you!!!

    You are a hero!

    • LTC Lakin, is a disgrace. The President has produced a valid birth certificate. The Great state of Hawaii has produced a birth certificate! How many times does the Department of Health of the state of Hawaii has to produced the President’s birth certificate. By the way! Just Wondering. I totally agree with your statement. No other president has been asked to produced a birth certicate. Why this one. Makes me wonder what really is the problem.

      Frankly! Louis, Ron and Savior. You guys are either grossly misinformed, grossly ignorant of the truth or racist! Let me inform you what is really the truth You can look at his birth certificate online you idiots! The truth is below

      The Obama campaign released a 2007 certified copy of his short form birth certificate (in this instance referred to as a “Certification of Live Birth”) that states Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. Frequent arguments of those questioning Obama’s eligibility are that he has not released a photocopy of his “original” birth certificate, and that the use of the term “certification of live birth” on the document means it is not equivalent to one’s “birth certificate”. These arguments have been debunked numerous times by media investigations, every judicial forum that has addressed the matter, and Hawaiian government officials, a consensus of whom have concluded that the certificate released by the Obama campaign is indeed his official birth certificate.[8] Asked about this, Hawaiian Department of Health spokeswoman Janice Okubo stated that Hawaii “does not have a short-form or long-form certificate.”[9] Moreover, the director of her Department has confirmed that the state “has Sen. Obama‚Äôs original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

    • As far as the American constitution stands, Mr.Obama, is presumed an American citizen, and is not only the President but also CIC. In following his orders, one is acting in obedience to the constitution to which they (the president and officer)swore to keep allegiance. The officer is wrong not to follow orders of his superior and that would be good cause to put his military discipline to question. Until otherwise, we do well to keep the good name of this great nation. May God help us.

      • Jamie, If the predident tells them to do something that is unlawfull then NO they should not obey. Obama is not protecting us nor our freedoms so yes May God help us all!! Yes Mr Larkin is a TRUE HERO!! I hope there are many more just like him!!

  4. Court Martial Obama, you jerk! This president is not a legal citizen , what a simple thing to produce his birth certificate. Thank God we have people like Lt. Col. Lakin who are willing to stand up for principle. Unlike Byron who swallows the cool aid without question. Wake up America, this president is a Marxist dictator with a left communist congress, it has taken them 50 years to take over our schools, courts and government and many just don’t get it. One day they will but it will be to late.

    • How has it been proven that he is not a “natural born citizen?” Yeah maybe there is doubt to whether he is but it has not been proven either way. And this has nothing to do with if he is doing a good job or not, this is just coming from people who had no issue with this during the election and voted for someone else to begin with. If Mrs. Clinton had been elected all of the same people that are talking crap now would be saying stuff like, “she can’t even control her own husband, how can she control a country,” and other things like this. I love how people let emotion get in the way of rational thought.

      • Josh you must have not been paying attention to the elections, or you buried you head in what the media told you. The birth certificate problem was huge; there were rumors of this and lawsuits being filed even before he was sworn in. We never had to ask other presidents for their birth certificates because there was no doubt. I honestly don’t understand why Obama supporters don’t see the stupidity or conspiracy of spending millions of dollars to avoid showing a certificate that all of us have to show to get a job. All he has to do is show one piece of paper and all the birthers have to move on to something else. The truth is his supporters are afraid that if they look into it they will find that he is a fraud and a criminal, and that is too much truth for them to handle.

    • LTC Lakin is not a hero and should be ashamed to even look at his uniform after he has refused to take orders from the president of the United States. All of you people that have been in the military and agree with this person should be ashamed to call yourselves veterans. Further more his refusal to obey lawfull orders during a time of war could result in the death penalty. I truely believe that all of the people starting these accusations are racists and this is there way of causing a big disruption.

  5. How many felt that Bush was selected, rather than elected, in 2000 – and yet I never heard of anyone in the military refusing to follow orders because they felt Bush wasn’t the real commander-in-chief. Mr. Lakin should be sent out on the first flight to Iraq and made to serve out his commimtment.

  6. His birth certificate was certified by the Governor of Hawaii and posted online but to the ridiculously deluded birthers, this is only evidence of some elaborate cover-up.

    Perhaps we should retroactively demand every past POTUS to produce their birth certificates?

    Larkin is wrapping his unstated political bias in a styled-styled flag of nobility. Enjoy prison, sir; maybe they’ll show some mercy and put you in the same wing as Bigfoot hunters and Area 51 conspiracy theorists. Gonna be some fun group therapy sessions!

  7. Haldefor,
    I am sure you don’t care about the facts but Obama first released the COLB through the DailyKos, not his Senate website- despite the fact the state of Hawaii- read closely now- will not confirm if what is posted on the DailyKos and Factcheck was issued by them.

    On the biased Factcheck site- the writer admits for Obama to his having dual citizenship at birth which is a Constitutional question that should be determined by a court- no it has not been determined- if dual citizenship violates the natural born requirement. Another nasty little fact is the birth father in 1961 bestows legal citizenship on his children, not the underage American mother.

