LAPD Protesters – Macarthur Park Shooting – After Manuel Jamines Killing


LAPD Protesters – Macarthur Park Shooting – After Manuel Jamines Killing – The Los Angeles police have so far arrested 22 protesters, after a riot broke out when a Guatemalan immigrant was shot and killed by officers. The demonstrators are mostly Hispanic and have responded to the killing by ambushing police stations with rocks, bottles, and eggs in the MacArthur Park area of downtown Los Angeles.

The police were firing rubber bullets and non-lethal bean-bags into the crowd in order to try and get the people to disperse. Although none of the police or the protesters were injured, one person was hit by a projectile that was fired out of a slingshot.

The riots began after Manuel Jamines, a 37-year-old construction worker, threatened a person walking by with a knife. Bicycle officers arrived at the scene and ordered Jamines to drop the knife. However, the man did not comply and instead raised his arms to come after the officers.

It was then that the police fired shots, and Jamines was taken into custody. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police officers are adamant that all measures were taken to ensure that Jamines heard and understood their demands, but many of the rioters claim that the officers simply shot him without warning.


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  3. are people seriously rioting over this? the man attacked cops with a deadly weapon! any one who attacks cops with a deadly weapon is most likely going to get killed. and no he wasn’t murdered or assasinated. he was killed by his own stupidity. he threatened people with a weapon and attacked the police. the police took the proper measures to defend not only their lives but the lives of the people around them. anyone who gets up in arms over this is a fool. this country gives people so much freedom and all they do is complain. try brandishing a weapon to guatemalan police… they will kill you without hesistation. at least in this case the police verbally warned him of what the consequences are.