Glenn Beck Rally Attendance: 87000 Restoring Honor on 8-28 Rally


Glenn Beck Rally Attendance: 87000 Restoring Honor on 8-28 Rally – Tens of thousands of activists from the American right went to Washington on Saturday for a demonstration to “restore the honor” of the country, on the scene of the famous speech “I Have A Dream” by Martin Luther King 47 years later.

The rally was linked to the Tea Party, an ultraconservative movement with populist overtones which was organized in opposition to the Obama administration.

The choice of date has raised controversy in the black community. Indeed, the main organizer of the rally, Glenn Beck, has shocked more than once, accusing Barack Obama of being racist against whites for example. In addition, the popular radio and Fox News host has often denounced the churches that advocate social justice, a central part of Martin Luther King’s message.


Many speakers, including the niece of the famous pastor, however, have invoked the memory of the civil rights leader of the 60s. The former Republican candidate for Vice-President Sarah Palin even said that she was feeling “the spirit of Martin Luther King.”

The ceremony was a tribute to American troops on mission abroad, and soaring policy messages was more rare than expected. The organizers also requested that no banners be displayed.

The 8/28 Glenn Beck Rally attracted 87000 people according to early estimates.

Another event, organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, a black activist, was also scheduled in the afternoon in Washington to mark the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech.

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  1. Okay, I have no idea who you are but your early numbers are so pathetic. I have attended dozens of organized events in Washington DC over the last three decades. This is clearly the largest gathering of people I have ever witnessed. We arrived at the Lincoln Memorial at 5:15 this morning and there were already tens of thousands of people, peacefully awaiting the event.

    By the time the event started at 10 AM there were easily over 500,000 people and by my humble guess, judging on the amount of people in front of the Memorial, clear down to the Washington Monument, would be somewhere between 650,000 and 750,000 people.

    The event was a celebration of America’s past and a prayer for future leaders to emerge to continue what the founders started in the mid to late 100’s. The entire event will be on CSPAN tomorrow and I hope that many more can watch the event and judge for themselves the message that Glenn Beck and his guests were delivering.

    God Bless America!

    • Again and again and again and again! “There were already tens of thousands of people”! “There were easily over 500,000 people”! “Somewhere between 650,000 and 750,000 people”! You are just guessing–not even estimating. I dare say that based upon what you wrote you have NO CLUE how to make such estimates.

      And about those tens of thousands of people, peacefully awaiting the event: really? I mean, I’m not saying they weren’t, but are you really able to monitor tens of thousands of people? Don’t you think you just might have missed some kid pulling his sister’s hair because she took his favorite Hot Wheels car? Or a young couple getting into a fight because he was checking out that cute chick with the low-cut tank top over near the reflecting pool? And are your powers of policing limited to tens of thousands? Can we assume that much murder and mayhem occurred when the crowd reached 650,000?

      Finally, I don’t think people like Thomas Paine would be too thrilled with people praying that future leaders continue his very secular vision for this country.

      • I think you should realize that the people who went to that event were actually the kind of people who believed in REAL unity, not the kind bought by our government. I was there, and very much sure that people did NOT need policing. I myself went to get some water (a very long walk to the water fountain) and I didn’t really know how to get there, so I stopped and asked someone to point me in the right direction, and they didn’t know but they opened up their bag and gave me two ice-cold bottles of water, with a smile. And there was not even any pushing around or anything. People there CARED about each other. That was actually kind of the point. What you’re probably referring to is the progressives who claim to want collective rights when what they really want is to lie on the backs of the hard-working middle class. Those are the kind of people who will push you out of their way.

        • The ending of your comment is so offensive that it is almost not worth commenting on. How many peace rallies have you been to? In general, people are very nice to one another–wherever they are. I had your _exact_ same experience (although with only one bottle) at a rock concert! That’s the way people are–most of them, anyway. Your dehumanizing of progressives shows at very least that you understand little of human nature.

          One of our biggest problems is that we are constantly told that conservatives and liberals can’t get along. I have no problem talking with conservatives. (But I’m not going to take attacks like being called a liar, thank you very much, EMPShok.) My concerns are the same as my conservative friends. Unfortunately, there has been a fairly recent move to claim that liberals don’t just have different policy ideas, they want to destroy the nation. It is like we are the new Satan worshipers.

          But as vile as your comments, I would still give you water if you were thirsty.

  2. I cant BELIEVE this only 87,000 are you people crazy. This is a perfect example of why hardly nobody trust the maedia anymore.

