Florida Man Dressed as the Grim Reaper Haunts Beaches to Protest Their Reopening


Lawyer Dressed as Grim Reaper, Haunts Florida Beaches to Protest Their Reopening

Unlike most Floridians who went to the newly reopened beaches wearing shorts and swimsuits, Daniel Uhlfelder headed out in a ragged black robe, with his face concealed with a black cloth as he wielded his scythe.

Uhlfelder, an attorney, haunted Florida beaches dressed as a Grim Reaper to protest their reopening. He believed that their reopening was premature.

The lawyer did this as a plea for the beachgoers to stay at home and follow the state’s lockdown measures.

Uhlfelder, a staunch advocate for public beaches access in the state, stated that allowing people on the beach during the coronavirus pandemic was a mistake which could endanger the community.

Florida had recorded at least 34,728 coronavirus cases, with 1,314 confirmed deaths.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis defended the opening of the beaches in the state. He announced Friday that state parks would reopen in the coming week.