Rep. Mark DeSaulnier in Critical Condition due to Pneumonia


Rep. DeSaulnier in Critical Condition with Pneumonia after Negative Coronavirus Test

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, a California Democrat, was hospitalized and remained in critical condition after fracturing his rib Friday during a run, which led to complications from Pneumonia.

He was admitted to a hospital in Washington D.C., where he was in stable condition. Physicians also tested DeSaulnier for coronavirus and determined that he was negative.

However, a statement that was later tweeted from the Congressman’s Twitter account revealed that his condition had deteriorated, and he was in critical condition.

The complications started when DeSaulnier fell near a U.S. House office as he was doing his regular runs in the capital. As a result of the fall, the Congressman, who was elected to Congress in 2014, did not manage to vote on the House COVID-19 stimulus package.

DeSaulnier’s Chief of Staff, Betsy Arnold Marr, in a statement, said that the doctors were doing everything they could to care for the Congressman.