    • Well, you did get most of it correct. The fact is, citizenship comes from where a person is born. The documents shown online do state that Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. The dispute is raised because Hawaii will not confirm or deny those documents. Whether they are authentic or not is the question.

      The real issue concerning Lt.Col.Lakin is should he have disobeyed any orders? The oath he took states that it is his duty to ‘Defend the Constitution, and against enemies, both foriegn and domestic…’ It is also his duty to disobey orders given by an illegal commander. Is Mr. Obama an illegal commander? That question is unanswered to date.

      What Lt. Col. Lakin asks for, as well as other service members, is an original birth cirtificate, signed by the delivering doctor. Is this unreasonable? Maybe so, maybe not… However, because this has become such a national issue, embarrassing or not, it behooves Mr. Obama to finally comply.

  8. All he has to do is retire and step away from the military. It is a simple point and it does not require “drinking kool-aid” to do his job. Anyone in the military knows it is your JOB to follow orders from the Commander-In-Chief. If the Supreme Court and the electorial commission confirm President Obama as a citizen it is done. I did not vote for Obama, I am a Republican but I still follow the orders of those appointed over me. This man is not a hero and stop with all the secret government plots. Get over it, he is president the next few years till he loses the next election. Till then all those in uniform need to follow orders or take two steps back. If the military soldier/airman/seaman can pick and choose which orders theys like or dislike then this military will fail to exist.

    So get over it, suck it up, drive on and do your job. When you wear the uniform you give up certain rights, we are not just “Joe Citizen”. We are in the greatest nation in the world, “IF” Obama wasn’t a citizen I am very sure that the powers that be, those who truly run the country would never have let him take the oath. If you believe all the other hype then why didn’t they just place a dead hooker in his bed with a pound of cocaine between them. Why is it that everyone can think the government is all powerful, controlling and listening to your phone calls could not keep someone who is not American out of the most powerful position in the world? I am a Republican but all those teaparties, glen becks and rush people take everything away from the right by throwing all these crazy plans around. Obama is just that boss or supervisor at work that you don’t like but deal with until he moves on. Yes, it is that simple.

  9. Listen up, folks,

    At the Neuremberg war crimes trials the Germans kept repeating, “I was just following orders.
    No U. S. service man or woman has to blindly follow orders. If he or she receives an unlawful order, they have the right and duty to not obey that order.
    An order by someone who is not legally an officer does not have to be obeyed. That would include the commander in chief.
    Byron,who are you really? Michael Moore?
    If your president is really a citizen, then why not just produce the stinking birth certificate?

    • Has nothing to do with legal or illegal orders. I have served for 22 yrs and still serving on my 3rd combat tour. LTC Larkin is foolish for going down that route. He will face a heavy punishment just like the other fools who came up with all sorts of excused why they do not want to serve in a combat zone. If POTUS was not a citizen, wouldn’t you think the GOP would have used that to their advantage during the election?

    • Buddy, that means EVERY serviceman could have ignored George Bush’s orders to deploy since his presidency was illegitimately obtained. Bush received less votes then Gore in Florida in 2000. That has been confirmed by independent studies since the election. A simple search will confirm this for you. There’s absolutely no question that this is the case. But a Republican governor brother and a Republican Sec of State (K Harris), and the 5 right wingers on the Supreme Court illegally gave him the presidency.
      Were you making this same argument for disobedience when troops were being deployed by Bush to Afghanistan and Iraq ? But now you make this argument because of the far right kook fringe allegation that Obama is an illegal alien ? Like others have said, wouldn’t it seem likely that mainstream GOP members would be using this knowledge to their advantage ?

    • Listen up folks,

      If this gentleman is not obeying legitimate orders then what exacty does he do all day? Sounds to me like he spends his time wasting our taxpayer dollars reading all the conspiracy blogs. If he doesn’t want to do the job and respect his oath to the Connstitution then may I respectfully ask, “Can we have our money back sir”? Talk about living on the government dole and getting governement run health care.

    • The “stinking birth certificate” has been produced, reviewed and verified. This has already been confirmed, even by Republican members of Congress and the Fox News Channel for crying out loud. What more do you need? Does the President have to hand carry his birth certificate to each and every citizen of the U.S. and show it to them in person?
      Very clever reference to the Nuremberg (correct spelling) war crimes trials. Keep using Nazi references when speaking about the President of the United States and you keep the hatred flowing. Passive-aggressive association is very effective, watch FNC if you want better examples.
      I served loyally for 26 years on active duty. I did not always like who the CiC was but I took an oath to obey his orders and did so. Although some people still have suspicions about the citizenship of the POTUS, nobody has proven that he is not eligible for his position, so until someone does this, LTC Larkin (and all other military personnel) are required to obey his orders. If and when he goes before a court marital he will be asked to provide proof that the order issued to him was unlawful. Unless LTC Larkin can prove without a doubt that the POTUS is not legit, and thus orders issued by him are unlawful, he will be found guilty.
      I think what’s really happening here is this coward doesn’t want to serve in a combat zone and is using this as a convenient excuse to get out of it, while at the same time getting his 15 minutes of fame and his face on TV. No matter what becomes of this, I expect this guy to show up again somewhere in the future, perhaps as a “military consultant” on Fox News, like that traitor Oliver North.

