Dharun Ravi Parents Silence


Dharun Ravi Parents Silence – Why haven’t the parents of Dharun Ravi spoken about their son’s involvement with the death of Tyler Clementi?

It was Ravi after all who broadcast the video of Clementi engaging in sexual activity with another man online and invited his social networking friends to watch the video. His thoughtless actions hurt Clementi so bad that he decided that it was time for him to jump off of the George Washington Bridge in New York. He left a short Facebook message detailing his plans and then followed through.

Ravi acted with Molly Wei, another student that had gone to high school with him. Clementi had not come out of the closet yet and the online broadcast was essentially his coming out party that he didn’t know was happening.

It was not immediately clear if Clementi had come out of the closet to his parents, and they have declined to comment on the nature of what he had disclosed to them. His goodbye note that he left on Facebook was very short to the point. He simply said that he was going to “jump off the gw bridge,” and then ended his status update with a “sorry.”

The parents of the two parties who have been charged with invasion of privacy have yet to comment on the matter. This is probably because lawyers have advised them to stay quiet on the issue. You would think that they would at least want to make a statement to the Clementi family and offer their condolences.

Do you find Dharun Ravi parents silence troubling?


  1. I don’t find it troubling at all! If I was the parent of that young man who posted the footage, I’d feel so embarrassed and ashamed I’d think of killing myself. How could I have raised such a horrible person? I’d hate myself. I’d be afraid that I now hated my child. What can you possibly say to the public in such a situation?

    And why should you have to say anything?

    Why are we expected to expose our every thought to the media? We think, oh, it’s so terrible that Dharun exposed these private actions of Tyler’s. But oh, why aren’t the parents exposing their private thoughts too? Somewhat hypocritical.

    I’m sure those parents are getting death threats by now. Is that right? How does that make you any different than what Dharun did?

    Every time I think I can’t be any more disgusted by human beings, something like this happens. I’m so ashamed to be a part of this species.

    Leave the poor parents alone, for heaven’s sake. They’re going through enough w/o you hectoring them.

    • OMG What an ugly pair!! Dharun Ravi & Molly Wei. Not only are fu*king stupid twats,but what ugly fu*kers they are too!!
      Best thing to do is to put these ugly stupid twats in a vat of sh*t where they belong and their twat parents too.

      • Nice, those kids were wrong in what they did but let the police deal with it. How are you any different than that ignorant pair that caused that boy to commit suicide. You’re just as much a racist and your horribly parents should be ashamed of you.

        • What precisely did he say that was racist?

          Also, can’t you understand that people tend to vent when they’re angry? He suggested that Ravi, Wei and their parents be stuck in a vat of feces. OK…..I don’t think you’ve got to worry about that happening. And people are voicing their outrage because they want to make sure they’re heard and that the authorities do handle this case properly. In my opinion, that would be to prosecute them to the fullest extent possible and to impose the maximum sentences when they are found guilty.

      • “john smith”. Return only after you’ve outgrown your binky. Perhap readers here have license to interpret your foulness as a reflection of your parental (mis) guidance. Please… Get them on for comments ASAP. Inquiring minds want to know.

    • It’s so rare to see the first comment on an article like this be so well written and cogent. You’ve said absolutely everything that needs to be said. Major kudos, Diane!

  2. I do find the silence of the parents troubling. However, the parents raised inhumanlike monsters that would do such an evil thing, and therefore they are probably like their children. When parents are prejudiced and cruel, they raise thoughtless, cruel children.
    More than likely, they have not said anything because they don’t think their children did anything wrong. They will defend the evil deed and hate crime because they may be just like their spoiled, self-centered offspring. Otherwise, they would have already publicly apologized.

    • Parents do not wholely raise children. Environment, genetics, society, and SES play a huge role in the upbringing of one’s offspring.

      • In Asian culture, parents control children and their lives completely. Did anyone notice that both of the students involved in the death of Mr. Clemente are Asian. These cultures do not know of love. They marry without love. Have children with mates they don’t love, and endure life all based on the control of their elders. It would be most appropriate for them to extend sympathy to the family of this young man but will they NO.

        • What kind of idiotic and ignorant response is this? I have neighbors that are of Indian descent and they have always watched my children whenever I was out of town. My children and their children are the best of friends and the family is personally very close to us. Bringing their custom into this simply shows your ignorance since this has absolutely nothing to do with anyone getting married or about loving anyone. Should I remind you of all the crimes committed by Caucasians? Do we conclude that the entire Caucasian race is full of criminals? I’m sorry Priya P, you may have an Indian name but you’re clearly incompetent of understanding the issue here so please don’t bother posting immature nonsense such as this.

