Did The Health Care Bill Pass? Health Care Vote Results

Did The Health Care Bill Pass? Health Care Vote Results – It appears as if President Obama will get his wish, as all signs point to a consensus on the recently highly criticized health care bill. The bill, which also contains several measures aimed at reducing the costs of education in the United States, has received a large amount of criticism from republicans in recent days and weeks.

The bill saw a boost in support on the day of the debate when certain pieces of the bill, namely the piece that allows abortions to be funded by federal funds, were ramified and changed just hours before the historic vote was set to take place. President Obama has done a large amount of campaigning in recent weeks for the health care bill, and shocked many when he declared recently that it was time to take a final vote on the bill without securing enough votes to ensure that the bill would pass. The health care bill has been a focal point of Barack Obama and his campaign for the United States presidency from the time he first started campaigning.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, has also campaigned heavily in recent weeks for the health care bill. She, too, has seen a large amount of criticism from the republican party in recent weeks for her support of the bill. Pelosi predicted last week when that the controversial health care bill would pass. At the time that she made the statement, it was unclear if democrats would have enough support for the bill. 216 votes are required for the bill to pass. At last count, over 214 individuals had claimed that they would be voting in favor of the bill.
The bill is expected to pass tonight at around 9PM EST.


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