Obama Deporting Immigrants At Record Pace


Obama Deporting Immigrants At Record Pace – US President Barack Obama, on the heels of the recent interest in the immigration reform plausibility, is deporting more illegal immigrants than the country ever has previously. One little girl, who met with First Lady Michelle Obama while she was visiting with school children in a classroom, told the First Lady about her mother’s fear of the recent changes in the laws.

“My mom..she says that Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn’t have papers,” the girl told the first lady while she was visiting her classroom. Michelle Obama replied by stating that the country has to ensure that the individuals who are here are supposed to be here, and have the right documentation, to which the girl replied; “But my mom doesn’t have any.”

The innocence that was displayed by the girl has caused many to write letters detailing their similar experiences with young children who are unable to understand what is happening with immigration reform. Immigration reform affects entire families, and the increase in deportations does not go unnoticed by the younger populations of illegal immigrants, who are innocent. Some have speculated that the brazen statements made by the unknowing young girl could one day make her the icon for the anti-immigration reform movement that has been so vocal in recent weeks.

The Department of Homeland Security has already deported more undocumented immigrants than the country ever did under the reign of President Bush. Bush did deport more often than President’s before him but Obama’s deportation totals are higher than any president before him. Last fiscal year, Obama deported over 387,790 immigrants, more than 100,000 more than they did during the previous fiscal year.


  1. We Americans are suppose to feel better because he started deporting Illegals? Well he is 3.5 million behind just in the state of California.He should fine all the companies that hire illegals. Let them pay big time. Fine the illegals too. The illegals have bankrupted all are services that should have gone to Americans and instead they went to illegals. The illegals have made 25 hospitals closed due to being bankrupted. They have Destroyed out school systems.Let the illegals pay for all the damage they have done to the USA. Whoops I forgot they can not read English.Its long overdue.
    Will bill them anyway.