Minnesota Tornadoes


Minnesota Tornadoes – A number of tornadoes recently hit Minnesota , causing quite a bit of damage to homes in the area. There was a total of three people killed when the system roared through the state, leaving a large amount of destruction in its path. Among the dead were Kathy Woodside, 66, Margie Schulke, 79, and Wes Michaels, 56. Michaels was hiding in his gas station that he owned when it was leveled by a passing twister that tore it from the ground.
There were dozens of people that were injured in the storm, including the husband of Kathy, Ron, who is currently in the hospital in stable condition. The storm destroyed a large number of homes and buildings in the state, that will need a fair amount of repair before they can become inhabitable again. There were a total of 232 homes that were hit by the tornadoes.

Minnesota Tornadoes

A total of 36 reports of tornado sightings throughout the day. The previous state record was 27, and the record will continue to stand until all of them are completely confirmed. Many of those who saw the tornadoes were residents of Wadena, a town that was hit fairly hard by the storms.

“For whatever reason, the tornado decided to sit down on Wadena,” Gov. Tim Pawlenty said.
He added that 34 people were treated at the local hospital in Wadena for injuries that were related to the storm that hit the area. Most were minor, and by the following morning only one individual remained in the hospital.