General Betray Us Ad Removed By


General Betray Us Ad Removed By – will be removing an ad that they have been running from their active campaigns that was used to blast General David Petraeus. The ad, whichhad said; “General Petraeus or General Betray Us,” had been running since 2007, when they accused Petraeus of “cooking the books” for the Bush administration and lying in order to justify the war.

Petraeus has run into a number of controversies throughout his tenure, and this ad is a reflection of’s push for change at the position. With him now taking over the war in Afghanistan, removed all of their information regarding the ad after General David Petraeus was appointed to his new position. There is no word on whether or not the site was asked to do so, or if they did so on their own accord.

The change on their site was noted by a number of political bloggers. It is interesting that they would remove the ad now, as McChrystal leaves and Petraeus enters in order to right the ship in Afghanistan.

McChrystal had made a number of remarks in Rolling Stone Magazine that ultimately led to his dismissal from the position. He was part of numerous controversies before the interview appeared in Rolling Stone which also likely contributed to the situation.
Some have speculated that MoveOn.Org removed the information because Petraeus had been nominated by Barack Obama, a democrat. Because is considered to be a left wing website, they likely did not want to go against the choices made by a democrat, and decided to remove the information.


    • Just more evidence that there was no basis for the attacks levied on president Bush and that moveon and every democrat for that matter can’t think for themselves, just a bunch of useful idiots for Obama.

  1. this was at a different time when petraues had lied and the escalation wasn’t working (yet). if anything it shows the shortsightedness of the left. it hardly makes them hypocrites

    • Yes it is hypocrisy. They left it on till President Obama nominated him. Had they pulled it before he was nominated you might have a point. As it is you are just showing your bias.

  2. Yes, complete hypocrisy. Did you expect anything less than the backers of the spineless democrat party? I regret every day casting my vote for Barack Obama. I cannot wait to vote Republican, the party that loves American values & does not dislike us because we are not more like Europe. There is nothing Progressive about this Democrat party, they are hard core liberal extremists.

    Vote Republican!