  3. Um, was a little more than that you communist clowns. I was there and the reflecting pool was full, as well as both sides adjacent. Not to mention how many were from the back of the memorial area to the wash monument. You people are disgusting and a disgrace to journalism.

  4. I am D.C. native.. i know for a fact if the sampling is done correctly and the reflecting pool area is full you are looking at at least 450,000 people. the area of the pool is VAST and it takes alot of bodies to fill it up.

  5. According to early estimates? Who estimated, what were their methods? What experience do they have in estimated crowds. Early estimates? How early? Mr. Jabar, are you a engaging in propaganda for a particular side or you trying to be a journalist documenting the historical record? If it’s the later you need to try harder.

  6. As usual the numbers are wrong. I believe the Factual Total will be released on Monday. The event had nothing to do with the Tea Party it was a fund raiser for Special Operations Warrior Fund. Do you just make this stuff up? I am a registered democrat as is my husband and we have never been to a more organized; more inspiring event in our lives. When the date was chosen Glenn had no idea it was Dr. King’s Anniversary. I cannot thing of anyone other than Glenn Beck who could bring so many people together in Faith; Hope and Charity. You need to go back to Journalism school or to church to pray for help with your out right lying or laziness to tell the truth. Or could it be fear. You could use a dose of Honor!

  7. There were hundreds of thousands of people there… well over 87,000! It was not an anti Obama, anti government, or racist event. Martin Luther King’s niece gave one of the most moving speeches of them all. Do you really think she would have tolerated a racist or hateful event? We honored our troops, our citizens, and our God. If your going to give false accounts of the event, why report on it? It was amazing, one of the coolest things I have ever been to. – a humble nurse

      • Dan,

        Not sure why your question is relevant and why you ask. This was about restoring honor and the discussion of. Honor is not exclusive to any one faith. It is individual and personal, regardless of faith or belief. Why do folks continue to make something of 8/28 that it is/was not?

      • As many that wanted to show up Dan. They were free to do so. If they chose not to, well then, that was their choice. How’s that sweet life in Cuba treating you?

      • I was there, my friend. Nobody was asking such stupid questions as what faith do you belong to. This was a rally for ALL who love this great and beautiful country called AMERICA. As for how many people were there? It is sufficient to say hundreds of thousands. If you were there, it is sufficient to say it was awe inspiring. I thank God for each and every one who sacrificed to make the journey. For every ONE who attended, there were TEN that wished they could have gone.

  8. There were definitely hundreds of thousands of patriots here today. 6 or 7 hundred thousand!
    Certainly the pictures will prove who is lying and who is not. History begins today

  9. I attended the rally as well. There could have easily been 500,000 people by the end of the rally. Please don’t listen to the liberal, biased media.

  10. The number comes from CBS and is based upon aircraft photographs at the peak of the event. The error is +/- 9,000. It is easy to over-estimate crowds from inside. Compare the pictures of today with those of 1963. You will see that there were more people then. There were over 200,000 people at that rally. Thus, today’s rally must be somewhat less. 87,000 sounds about right.

      • The 87,000 number comes from CBS as I stated. I doubt that if Aidama Jaber had mentioned this that there would have been any change in the reaction. People would have just said, “Oh, that’s just the liberal media.” People seem to have some kind of emotional stake in the size of the rally. It really doesn’t matter. Glenn Beck has a lot of listeners and viewers. But he isn’t the Messiah and yesterday was not the Sermon on the Mount.

          check this pic out. way more than 87,000. the areas unde trees were completely full too so its even more people than u can see. also this is only in front of the WWII memorial, crowds were backed up past the washington monument. there was even more crowd density under the trees because you couldnt walk anywhere under them, once you got a spot under the trees you werent going to find a way out until it was over. there were sooo many people, way more than 87,000, which would fill less than half of the reflecting pool

          • Thank you for a reasonable reply. I’ve seen that picture before. It is not of high enough resolution for me to make a very good estimate. But I have tried. Now don’t get all mad. Assuming that the density of people under the trees to be the same as out in the sun, the number is between 50,000 and 200,000. (This is not hard to do. Try it yourself and see what numbers you get. That would at least have some validity.)

            I don’t have an ax to grind in this matter. I don’t like Beck; I think he is bad for the country. But I know he is very popular. If no one had shown up at the event, it would not have made me feel better; if a million people showed up, it would not have made me feel worse.

            What _does_ make me feel bad is the anti-scientific bias on most of the comments here. There is a lot of science I’m not real happy about. Quantum mechanics bugs me, for example. But after eight years of studying it, I don’t dismiss it because I feel like classical mechanics just _seems_ right.