          • Seth, I am Indian. Your neighbors and their kindness have nothing to do with this. I did not say that Asians are not good neighbors etc. You missed the poit completely. If a culture does eveything without feelings how can they have compassin for others. I could give you a million stories of the lack of compassion. My 35 year old uncle loved an Indian girl that he chose. Do to lack of care and compassion he was arranged and married to someone else with in six weeks. No one cared about his feelings. I can go on forever. You are not a part of the cultur. All Indians are kind and nice to Caucasians. Ask them if they have any compassion for African Americans. The caste system is fierce. I am happy that I am in the USA, well educated and have learned to think for myself and love mankind and have feelings for others. Dharun and Mei were horrible to the deceased student and their partents should offer some sympathy.

          • Good Response Seth.

            Priya, please SHUT UP. There is enough resentment already for the Ravi and Wei families. we don’t need an empty headed, ignorant idiot like you to add fuel to the fire.

          • Priya,

            You’re obviously not Indian and you’re response is a completely broad generalization of an entire culture. The fact that the parents haven’t confronted the issue is due to the lawyer’s advice and to protect their children (a compassionate act) – not due to lack of compassion for the unfortunate victim.

            I dont believe the two defendants are truly threats to society – just young, stupid kids who made an incredibly insensitive, stupid mistake.

            Also, Clementi clearly must have had mental issues of his own because committing suicide due to public embarrassment is very extreme.

            God bless the Clementi family as its impossible to understand the pain they’re currently experiencing…

        • I c a bit your point on the cultural difference on showing of affection but to say Asian do not know of love is totally wrong. We should fall into a racial polemics about this tragedy. These are simply stupid kids like to many in America doing stuff without caring aboute the possible consequences.

          • Ben, I understand what you are saying however, this is not racial but cultural. Asian culture is what it is.

          • Well did you know that in India people walk over the sick , hungry, poor, and those waiting to die everyday without care. I guess that is all of that compasion. Those of you calling me an idiot should do a little studying of the Hindu faith and the culture.

        • Priya, Looks like something wrong happened to you that’s why you are so bitter. May be your own parents are like that but not all the Asian parents are. You can’t judge all the parents with the same measure.

          • Thanks to God I had wonderful modern parents who happened to have a love marriage and not an arranged one. Also my family is well educated and moved to this country before the influx of Indians. I am not bashing my culture in any means but Asians of all kinds can be very homogenius and not open to others. The facts are facts and those kids parents are WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Priya,
          As a son that grew in an Indian family, I find your comments offending and far far away from reality. I consider them to be the best parents and every other Indian will do the same. Believe me or not you are a very rarely found exception here.
          There are children who become thankless and there are kids who lose respect for their parents when they grow. Many of them end up justifying such thoughts on internet.Hope you get the peace you deserve in your life.

          • Priya,
            As a son that grew in an Indian family, I find your comments offending and far far away from reality. I consider my parents to be the best parents and every other Indian will do the same for his/her parents. Believe me or not you are a very rarely found exception here.
            There are children who become thankless and there are kids who lose respect for their parents when they grow. Many of them end up justifying such thoughts on internet.Hope you get the peace you deserve in your life.
            My sympathies to Tylers family. RIP Tyler.

          • Well not all of them are the same but as a Cristian Indian sometimes somem of the Eastern religions leave a lot to think about in the way they treat people. We all no that it is most difficult for Christian Indians in India this is why my family left. With that sead because you all are taught that your parents are God’s of course you will think control is perfect. I was not bashing but having lived Iknow that they can be insensitive. I love all not some. We come from a great country.

        • Priya,
          As a son that grew in an Indian family, I find your comments offending and far far away from reality. I consider them to be the best parents and every other Indian will do the same. Believe me or not you are a very rarely found exception here.
          There are children who become thankless and there are kids who lose respect for their parents when they grow. Many of them end up justifying such thoughts on internet.Hope you get the peace you deserve in your life.
          My sympathies to Tylers family. RIP Tyler.

        • Priya,

          I don’t think you are an idiot. Clearly you can write well and I think you can comprehend. However you seems have incorrect information and consequently biased judgment. I usually wouldn’t respond to posting ( honestly i don’t have time). This time it is different. I have taken an usual step of dispelling some of the myths spread by you about my culture.

