Gov. Jan Brewer Links Illegal Immigrants to Drug Smuggling in Arizona Immigration Debate


Gov. Jan Brewer Links Illegal Immigrants to Drug Smuggling in Arizona Immigration Debate – The debate over the Arizona immigration bill has heated up after Jan Brewer has stated that many illegal immigrants come over the border carrying drugs. Just as the debate seemed to fall to the background, it pops back up after a poor choice of wording by Jan Brewer. Now, she targets drug mules coming across the border.

“We all know that the majority of the people that are coming to Arizona and trespassing are now becoming drug mules,” Governor Jan Brewer said to a newspaper. “They’re coming across our borders in huge numbers. Drug Cartels have taken control of the immigration.”

While there may be some truth to what she is saying, it is hard to imagine that a “majority” of those coming across the border are doing so as drug smugglers.

She states that many illegal immigrants are being forced to carry the substance by drug cartels as they cross the border. This practice has been known of for quite some time, but having Brewer name that reason specifically places the subject in a whole new light of focus.
“I wouldn’t say that every person that is apprehended is being used as a mule,” said Mario Escalante.
Her comments have sparked debate among many regarding exactly how many of those crossing the border are doing so with drugs. While there is no real clear statistic on the matter, the stats that we do have have shown that while it is common for them to be found with drugs, drug mules are not as common as Brewer may have suggested in her recent comment.


  1. It is about time someone in the political stated what is quite obvious to those of us who can see clearly. They are drug mules carrying drugs for the drug cartel.Look most of these Illegals when they first come here to find emplyment in Restaurants and the service Industry.Americans are not going to restaurants and not traleling as much, unemployment or underemployment is near 20% even higher in these areas so why would they continue to come here.It has to be drug related,i beleive they are runners for the drug cartels.They sneak across with Drugs and Marijuana then go back for more getting paid for every trip.Has anyone ever notice how young they are when they are climbing the fence and they mostly men also how fast they move about, like the quicker they move the more money they make.Then if they get caught nothing happens to them they are just sent back, no punishment.Like the 15 year old who was killed by the border patrol he had a lavish funeral, the casket looked like it cost thousands of dollars,where did the money come from.I hope Gov. Brewer stays on this and keep telling the American People the truth.All the Politicians from both parties are letting this continue unebated.They are ruining this great Country vote them all out of office in november.

  2. Fred, you couldn’t be more wrong. When any person, but especially an elected official, uses the word “majority” in reference to the actions of a group of people, they need to have statistical sources to back it up. If I said “the majority of people named Fred are unintelligent, its quite obvious to those of us who can see clearly,” you’d probably ask me what I’m basing this claim on. Yet none of these tea party folk will dare ask that of Jan Brewer and that’s what makes others not take you seriously. Thats not to say that there aren’t drug mules but the majority? Really?

    She isn’t telling the American people the truth, it’s statistically unsupported propaganda to rally all of you who want to blame the immigrants that cross the boarder when it’s really the good ol’ American Industrial/Commercial Complex that welcomes these illegals with open arms.

    Gotta love cheap labor. It means a lot more than your ideals in this country.