    • I’ve been to stadiums that hold 60,000-80,000 people, races that were full and those amounts were dwarfed by what i saw at the rally. Oh, since the number comes from CBS it must be true. It’s also easy to under estimate crowds from a communist’s eyeballs. CBS+communist mindsetXnew math=87,000

      But you’re a me-so-smart elitist, so I guess I’ll go with your math.

      • You are correct: I am an intellectual elitist: a PhD physicist. The number did not come _from_ CBS. They simply hired a company to make the estimate. Why didn’t Fox do the same? Perhaps because facts don’t much matter on their “news” programs?

        I hope you will go with my math. Based upon your comment, I assume you are an ignorant ideologue. How could you possibly know that I have “communist’s eyeballs”–whatever that might mean?

        Have you read _Common Sense_, _Rights of Man_, _The Age of Reason_, _The Federalist Papers_, or even _The Constitution of the United States_? My experience with people who going around shouting “communist” at people they don’t like is that they haven’t read any of them–that they know next to nothing about what really _is_ great about this country.

        There I go again with that “me-so-smart elitist” thinking thing.

  11. I cannot believe this distortion…or maybe I can. My husband and I attended the rally. It had nothing to do with the Tea Party movement, nor was there any Obama bashing politics going on. Glenn Beck encouraged us to restore dignity and honor to our country by remembering our founding fathers and what they stood for. Martin Luther King was mentioned many times and his words were tied in to what this great nation is all about. Glenn Beck encouraged us to practice faith, hope, charity, integrity. He reminded us to honor our country and our family. His words were inspiring. Were you really there Mr./Ms. Jaber? Or did you just make this stuff up? Please publish the truth…oh yeah, Mr. Beck encouraged that as well, perhaps you should have listened

    • The very fact that Beck has, in his own words, called Obama a racist, did it for me. I realised then that he was not serious about what he says. He is a clown and all of this is false, whatever side of politics you come from. MLK stood for social justice. Beck berates social justice everyday on his show.

      • Hey ass clown. Did you know MLK? Did you even listen to his speeches? Social Justice? Wrong! Sorry! Nope! I dont believe anything like that came out of his mouth. Social equality? Yes! Quality of Character? Yes! Being baby sat by our bloated, overgrown govt? Uhhhh NO! Thanks for playing though..we have some lovely parting gifts like a straight jacket and bottle of prozac! Lefty!

      • Hmm, sitting in the congregation of Pastor Jeremiah Wright for 20+ years…. that should justify being called a racist in and of itself.

      • Wah! MLK stood for equal justice, not the communist disguised social justice. Do some research that is not some psuedo dribble from a liberal rag and find the truth. Social justice should be berated everyday for what it is. Marxism, Socialism, Communism.

  12. Maybe 87,000 in one corner. Wasn’t there, but I watched on cspan. It was a moving event. Putting God first, is the only thing that will get the country out of this mess. The politicians need to take notes.

  13. My word, your slanted version of the events is pathetic. You wrote your article in a vacuum. No tea party, no signs, no violence. Faith, Hope, and Charity. How do you liars sleep at night? Remember, what goes around, comes around… People who write such inflammatory garbage, your turn is coming.

  14. Nice try! We the people are not so ignorant to believe your foolish estimate. This was a historic, wonderful and patriotic event about faith, hope and charity. WE will not be fooled! Shame on you!!!

    • Obviously you were not in attendance. The crowds were incredible. I was up before 4 am and traveled down for the day (4.5 hrs each way). There were no signs, no political language….just talk about how to get back our moral compass. We listened as the speakers gave thanks to God and our founders for this great country and implored all of us to turn to God to ask for his help and forgiveness. Three Merit Medals were given, one each for Faith, Hope and Charity. Glenn Beck challenged all of us to be the people that God has called us to be. It was an uplifting day.

      • Diane,

        That doesn’t matter to the liberal mindset. If they say it was racist and offensive, then by all means, it was racist and offensive.

    • You don’t even listen to Beck or watch his show. You just hear a talking point from your fellow libturds and spew it out of your mouth.

  15. The whole event reflected King’s initiative about character. We honored heroes today, men and women of all nationalities and beliefs, and I don’t believe I heard Obama’s name once; but I heard Jesus and God a hundred times. Truly a class act, Glenn Beck.

    • CLASS ACT??? “I believe our President has a deep seated hatred for white people and white culture”. “I believe our President is a RACIST”. Those are Glenn Beck quotes on FILM! And his words are coming through him “through god”? Whatever “religion” he belongs to I want NO part of. No he has belittled himself to a TV evangelist. (making $36 million a year selling rip-off gold coins)
      Good luck with that!