      • Now that statement is just hipocritical. That “traitor” Oliver North followed orders that were illegal. He stood by his CIC knowing full well it was illegal and stood trial for it. LTC Lakin is doing just the opposite. He belives the CIC is an impostor, a fraud and an enemy of the United States from within. That is his required duty. The oath is to the Constitution of the United States, not the Office of the President.

  10. LTC Lakin is welcome to resign his commission or face court martial. He won’t though, he wants his retirement check. The government of the United States (Senate, Congress, Supreme Court) recognize President Obama as having the legal right to hold the office of President so end of story.

  11. Wonder if this Army officer is officer is of Caucasion decent like the other a Army officer? Seems like a trend here.

  12. Throw Terry Larkin in the stockade. But let him out before his medical bills get too high in his old age. And ABSOLUTELY make him personally pay for every last dollar of health care he receives once he’s out.

    Or give him the firing squad. Army, need any volunteers ? I won’t miss.

  13. The document from the Gov. of Ha. is not a U.S. birth certificate. It is a certificate of live birth and would mean very little. Even the baby of an illegal alien that is born in the U.S. has a birth certificate on file.
    If Bamie thinks he’s fooling me, he’s wrong. Too many people envolved with him have made too many slips of the tongue regarding his place of origin and true purpose.
    I think it’s time for the lying to end and I am proud of the Col. And salute him for sacrificing his career for the constitution of the U.S.
    Proud veteran

    • You should have said proud idiot instead of veteran. What could you think that Lakin is going to gain from this grandstanding, and further more how do you think it will affect all the troops that went to Iraq to serve there country. President Obama did not start this war but he will end it so what the hell is the real problem here. You salute a person that is a coward then you must also be one….so just keep being that kind of person. How many back ground checks do you think that President Obama went through just to run for president? If he was not a true US citizen, do you think he would have been able to run in the first place? It is people like this that are tearing this country apart.

  14. Even though Lt Col volunteered for the Army he signed a contract. If he cannot abide by his contract then he should retire and leave the Army.

  15. Man, there are some serious nut jobs out there. I hope they throw this guy in the brig before he goes on TV and spreads more lies.

  16. PRINCE…..preformer and my hero sang….
    so IMPEACH a USURPER if in fact he cheated his way to our “big house”… while hiding lies to the USA and all us voters … That’s YOU & ME!!!
    That song is about we American’s whoooooo
    love of our country… and “would die for her” as many of my family and dear friends have. I miss them often & get sad to seeing how were treating all of the men and women who stand tall and give their lives for US!
    I LOVE YOU ….Lt. Col. TERRY LARKIN you are a TRUE BLUE American & no words can ever say your not… “sticks and stones” I want the SAME PROOF you are demanding & so TOGETHER WE STAND if you are jailed… so are we held hostage out here doing our daily life SHOW us the PROOF
    You make my heart sing so LETS get to the bottom of who’s corrupted & smeared our beautiful AMERICA in the ground as people watched with jaws open in shock & awe… for way over the last few years with nothing to back up Pelosi & Reid & the rest of the tricksters.
    never in my 70 years has a magic wand put a spell on so many dormant souls at once…
    WE wonderful humans don’t and won’t allow anyone to trash us for LONG!
    made from very old stock…..
    Never ever give up on anybody & pray for the good of mankind. Each day will be brighter
    as we all do this TOGETHER……Peace to all.

  17. Terry Lakin will find out that beliefs and facts are two very different things and in the end his courts-martial will be his own public humiliation for believing something he can not prove. I would love to be there during the military trial and find out what facts he has, internet gossip? Let’s face it no one will take the Birthers seriously until they win a case, but until then, they will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. The old GOP Confederacy, that is what these liars want, good luck with that.

  18. Well, looks like he will get his chance to make his point in front of his peers. He will be found guilty and hopefully he will be made a private, loss of pay,benefits and do some time in jail. To allow this action to go unpunished only opens the door for other soldiers to question orders. It is the military, not some civilian job where you can just openly question your orders, anyone in the military, past or present knows that. Wonder how Larkin would have dealt with a soldier who refused to follow his orders??? Why not, he questions his commander in chief. This previous LTC is a joke, needs to be made an example of so ANY other military member (current or future) will understand that orders, as long as they are lawful will be followed out. This is just another example of how the tea-party comes out looking like a fool…again.

  19. I’m getting sick and tired of a-holes like this slimeball being called “heroes”! there is nothing heroic about this man listening to racists birthers. He and other people like him are not heroes! this man is a coward, a disgrace, and a waste of time. I hope he spends every single moment of his life in a jail cell where he belongs.