One Nation Working Together Rally – Liberal Answer To Glenn Beck RALLY

One Nation Working Together Rally – Liberal Answer To Glenn Beck RALLY – The rally put together by Glenn Beck seems to have had large reverberations in the U.S., not just politically, but also socially, with many other rallies planned to highlight what the population of America wants out of its leaders and nation.

Politically motivated left leaning parties have been inspired to hold a rally of their own, called the ‘One Nation Working Together’ rally. Participating in the rally are the NAACP, AFL-CIO, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Communist Party USA and the National Council of La Raza and it is planned to happen in the national mall. On the agenda is minimum wage, making it easier to join unions, and push through comprehensive immigration reform. Some construe this as a liberal wish list, but the groups contend they are pushing for the “change” they voted for back in 2008.

This Oct. 2 rally, as well as Beck’s rally, aren’t aimed at any political party, nor are they endorsed by any political party. The aim is to raise awareness of politicians to the wants and needs of the population, and for the population to have a voice on a larger level than is usually available.

Wendy Vargas

Wendy Vargas

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