Flu Season May Be Less Severe Because Of The Flu Vaccine

This year the flu season might not be as bad as years past according to experts at the CDC. The reason why is a more effective vaccine was develop this year. And the numbers prove it out.

“The flu season is understandably scary for most parents. No parent wants to watch their child suffer and spend so many days out of school, not to mention the flu is not fun to deal with. But with the help of the flu shot, parents can worry just a bit less. Because of this, it’s pretty nice to hear that this year’s flu season may be less severe because of the flu vaccine, proving how helpful the flu shot can really be.

The achey bones, sore muscles, high fever sickness comes back every winter time with a vengeance. And every single year, it seems worse and worse. No matter how many surfaces that parents seem to spray with disinfectant and no matter how many times that parents insist on having their kids wash their hands, the flu seems to infiltrate every school and home.

The 2018-2019 flu season has been no different — it has caused schools across the nation to close to avoid further contamination and has sent thousands of people to the hospital, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, things are looking up and the CDC has some good news to report from this flu season. This year, the flu shot has been more effective at preventing the flu then last year, according to TODAY.

To put this into perspective, this year the flu shot has been 47 percent effective against the H1N1 strain whereas this time last year, the shot was only 36 percent effective against the same strain, according to TODAY. And that is a remarkable difference.”

Source: Romper

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