      • Hey, stupid?! What made you mention religion, huh? I think you just want an excuse like the rest of the anti-Mormons to bash the church. We already know you don’t want to join, no need to keep harping on…And, oh, about film? I saw a film where Obama admitted to being gay, Muslim, and racist. I think a terrorist, too… That must make it true! What do you think? Oh, I like how you show ignorance at what religion he is and yet calls him off as a TV evangelist. I wonder how many times a person has to say the words ‘God’ and ‘Faith’ before you say ‘TV evangelist.’ Maybe you’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs!

  16. I like a lot of these folks were there… Sir… I feel very sorry for you. Remember… MLK’s attendance was based soley on the poolside count… not under the trees or wahat was on the other sides… Facing the Memorial… I was in the left hand side…second screen are back… Probably 87,000 in that section….

  17. The writer of this article is clearly an IDIOT, this reflects MOST of the so called “journelists” who rely on lies and not FACTUAL reporting. We need to wake up America and take our country back and not read or support Idiots that insist on lying to us and reporting their twisted agenda’s instead of FACTS. Let’s stop supporting liers and theifs, This is the PEOPLE’S country not the “reporter and the Politicians” GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! AND God bless Glen Beck and David Barton for trying to help us get back to what made this country GREAT!!!

  18. Hey Teabaggers. Sifi just let the cat out of the bag. Social justice is synonimous with Communism? Martin Luther King would not have supported social justice?!?What were Christ’s thoughts about Social Justice? Did you skip over that part at your bible studies? This was a perversion of Doctor Kings message to satify your ego maniac messiah Beck. This country had lost it’s moral compass. That’s why Obama was elected. Taking “personal responsibility” is code in this group for privitising Social security & Medicare. Beck is a showman of the highest order….he’s laughing all the way to the bank today. How many people were at Obama’s inuguration….2 million….still way more of us than you. That’s what’s going to really save this country, thank god.

    • Christ would not have supported social justice! SJ is about bringing people down as much as bringing people up. The Bible teaches that you must do good for yourself, which is why Jesus gives you a second chance, but doesn’t show up everywhere with a handout saying “You have a right to get into heaven.”
      In an IDEAL society, with no greed, ambition, war etc. SJ might work. But that is DEFINITELY not the case.

    • Jesus taught give all from your heart. He did NOT teach that the government should take all to distribute as it sees fit. THATS the difference and thats why social justice and communism are linked and why people without a clear understanding of Christ’s message get confused. It’s counterfeit charity.

      • I seem to remember dividing the fish and the loaves of bread to feed the masses who followed him. Sounds like religion and social justice are linked.

        • No, they aren’t linked. You are making the mistake of confusing charity with forced taking and redistrubution of private property. Give from your heart and of your own free will. in 2008, Americans donated three times the amount of government foreign aid. Freedom works.

        • Dan,
          That is what you lefties do , you take one line from a story and justify it to be hole story. Maybe you need to go back to bible and read the whole book. Or let me ask you a question. Why did Jesus do that? Hum seems I remember it was charity!!!

        • I think you have a problem understand the individual’s responsibility to be charitable. Jesus was giving to the crowd to see to their needs NOT the government. That was the lesson taught.

        • They did it because they wanted to Putin, not because they were fored to. Big difference, but I guess you wouldn’t know that since you love Cuba so much.

        • How the crap does food have anything to do with justice? He didn’t HAVE to feed them, they weren’t going to starve! He did it because He LOVED them. And He didn’t do that often!


    • Talk about egomaniacs. Most everyone posting in support of Beck is calm polite and excited. Those of you who were bamboozled by Barack Obama and his smooth talk seem to have something to prove and think that you are “smarter” than the teapartiers. Really you are not that bright and Beck has history on his side to prove the TRUTH of what he says, you liberals have history on your side as well only it puts the Lie to your foolish social policies. Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama have never been about equalness they are about Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama. People like that could never understand MLK’s dream of people doing right out of care for their fellow man, considering they do things soley based on greed.

      • So let me get this straight: what you just wrote is calm and polite? It is offensive. It is off-topic. It is historically inaccurate.

        Are repeated comments about liberals being from Cuba calm and polite? Are repeated attacks on Obama calm and polite? Is it calm and polite to respect the President–as long as he isn’t Obama?

        NO ONE on this page has countered anything I’ve written. I assume because there is no debate. But getting over 30 thumbs-down for a comment that simply cited the source for the 87,000 number does not indicate that people are being calm and polite to me.

