Erik Menendez Tammi Menedez-Saccoman On A&E


Erik Menendez Tammi Menedez-Saccoman On A&E – On Monday at 11pm, the wife of the convicted murderer Erik Menendez was profiled on A&E. Erik Menendez and his wife, Tammi Menendez-Saccoman first met through a series of letters and phone calls just after Menendez and his problem were convicted in 1996 of killing their parents in 1989. The story was headline news both at the time that it happened, as well as when the convictions finally came down on the two men. The trial itself was unbelievably dramatic, with the two of the brothers trying to hide their brutal crime throughout the proceedings. The crimes themselves were gruesome, and many had found it strange that two brothers would be able to do that that to their own parents. Eventually the men were convicted, and were sentenced to life in prison.

The piece that was put togeth by A&E reportedly goes through and examines all of the details of Tammi Saccoman’s life and her reasoning for writing and calling the man who was convicted of killing his own parents. She first wrote to Erik Menendez after he was convicted, and she had some very trying times in her own personal life. Eventually, the two of them would end up getting married while Erik was in prison. The two of them have kept very quiet about their married life, and details about the couple have been scarce since news of the marriage first leaked to the media just after it happened. The profiling also covers Saccoman’s own thoughts about her marriage, her insecurity with the arrangement, and the fact that the Menendez brothers will not be getting out of prison for as long as they are alive. The piece is interesting, to say the least, and covers a side of the brothers that may never have been seen before.

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  1. Is this lady stupid? She wants Erik Menendez out of jail so she could live some fairy tail life with a person who took a shotgun to his parents, that would be both parents by the way! On top of that A&E gives her a reality show so she can complain that the guards treat her husband unfairly. Boo who lady, how would you feel if someone took a shotgun to your parents? Would you be fine with someone trying to get them out of their prison term early? Just do me a favor and skip the whole off spring thing, the world doesn’t need anymore parent killing jack asses!

  2. She is sick,married a man that blowed his parents with a shotgun and parada around spenting their money..i won’t waste my time watching shit like that