Obama Administration Alaska Oil Drilling


Obama Administration Alaska Oil Drilling – With so much talk regarding-keep the Earth green and being environmentally friendly, it might be surprising to find out that Obama has agreed to allow oil drilling in 1.8 million Alaskan acres.

The acres of land were used to protect migratory bird and caribou habitat. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was able to say that the Bureau of Land Management will allow for 190 tracts with birds to be opened on August 11th in Anchorage. The sale is just one of many which have been put in place to protect the life in the area. Most of the transactions have been done in Western states.

The Petroleum Reserve is a 23 million acre wide landscape that surrounds Alaska’s North Slope. Previously, the importance of this land has left reasoning for oil drilling to be delayed but now our government has put forth a plan to begin extracting oil from the area. Eric Myers of Audubon Alaska says that moving the birds and caribou has been done properly.


  1. Just another reason to get rid of Obama in next election. He has not done anything he promised to protect our enviroment. Can not believe he has allowed this.

  2. Like it or not we are addicted to oil and will do anything to get it until there is a viable and affordable alternative. I do agree that we have enough reasons to vote Obama out in the next election

  3. So you’d vote a Republican in? Who would do one thousand times the amount of environmental damage? Great idea, folks. Just because things aren’t happening as fast or as well as you believe they should doesn’t mean you vote in the complete opposite of the incumbent.

  4. just because a person is republican, doesn’t make them for oil and anti the environment. some of the most dedicated environmentalists i know claim republican ties. it just happens that oil is one of the largest industries in the world. no matter who it is, as long as there is money and politics there will be greedy liars in office.