      • Oh, not me, I’m not being very polite…but I am posting in support of Beck. I normally think like a computer (precision, specifics, AND big picture) and when I see so many statements based on little or no logic or valid source, I lose that mindset and get fired up! And I shouldn’t change that. That is a good thing.

        • No. Passion is good. However, the only facts have come from a small number of people talking about the only actual scientific study of the crowd count. All the rest has been, “I was there and there were a lot of people!” In other words: opinion. It is a _bad_ thing to be passionate about opinions who hold that are clearly contravened by the evidence.

    • Becks not a new president

      There is not way more of YOU check some polls

      I guess Dr. Kings niece [Dr. King] is perverting his message since she a gave a speech there

      Christ did not support social justice at all from any type of Govt. it was from individuals. Kind of like this event Faith Hope CHARITY

      Last but not least, I hope someone is laughing all the way to the bank in Obamas economy

    • November 2, 2010. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Bill, call names all you want, we don’t care what you say or think. Us Pro-Americans know who we are and know what we got from the Rally, no matter what you say or think. All you look at is race, name calling and some sick kind of hatred. You don’t even take the time to look at the truth, at facts or reason. It’s really sad. If the actual numbers were 87,000, you wouldn’t even be on here getting that liberal ice cream headache typing angry dribble. 2 million Kool-Aid drinkers at Obama’s inguruation or whatever you called it. Many will say out loud that they made a mistake or were misled. Not because of race, but because of his politics. Ran as a “centrist”- no such thing- governs as a radical leftist. Unlike you, I could care less about a man or womans skin color, it’s their character and belief system that matters to me. Now, go ahead and call me a racist, it’s ok. I accept your name calling as the sound of a chicken hacking up some feed.

  19. My brother and I attended the event today. It was completely refreshing to see hundreds of thousands of people coming from all over the country, and other parts of the world to stand for what they believe in. It was well worth the drive and the time. Apart from the event, I want to say thank you to everyone who wrote on this page. Everywhere else I have looked, discussion boards are filled with liberals bashing conservatives, Beck, and the 8/28 rally without even knowing the truth about what is occurring. So, thank you everyone!

  20. I’m OK with 500,000 which probably represent Glenn and Sara’s fans from five states. Times 10 for fifty states puts the national following at 5,000,000 a respectable number out of 300,000,000 or about 1.67 percent of the nation. Again a respectable figure.

      • I’m only reporting facts. There is no “new math” here. If you wish to believe that six billion people were at the rally, have at it. But don’t expect that just because 50 scientifically illiterate people claim 2+2=5 that it is true based upon the fact that only “Bill, Dan and Frank” think it is 4.

        “It must be true; it’s what I want to believe!”

    • Short, friendly, and unifying. Dan, THAT is the kind of comment that comes from an American. It’s really not what you said as far as numbers but the way you presented your argument. No violence, and even a complementary statement. I’d shake your hand if I could.

  21. The “I Have a Dream Speech” had about 200,000 people at it. 87,000 DOES sound about right for an EARLY estimate, but surely you don’t think that’s a concrete number, and surely peaceful demonstrators won’t lash out and overreact about a minor discrepancy.


    • You are right. It was a peaceful demonstration. People were wonderful to each other. I don’t believe that “lashing out” describes the people who are responding here…..frustrated once again at a poor job of reporting is more like it.

      • Heaven forbid non-liberal’s speak their mind or have an opinion or disagree. Freedom is only granted to them becasue they are so enlightened.

  22. I agree that it is a mistake to link this event with the tea party – it was clearly a religious revival gathering.

    MLK’s message WAS about social justice – the man was murdered while he was campaigning for the poor – as Glen Beck always says, don’t take my word for it, do the research and read up on it…

    Wake up people – all this talk of redistribution of wealth to the poor is just to continue to fool you, and keep things the way they are with the richest 10% in this country continuing to get all the advantages and not pay their fair share – talk about un-American?

    The religious right used to be manipulated to vote for republicans on the promises to do something about abortion – a promise they never kept. Now they are manipulated by fear of socialism and communism – just to keep the fat-cat’s fat…

    A few of you wrote that Obama was not mentioned today, and that everyone was respectful – I wish Glen Beck would take this to heart and show a little more respect for Obama – or at least for the office of the President – every day on his tv show.

    • Glenn Beck has great respect for the office of the President. That is why he has such a problem with Obama. It is our President who has shown a disrespect for the office.

        • Strange thing to ask…a true American (in my opinion) is actually open to any argument. It sounds like you would censure the media. I would NEVER approve of YOU in MY government.

