Naacp Tea Party Movement Racism Resolution


Naacp Tea Party Movement Racism Resolution – The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is prepared to release a resolution that condemns the racist group that they believes stems from the tea party movement. The measure will receive a vote this week by NAACP delegates, and must receive at least half of the votes to pass. The measure asks that “all people of good will to repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties, and to stand in opposition to its drive to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”
Representatives for the organization have said that they are fairly certain that the resolution will be approved during the vote. Tea Party conservatives have been dealing with charges of racism since the party became popular over the course of the last year. A recent poll that was conducted by ABC news stated that 28 percent of all Americans see underlying racial prejudices in the group.

“I just don’t see racism in the tea party movement.” Said Brendan Steinhauser, who serves as director of campaigns for the group Freedomworks. “Racism is something we’re absolutely opposed to.”
It will be interesting to see how the charges are handled by some of the larger Tea Party Movement supporters like Sarah Palin and Rand Paul. Both have come under fire since they openly supported the group, but have not withdrawn their support.


  1. Uhhuh. Right. There isn’t any racism in the t party. I do enjoy seeing the bone in obama’s nose, saying the n word at any black legislator who isn’t my cup of tea. Ahh, but that’s all and gd cause the Dems call us names, and blacks call themselves the n word. Geeez, what’s all the fuss about? I only want Obama to admit he’s a Kenyan and go home to Africa. Does that make me a racist? Nash, it’s those NAACP people going on and on and on because I said you can take the African out of Africa but you can’t take the African out if the Afro American.

    Ooooh ya, I’m educated also, at least I think I am.

    Wellllp, that’s all folks. All the above was taken from t party sites, placards, posters, and audio, in addition to being there with other t par tiers. Because believe it or not, I’m a republican and ashamed that we don’t cleanup these devisive inbred low IQ elements so the focus can actually be on the fiscal budget and jobs. Right now, the t party looks to be a group of uneducated backwards nut cases.

    It’s embarrassing. And I thought Sarah Man jaw Palin was humiliating. At present the t party takes the cake.

    • Your as phony as they come. Just like Pelosi and her crew that tried to get tea partiers to go ballistic after the health care bill passed. Well nothing happened because tea partiers are respectful of free speech, unlike the loony left that want people to shut up whom they disagree with. The Naacp condons the new black panther movement to kill the “crackers and their white babies”. Better take the log out of your eye before you start condemning others. And where the hell is the “new tone in Washington” President, He’s as phony as you, embarrassed.

  2. NAACP says nothing good happened in the 18th Century, so the Enlightenment philosophers must not have led to the end of slavery. Oh, right..they didn’t write in rap lyrics, so who can understand them?