Kanye West Arizona Boycott Immigration Law


Kanye West Arizona Boycott Immigration Law – Like many Americans, the outspoken Kanye West does not support the recent immigration law that was put into place in the state of Arizona, and will be boycotting the law along with a number of other popular musicians who are not in support of the controversial legislation. Other acts that will be taking part in the boycott include Cypress Hill, Sonic Youth, Joe Satriani, and a number of other musicians and bands. The group has been organized by the Rage Against the Machine front man, Zack de la Rocha.

“Fans of our music, our stories, our films and our words can be pulled over and harassed every day because they are brown or black, or for the way they speak, or for the music that they listen to,” said de la Rocha, who has been outspoken about the law since2 the bill was first introduced earlier this year. “We are asking artists the world over to stand with us, and now allow our collective economic power to be used to aid and abet civil and human rights violations that will be caused by Arizona’s odious law.”

The legislation was passed last month, and has been a topic of great controversy. There have been those, such as former presidential candidate John McCain, who have claimed that they are in support of the bill, and others, such as President Barack Obama and Kanye West, who have claimed that they do not support the bill. The bill has been cause for great debate, and the Department of Justice will be examining the wording of the bill in the coming weeks to ensure that it is constitutional.


  1. And what about American dream? America is a land of opportunity…..It was built according to this concept! However after a chain of such laws it can be transferred to a military state where citizens are intimidated by the police…
    I just came across the amazing site which highlights the whole situation about Arizona. Guys, you should see the comments – lol! Jump on a bandwagon – voice your opinion at

    • If you have not broken any laws, then why should anyone be intimidated? Illegal means illegal! I you are an immigrant and are here legally, then you desire all benefit offered by this country, if not, I feel the law should lock you up with no help. Mexico would throw the key away for many years and even worse punishment with many other countries. If crimes was Committed, then they would execute you. Our country is too soft with our immigration laws. I support Arizona for upholding their laws.

  2. Wow…. your opening line with “like many Americans” really starts the article out with a slanted viewpoint. It should read “like 30% of Americans”. 70% of the US loves Arizona’s new law so Kayne West is in the vast minority here.

    • your retarded if you think thats really the percentage, the shows and articles that say the majority votes for the law are retarded also lol bill o rielly…what a duech, the only reason they have that percentage is because the people that have “the time” and “the need” to go on there website are, and I dont mean this in a “racist” way but white folks who really just need something to complain about, most people who dont approve the law really dont want to bother and vote on FOX news website lol for what, we’ll just let you guys ramble on, illegal IS illegal, but i suggest you look at it in a HUMAN way, is it wrong morally? is it wrong ethically? because when you vote for it, your basically stoping many human beings from prospering, human beings that want a better life, most mexicans come here for one main purpose…WORK, so all though yes it is illegal, its wrong in so many other ways, gay marraige is illegal, and i believe thats wrong also, stop hiding your flaws and compassion as a human being behind “its ILLEGAL”

  3. This debate is redundent. If illegal aliens are not illegal, then whats the point of having laws that regulate illegal immigration?
    If anybody can just walk over the boarder and receive the same right’s and liberties of the citizens of that country, then whats the point of having citizenship? Whats the point of having a boarder? Hell, whats the point of having a country?
    If you are complicate in the invasion of a foreign aggressor, then you are guilty of treason. Considering your living in the most heavily armed country on the face of this planet, you might want to keep that in mind.
    The saddest part of this situation is the illegal’s them selves. There very lives are being played with by the elite in position’s of power. Pawns in a grand chest game.
    The immigration laws of this country are not being enforced because the elite love illegals. There votes for dirty politician’s. They provide cheap slave labor to corrupt corporation’s. Last but not least, they help the elite bankrupt the economy and destroy the freest country that has ever existed.
    Instead of allowing them to use immigration as a means of “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”, we should unite and topple this masonic regime that has dominated this wonderful planet of ours for far to long.
    The POWER is in the state’s hands, not the Feds! We all need to demand are states to exercise their authority over the federal government. The time is now

    Anyways, who the hell cares what Kanye West thinks?

    • The time is now? Time is now for what? To get rid of all these illegals in one swoop? Lol your a piece of shit, how do you kiss your mother and call yourself a person?

  4. Hans: The first thing people like you should do is learn the English language. There are so many grammatical mistakes on your statement, that it is difficult at times to understand your point. Spelling checker should help you. Once you overcome that issue,then perhaps you can make an intelligent statement.

  5. 1. Since we basically bought/took texas-california from mexico originally. I am just going to say give airzona back to mexico. (I can golf other places)
    -no i do not feel bad for Airizona local economy. you guys got yourself into this mess.

    2. Im pretty sure the boarder security has been trippled starting in like 1992 if not more. one of you can look that up.
    3. Domestic Sanctions! I love it! Im pretty sure were on some shakey legal grounds here. (IE can anyone be sued for collusion of not wanting to give money to racist.)
    4. if you think youre not a racist – dont take my opinon on it. you will know youre not a racist state when entertainers and people stop boycotting you.
    suck it