    • Fred wrote “…and keep things the way they are with the richest 10% in this country continuing to get all the advantages and not pay their fair share – talk about un-American?”

      Just another reminder why I just can’t be a Democrat: Should we all have be/have the same? I’ve had more in my life and sometimes less… I don’t begrudge those who have more. God bless’em. They certainly pay more taxes (and a higher percentage of their income) than I do. As for advantages…. well LOL… that’s what makes America great! It’s an incentive to work hard and be productive. When Fred’s team wins, does he say “No-No— give the prize to the (losing) team since my team paid more for better talent and it’s just not fair to be a winner like that”?




        TRUE ).

        • Are you serious? Are you calling ILLEGAL immigrants minorities? Because as far as I’m concerned, they shouldn’t be here and should be subjected to whatever treatment their home country would treat us. THAT is FAIR in it’s PUREST form. And I must correct one thing you said; “SMART people don’t play the lottery.”

  23. At least they didn’t call it “A” Tea-Party rally. As for the 87K number that they are using, I saw the same number being touted on CBS.

  24. Guys, I was there. Common estimates are ranging from 300,000 to 500,000. Beck said from the stage, the reflecting pool area holds 100,000, the south meadow holds 200,000 and the speakers area holds 50,000. Including these area’s and my own observation, realistically 400,0000 to 450,000 were there. I DO wish it was a million…. but no way. Please consider 87,000 as a reflection on this newssite’s accuracy and proffesionalism.

  25. Well, Well…..who ever wrote this is obviously working to seriously downplay history and Glenn Beck’s message along with the power of the American people. From the beginning of your text with number’s in attendance to the comment that Glenn opposes Martin Luther King’s main narrative and cause for equal justice (you wrote “social justice”)and churches that promote social justice you clearly lie. At a minimum your knowledge of history and of the day is, well, intellectually vacant. The left clearly fears Beck. Every time you try to rewrite history using contrived information you do nothing but substantiate Glenn’s message. Thanks for verifying Glenn’s cause. Perhaps you will one day see that you can not merely write something and expect us to accept its truth. Your error…..we are smarter than you realize.

  26. Have you read “Rules for Radicals”? Don’t get mired into the argument of attendance. Stay on message. What did you get out of the experience? Tell others why you went. Stay positive or else Saul Alinsky will be laughing in hell.

  27. Glenn Beck hardly has populist overtones. He also has not ‘shocked’ anyone. Instead, he has INSPIRED our country’s citizens to get back to our origins of Faith, Hope and Charity. hardly the character traits held by the liberals of today; unless you consider ‘charity’ to be robbing from the workers and giving to the non-workers.

  28. There were more people than that on the registered busses. They must of came empty. This article is why more people are waking up, nothing was accurate and everything was left out. We will see Sharptons attendance at ten million or so. Just another liberal rag news source

  29. The reporting in this article reminds me of the three “D’s” in the far left handbook. DEMEAN your opponent, DIMINISH the importance of their opinion and then DIVERT attention away from the subject. The same old tired, dishonest and corrupt crap. America is waking up, the masses aren’t as STUPID as you guys think. Try something crazy like honesty. There is absolutely NOTHING racist in this rally. It’s a rally to bring all Americans together but that’s absolutely NOT what the far left wants. They want to keep Americans fighting each other so they won’t see what a mess politicians are making of this country. As Glenn Beck says on every show, “don’t take my word for it look it up for yourself”. That’s something you will NEVER hear a politician say.

  30. Your reporting of “tens of thousands of activists from the American right” is seriously flawed. You have no idea who the people were that attended. I was there and I don’t know.

    And your ability to count is dismal — at least 10x off from the truth. Try about 500,000 in attendance! You also omitted essential, key pieces of data such as the fact Martin Luthur King’s niece spoke. That’s just one piece of critical data that you omitted.

  31. I notice that my very reasonable and factual post was hidden because I received a 6/32 rating. I take this to mean that no one had any problem with what I wrote, but simply with the fact that I relating information that the readers of this page did not want to hear. If people wish to live in an echo chamber where facts are the enemy, nothing can be done.

    People do not vote on the quality of comments; they vote on whether they agree with what is said. This is madness and is why I do not allow “ratings” on my site ( or Frankly Curious). Unpopular comments add to the discussion. On this page, we see the same idea over and over: the rally was HUGE. Well it _was_ huge; 87,000 is a large number of people. Why is it necessary to claim more?

