Missouri Man Planning to Bomb Hospital amid COVID-19 Outbreak Killed


Man Killed by the FBI was Plotting to Blow up Missouri Hospital  

A man who was under federal investigation for plotting to blow up a hospital died Tuesday after the FBI shot him.

Timothy Wilson, 36, was shot after the FBI tried to serve him a warrant in Belton, Missouri. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to the injuries.

Among Wilson’s threats was one to plot an attack on a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, where he believed that patients were being treated for the new coronavirus.

The FBI had been tracking the suspect for months terming him as a potentially violent extremist, who was being driven by racial animus, religious zealotry, and government distrust.

The FBI stated that Wilson was armed when they tried to arrest him. At the time, he was collecting what he thought was a truck bomb but was not an actual bomb.

The FBI and Justice Department were increasingly focusing on racially motivated crimes and threats from white supremacists or other domestic groups as the new coronavirus continued to spread.