Google pulls out millions of reviews and ratings from Play Store deemed junk

Google now seems as frustrated from the bogus application reviews as the users. Now, it is bending all the way to improve the feedback worthiness. The company today instituted a new system in order that uses the mix of human oversight with AI to cull the junk reviews over the Play Store.

This system will also remove all the applications that promote junk reviews. Google has already made its move and removed more than a million of these dodgy reviews and ratings. This also included numerous applications that encourage shady behavior.

This search engine giant typically looks for the rating surges that clearly show an outlier, which is the sudden burst towards a 5-star rating. The culling of reviews will also include an attempt to remove any hateful, profane, and off-topic messages. Any attempt aimed towards incentivizing the reviews and ratings will surely be monitored.

This doesn’t state that Google has clear track record as of now. In the month of February, the company yanked a major chunk of the reviews listed for Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart. This happened even with no evidence stating manipulation being done by the makers of the application. This means that there is a chance that the new system brought along by Google isn’t actually perfect.

Wendy Vargas

Wendy Vargas

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