    I find almost all of the posts here fall into one of two categories. First: there were hundreds of thousands of people at the rally. (Wrong.) Second: Glenn Beck rocks. (Opinion, but I’m willing to listen.) How many times do these ideas have to be repeated. We know (1) Glenn Beck was probably wrong when he claimed that there would be over 100,000 at the rally, and (2) that Glenn Beck has millions of fans.

    Could we please discuss something interesting? Here’s an idea: how is it that Beck managed to attract less than 100,000 people to an event that was nightly advertised on cable TV over the course of months, while MLK attracted well over twice that number without the ad campaign when the US population was half what it is today?

    Discuss amongst yourselves.

    • Because it is not true Frank. They are not respectable and certianly are not to be believed. I was there, it was way more than that. Believe what you want, more Kool-Aid is on the way. I never compared the MLK to 8/28 and never will. Two different times, two different events. Both were “AMERICAN” though. At least in my eyes.

      • There has been ONE scientific study of the size of the rally. It was performed by a legitimate company that has been doing this sort of thing for over ten years. All other “estimates” are simply people guessing. I am more than willing to change my opinion when some actual facts are brought up that conflict with the only facts we have. Your statement that you were there is meaningless. Were you in a position to see the majority of the crowd? Did you do a count of a small area and extrapolate? At least that would be a start–but even that would have an extremely high uncertainty. The 87,000 +/- 9,000 estimate is based on high-resolution photographs taken from balloons. These photographs where then _independently_ analyzed by _three_ experts. Given the choice between this methodology and your “Gee, there sure are a lot of people here” estimate, I’ll go with the former.

        Isn’t it enough that a couple million people watch Glenn Beck on TV every day? He is hugely popular. Why do his followers always have to pretend that they are some kind of victims of some conspiracy? Poor Mr. Beck: those liberal meanies just won’t let him get his message out.

  32. Damn 87,000 that is even less then the drive my media – NBC’s estimate 300,0000 and the other drive by’s estimate of 500,000. How could you be so right and the rest of the left wing drive by’s be so wrong??? Hmmm… …. Are you guys just another group of progressive lairs??? Hmm… ???

  33. 87,000 is laughable. There was a permit for 300,000 and it is known that X amount of people can fill a certain areas of the mall. The attendance was enough to meet the approximation of 300,000 AND THEN SOME.

    • Based upon what? A group of scientists perform a test and you (and many others) dismiss it out of hand. Do you even know where the 87,000 figure comes from? Do you know what the error is on that number? Is “AND THEN SOME” the error on your “estimate”?

      A 100 sq ft space can be filled with ten people. Or it can be filled with 100 people. I suggest you go back and look at the photographs of the MLK rally and see how little elbow room there was. (Answer: not much.) At Beck’s rally there was _lots_ of elbow room. And the people were (how can put this gently) better fed.

  34. I’m sorry….i was’nt aware that christ had an aversion to domestic spending on social programs. I think if Christ ever made it to the White House, we would probably have universal health care by now. I heard someone mention that the left is afraid of glenn beck…..EVERYONE should be afraid of glenn beck.

      • Well I guess someone has to believe Fox Network for entertainment purposes. After all the head of a Newscorp the parent of Fox comes from a socialist country (Australia) social medicine and so on. Also the largest common stock holder of New Corp is the Saudi Prince a Muslim. And I never hear mr beck bring that up to the listeners when he speaks of God, I didn’t hear him reach out to the other religions or discuss Allah? Did you? Tom?

        • Since you are about the only reasonable person around here, Dan, I am curious why you are wasting your time with these fools. I ask because I cannot figure out why I am doing so. Almost every comment is, “I was at the rally and it was _way_ bigger than 87,000.” Clearly, this is not a political discussion. This is religious. These people think that Glenn Beck is a prophet. I do not, of course. But there are things about him I admire. He is a seeker. Unfortunately, he is looking for knowledge in all the wrong places.

          My question is sincere: why waste the time here? No one here is looking for knowledge. No one here is even listening.

