Mayor Richard Daley Strict Gun Rules For Chicago


Mayor Richard Daley Strict Gun Rules For Chicago – The gun rules in Chicago have been under constant debate in the media lately. Residents of the area show flocculation results in the polls. It seems like everyone is unsure what the right step for Chicago gun laws might be. Mayor Richard Daley made an announcement to the public on Thursday where he revealed that the city might proceed with new gun laws. Their proposal introduced the most complex and strictest procedure that the United States has ever seen. While gun rights advocates stand strongly behind the fact that every American is entitled to a gun, polls suggest that the city doesn’t feel safe with the current rights that are enforced and perhaps harsh gun rules are the exact kind of rights we need enforced in America.

The plan would restrict gun shops in the Chicago area from selling any type of fire arm. Ultimately it would disallow gun owners from leaving their home with a handgun. Even if you were to step onto your own porch or garage, these areas would still be considered restricted. Many feel that these new laws would take gun rights too far and would make ownership far too limited and restricted.

However, Daley has prepared what he believes is the best proposal for gun ownership. His proposal has come only a few days following the U.S. Supreme Courts decision that rules Americans have a right to own a gun for self-defense anywhere they live. What he has suggested still complies with the Supreme Courts decision but it limits ownership in such ways that you’re hardly allowed to have a gun anywhere but your bedroom. The City Council will be voting on Friday.
“As long as I’m mayor, we will never give up or give in to gun violence that continues to threaten every part of our nation, including Chicago.”


  1. It would be real interesting to see that this “Patriot” has his own stash of guns at home. Oh wait, he has a personal guard. DC has had this installed for years and they are still in the top 5 for murder capitals. Obviously, this doesn’t work.

    I’m sure the crooks will gladly stop carrying their firearms too.

    It has begun a while back and continue to fly away. Your rights!

  2. This is just short of insanity. Only law abiding citizens obey gun contol laws. How can we possible defend ourselves when criminals blatently flaunt existing laws. We have plenty of laws…just not enough enforcement. I have several guns, so do my neighbors. We are known to protect ourselves. We don’t have problems.

  3. To Mayor Daley,
    You folks have just made victims of your citizens by stripping away their right of self-protection. The only ones who will obey the law are already law-abiding. Do you think for one minute that the felon who killed a young man on a city bus recently with a handgun would comply? Rather, you should require handgun ownership and training for every citizen without a criminal record. There is not enough money to provide instant police protection for evey incident. How many times do you have to be told that restricting guns only works on the law-abiding and not the thug? Severe penalties (capital punishment) are needed as tools against the misusers, not gun restrictions.
    Paul E. Berger

  4. I would suggest that all citizens of the U.S. observe July 4th by reading the Declaration of Independence and its history. We have unalienable rights, rights that can not and should not be taken from us. We have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When those rights are taken from us by city governments, such as Chicago placing restrictions on them, they are in effect taking our rights from us and usurping their powers to govern. This is typical of Chicago politics!
    The Supreme Court has spoken. It is time for Chicago citizens to stand up and oust the “dirty” politicians. It is time to “clean house.” That goes for all the Obama types!