Sarah Palin Quran Burning Critic – Burn A Koran Day Dropped


Sarah Palin Quran Burning Critic – Burn A Koran Day Dropped – Sarah Palin has spoken out about Terry Jones’ Quran burning event. In a Facebook post that she published, she likened the Quran burning to the “ground zero mosque” situation that has made headlines in recent weeks. She also spoke on book burning as a whole, calling it “antithetical to American ideals.” She went on to say that Jones had the constitutional right to burn the Quran, but also said that doing so was insensitive and unnecessary.

Many officials have come forward to say that the burning of the book would likely cause violence against Americans around the world. The mosque that Palin referred to is a mosque and recreational center that might be built just blocks away from the former site of the World Trade towers. The mosque would reportedly include space to pray. Those against the mosque have said that it is insensitive of them to build so close to where Muslim extremists attacked the country.

“Freedom of religion is integral to our charters of liberty,” Palin wrote. 
As of right now, everyone seems to be in agreement regarding the burning of the Quran. Of course Terry Jones has a right to organize the event, but is it really something that he should be doing? General David Patreus warned that the burning of the book would likely lead to increased attacks against US troops in Afghanistan. Jones responded by saying that he would be willing to give his life to go through with the event.

Jones has canceled the controversial event.


  1. what! sarah palin coming down on the sane side of an issue…even a “non issue” like this. that, as it turns out is just a publicity stunt from a whack job from (ya gotta guess?) FLORIDA home of the nut jobs.

    you know the jerk is really far out there when sarah palin takes the logical view. i thought ms. palin would have been all over burning the “Koran” as he calls it.

  2. “Pastor, please stand down”. With a stern admonition on her Facebook page, Gov. Sarah Palin stopped the Koran burning in Florida.

  3. Talk about a mix message from Palin.

    She talks about freedom of religion, but is against the Muslim community center to promote tolerance since it was a cult that was behind 9/11.

    What an annoying self-righteous opportunist.