  35. To say that there were only 87,000 people is beyond ridiculous. I attended this event and I can say that there were between 500 to 650 thousand people. They came from EVERY state.What did Beck and his guest speakers do that is so frightening to you? They honored fallen soldiers and their families for their sacrifice. Asked for donations to a organization that pays for continued education for children of special ops personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty. Gosh what an awful thing! They asked ALL of us a Americans to take a look at our lives and make improvements and get back to some basic fundamental values we have lost along the way. They honored a pastor who has given over 40 years of service to his community. Wow how dare they do that! They honored a service man for his sacrifice as well as all our service men and women. If you listened to the message by all of the speakers you would find the common thread was that we are all Americans, not black, white, or hispanic. We are all Americans not Christians, Jewish, Muslim.We are all Americans and we should be proud to live in this county where we have an opportunity to make changes when we see things going in a direction we don’t like. Listen with your ears and not with your pride. While I am not a religious person and do not get down on my knees and pray I do at some point in my day take a moment and quietly thank a power higher than myself for what I have. The speakers honored and thanked Dr. King for his sacrifices and pioneer spirit pushing forward the civil rights movement because it was THE RIGHT THING TO DO. I spoke to people where were republican, democrat, and independent. They were angry with our government wasteful spending, and the fact that our government is not hearing us. They have their own agenda and they don’t seem to care what we the people want. Asking us as Americans to take personal responsibility for ourselves and help our fellow Americans when and if they need it, and demand our government do the same. What is wrong with that?

  36. As a black American I can say yes I was there. Yes Iam a supporter of Glenn Beck. Again as stated on my facebook page, the Dream is for everyone! Dr. King died for theDream that the Constitution established by our founding fathers. The Tea Paty is the new Civil Rights movement! Glenn is calling Americans back to it’s beginings.
    Back to the Bible and back to Honor that Dr. King stood for, that the founding fathers outlined for us all!!!
    LaNell Babbage-Torres

    • Most of the people Glenn Beck follows _hated_ MLK. If Glenn Beck had been an adult during the voting rights movement, he would have been against it. Just because you are black does not mean that you know anything about MLK, Glenn Beck, or the movement. Ignorance comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

      Check out wacko Cleon Skousen to learn everything you need to know about Glenn Beck. Then listen to the “I have a dream” speech to learn everything you need to know about MLK. I’ll even provide you with a link:

      Beck and King both have dreams–but they are not the same.

  37. God is with all of us…especially when we are alone.

    What went on on the surface at Beckstock was great. Personal responsibily……all great stuff.

    If you go a little deeper…all these wonderful things are being twisted in an attempt to form a mutated Far right domestic agenda which would leave the vast, vast majority of americans behind & betrays what the founding fathers wanted this country to be….it’s pyscho world…with the biggest psycho leading the way.

    Do you know what MLK was doing in Memphis to begin with? He was marching and advocating for Mostly black UNIONIZED sanitation workers to get increases their wages. Sounds like social justice to me.

    So many people who espouse to the gospel of Beck..Limbaugh and the like are being used like pawns in a chess game to vote republican so the Corporatocracy, which is our government, can be maintained and the massive redistribution of wealth.. (to the top 1%) can continue like it has for the last 30yrs….that’s what all this is about…creating the social issues to get folks terrified so they will vote in conservatives schills to keep corporate america in power over THE PEOPLE. Your right about one thing…our government is broken…but not for the reasons you think.

    WAKE UP!!!

    • I was wrong: Dan is not the only non-fool here.

      Well put. You have summed up the conservative strategy perfectly.

      Don’t you think it’s interesting how the really angry Tea Party people are generally well-off economically? Shouldn’t it be the poor who are really angry? Is this why it is more important to keep inflation down than to keep unemployment down. If you’ve already got the cash, you don’t need a job; you just need your cash to maintain its value.

      Damn! I’ve become another Paul Krugman created liberal zombie. Stop me before I think again!

  38. America is freedom, but this is taken away when your entire life is governed… Keep God in your heart, and He will keep you safe…

    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

    “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”
    Proverbs 16:3

    • I’m confused. Am I to trust in the Lord to tell me how many people were at the rally? I don’t need to think about it, reason it through, or create and run tests? I just need to pray and God will tell me that there were over a half million people at the rally?

      Truly, my God has _much_ more pressing issues.

  39. I really don’t see what all the controversy is about Last week at my camp ground in Sturgis SD there were 210,000 people. So some God Guru like Glen Beck’s 100,000 or so is just a drop in the bucket.Isn’t religion what got us into this war? I think it’s high time you God squad freaks quit messing with peace in the world and start looking to science for your answers in life

  40. If the numbers are near 1,000,000 it will show as an economic boost to the local economy. I Googled all the images for the rally and blow up all crowd photos. What I found astonishing was that in a city that is nearly 60% black that I was unable to find a single black face with certainty in that crowd. It truly looked more like a clan gathering than what he claimed he was going to do “revive the civil rights movement”. The fox news viewers are a bunch of crazy religious fanatics hell bent on Christian rule of the world. When people talk to god like Beck were they have conversations with the almighty, doctors frequently write prescriptions. In this case Beck and Palin both need medication in very large doses