Sarah Palin Vanity Fair Error


Sarah Palin Vanity Fair Error – The author of a scathing profile piece about Sarah Palin in Vanity Fair has said that he believes that she is able to “lie about everything.” Michael Joseph Gross had said that he set out to write a positive article about Palin, but quickly learned that he would not be able to write a positive piece without exposing a number of negative truths regarding Palin. He also went on to say that he did not even include the worst of the information he uncovered in the story.

The piece depicts Palin as both abusive and retaliatory. If you cross her in the political world, she will make sure to return the favor. It also goes on to say that she knows how to lie in a way that will make the people believe here. “This is a person for whom there is no topic too small to lie about,” the author said in a recent interview.

With word flying that Palin is considering a run for the Presidential office in 2012, the article shows many people a side of Palin that they had never seen before. When the author of the article was asked about his opinion on her prospects for making a run at the highest office in the nation, he simply said that as long as we allow her to be around, she will be around.

It will be interesting to see how Palin responds to the article about her in Vanity Fair, as it certainly does not paint her in all that good of a light.

Speaking of lying Michael Joseph Gross who wrote the piece for Vanity Fair has acknowledged a case of mistaken identity in the piece about Palin saying :
“Trig was with his mother the next day in Wichita (Kan.), but the child in Independence was someone else, and I regret the error,”


  1. Michael(Gutless)Gross is a liar, a fraud, & a worthless little hack. “Vanity Fair” continues to circle the septic drain, and desperation hit pieces will not save it. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin’s popularity soars.

  2. “Limp” Gross should crawl back under the rock from whence he came. It’s our job(Journolist)To take her down so she doesn’t hang around. Yeah right, Gross, you were set out to write a positive speech. Funny how you could not find one decent thing to say about Sarah. Stuff your article up your you know what.

  3. To repeat that it was a “mistaken identity” is itself a lie as well. The actual mother of the child he talks about, spoke with him at the time. She wrote a piece about it the other day. The entire VF hit-piece is just that, no matter how badly the left wish it were true. Don’t trash people with lies.

  4. Good grief Jerry Reth, you sound as if you are taking this Vanity Fair fantasy as if any of it is true. Have you read the rebuttal by the other Down’s syndrome child? It is the true picture of Sarah Palin’s enormous love for disadvantaged children and people in general. This whole piece is a downright lie designed to try to negate her huge coup in helping Joe Miller to get elected. The fact that you wait until the last line of your article to mention the enormously important error Gross made says something about your objectivity.

  5. VF is just another gossip rag, printed on better stock than slime like the National inquirer. When you use VANITY to describe yourself, what else should people expect other than self-serving blah, blah, blah? I don’t read VF and it highly unlikely that I would even use it for TP in an outhouse, for fear of contaminating my butt.

  6. Gross wanted to do two things with his Sarah Palin hit piece.
    1. Start more lies about her hoping that people would spread them around as truths. Just like Tina Fey did with the, “I can see Russia from my house,” meme. MSM picked that one up and reported it as a truth. Some people still think that Sarah Palin said that.

    2. Get people to talk about this hit piece, rather than about the 7 primary wins that Sarah Palin helped get this last round. The hit piece came out right after these wins and is now the focal point. Distraction and detraction from Sarah Palin’s accomplishments. It’s to be expected.

    This has backfired. The left will go to any lengths to bring Sarah Palin down and this gross piece proves it. Most people are looking at things like this for what they really are. Pure bs. Even some liberal writers have called bs on this hit piece.

    The day after the piece came out, diehard lefties were quoting it.
    A coordinated attack? Yes!

  7. Anyone who quits a US Governor’s office to cash in on a lucrative book offer has GOT to be popular.

    Should such an quitter/opportunist become President?

    Will Palin quit the ’12 Presidency for yet another lucrative contract?