El Chapo Found Guilty

El Chapo’s trial finally wound down and the jury return a conviction on all charges bringing an end to the Sinaloa’s cartels top gangster over the last 20 years.

It marked the first successful takedown of a cartel boss sending a lasting message to other capos. Don’t mess with the DEA.

“When Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is sentenced on 25 June, he will most likely be sent to US maximum-security prison from which there will be no more tunnels and no more escapes.

Guzmán was convicted on all 10 charges after years of painstaking behind-the-scenes work by US Department of Justice prosecutors who cut deals with captive drug traffickers to get their man.E

The driving theme of the trial was that – unlike Italian godfathers of yore – the Mexican and Colombian cartels which nowadays shift most of the world’s drugs do not honour the old mafia dictum of omertà, the bond of silence.”

Source: The Guardian

David Krug

David Krug

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