Jessica Colotl Kennesaw State University Illegal Immigrant


Jessica Colotl Kennesaw State University Illegal Immigrant – Jessica Colotl goes to Kennesaw State University, and recently launched an intense debate regarding illegal immigration. She studies political science and has dreamed of becoming a lawyer. A number of traffic violations sent her straight to the middle of the nationwide debate on illegal immigration. Her family came to America, undocumented from Mexico, when she was only eleven years old. She was arrested toward the end of March for driving without a license. She was later turned over to immigration officials who threw her in an Alabama detention center, and that was only the beginning of her problems.

Kennesaw State officials, along with a number of her sorority sisters campaigned on her behalf. Colotl was released last week. Federal officials have said that they will not take action in her case for the next year, which will allow her to complete her classes. This has angered some, who believe that she should not receive special treatment over any other individual who would like to get out of their detention center after being placed there by immigration officers.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren also obtained a warrant for her arrest on Wednesday. He claims that the young woman lied about her arrest when she was initially booked to jail. This would be a felony, as lying to law enforcement is considered to be a felony within the state.
Colotl, if convicted of the felony charge, would make it impossible for any judge to agree to the deferral of her current case. Her lawyer has stated that he thinks the charges against her will be dismissed.


  1. I think she is a wrong poster child case for immigration reform. One of the requirements to become a legal immigrant is GOOD MORALE CHARACTER. She doesn’t have it. Driving w/o license, obstructing traffic, lying about her school admission information(?), providing false information to authorities.. what else is she hiding. Had I done this crimes/violations I will be in court, had faced the consequences of my actions, my car could have been towed, and I will not get FREE LEGAL SUPPORT like she got.

    I know a lot of people..PhD’s, scientists, actuaries who were forced to go home or volutarily went home so as not to violate the laws of this country. They have high respect to American law. They came here the legal way (applied at a U.S. Embassy), they also tried to extend their stays legally or have applied for greencards but were not fortunate to get their paperworks in order within the proper timeframe. But they did try. Has Jessica even tried applying or adjusting her status before? had she even tried filling out a single immigration form in the past? Come on..she is 21 years old.. She knows she cannot drive w/o a license for sure but she willingly disregarded that law..

    I am sorry but she has to go. Her case weakens the call for immigration reform.

  2. As a legal immigrant from central america who went to college here and then law school I get really upset hearing about freeloading illegals like Jessica. Believe it or not, there are actually people in Mexico who wait their turn to come here (it’s up to a 10 year waiting period) and don’t break laws. Jessica feels she is special and can break the law.

    This Latina has no sympathy for Jessica. She gives us all a bad look. I took out student loans to pay for my American Dream – just wondering how she is paying for college? And whose identity is she using to be in school?

  3. What is really amazing is people like Sonny Perdue scream about the country not securing our borders and then are in favor of illegals staying in this country even though they break the law while here illegally! I to would like to know how she is paying dfor school? Did she also falsefy applications to get aid? I feel for her because she was brought here so young but how can you fudge the line for some if not for all! She should be deported with her parents and apply to come back legally. I know this seems cruel but it sends the correct message, not the wrong one! As Jan said, because of people coming in illegally it makes it difficult for those who come here the legal way. I’ve asked several people and the Board of Regents if there has been a case where a student was found to be lying on their app to get in-state status, was found out, and did they have to pay back the balance for out-of-state for all the time they had already attended which I feel is the very least she should have to do!!!