          1) Myth #1: Asian cultures don’t know love? Every human being, even animals, know love. It is innate ability. My parents had an arranged marriage and hardly knew when they got married. My dad never told my mom ‘ I love you’. But if my mom has pain, my dad would know even though he would be traveling hundreds of miles away ( telepathy, a great thing to experience if you haven’t yet). And my mom wouldn’t eat until my dad arrived, though my dad would always insist her to take food on time as she had acidity problem. It is a love and respect completely at different level, that simple mind can’t understand.
          2) Asian parent force their kids to study and be competitive. My parents never forced me to do anything. I grew up in India, went to a great engineering college in India and graduated from a top 5 business school here and work as a banker in NY. They did the same with my brother. Most of my cousins are very well settled across the world and none of them were told what to do. Yes the culture is competitive; after all two and half billion people are striving to survive. The same can be said about many other cultures; look at Israel and Jewish people. They are living in a very tough environment. they have been discriminated against and they have grown tougher and ultimately more successful.
          3) Caste system is fierce: When was the last time you visited India? And Indian don’t like African Americans? What a crap. Best of my friends are African Americans and have a diverse group of friends. Many of President Obama’s loyal supporters are Indian American ( born in India). In fact it was Gandhi who started the independence movement in South Africa. Please visit Africa and you will know what Indians have done for those countries; from Nigeria to Kenya to Ghana. Most of the African leaders were educated in India in 70s and 80s. As for caste system, it is virtually non existent. All of my cousins and friend ( dare I say ‘all’) are married in different caste. Yes there is still class system; not because of caste but because of capital ( a huge divide between rich and poor which you can find in all parts of the world). And one more thing: Indians are not inward looking people. I don’t know how many times have you gone to India. Clearly you don’t have an iota of understanding of the culture.

          This case is a very sad case. The kids here made serious error in their judgment. And they should be punished very hard. It might have been due to various factors but not cultural. Hindu culture or for that matter any culture has never taught any hatred to any other culture. In fact read the book: ” A history of God’ by Karen Armstrong ( a British Nun). She explains how Hinduism developed as a multi-ethicist religion three thousand years back that accepted prophets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as their own prophets. India during partition ( Muslims wanted a separate land of Pakistan) had the option to become a Hindu country but it stayed secular. Even today they close the busiest roads in Mumbai for Friday prayers for Muslims.Hindus are one of the most tolerant people. Yes there are fundamentalist elements in Hindu religion like any other religion but they are far and few by any means and most Hindus don’t like them.
          5) What a crap when you say that Hindu faith teaches no compassion. I doubt if you have ever read any Hindu scripture. The first line of Geeta ( Bible for Hindus) states ” Bashundhey Kutumbakum” which means the whole world is my family and I am related to every living being ( not just human beings). Nobody likes to walk past a sick or poor ; if I am sick and poor what I have to help you?

          In 70s and 80s, many left India to find green pastures abroad. They had a wrong preconception of the country ( and many rightly so). The brave ones stayed their and fought their way to top. They have made the country a strong and vibrant economy, despite its short comings. So don’t get you information just from your parents, read, READ articles, books about the culture, faith and its rich heritage. Visit the country and befriend with people from India( To be loved by an Indian, you should make sure that you don’t have the arrogance of being an Indian American) . You will be proud of your roots. You will be confident and no longer will you feel unsecured. You will loose the feeling of hatred towards those cultures and start loving.

          Pardon my typos here.

          • I love your reply and you seem to be someone I would love being a friend to. Oviously you were brought up with open parents. By the way I have read the Gita. I know that Ghandi and South Africa. I also know that Indians will disown their kid for marrying an African American even if it was Obama. I do not deny the ancient history and accomplishments of India. I wish someone would write who will be open enough to talk about the less than perfect issues of the culture. I am very proud of my heritage and its people. Not telling the imperfections of the culture is also a trait of Indians like all of the unhappy marriages they really have and the abuse that women sometimes put up with from in-laws and husbands etc.

          • “….the brave ones stayed their and fought their way to top..”…Oh Ya! 6000 people used to shit in open in 1970s in India, now 600000 do it…is this what you meant by the brave ones stayed and fought their way up?

            “….You will be proud of your roots…”? The my dear fella, why are you in NY?

        • Priya P – I am also Indian and what you posted about lack of love in Indian culture is not what I have experienced in my life and in my experience with the Indian community here. Maybe you need to work on your definition of love before you start spouting negative things about the lack of it. And besides, the parents’ silence really has nothing to do with this. How do you know they are not sympathetic and they are just ashamed? Parental influence is very important in an individual’s upbringing but society and circle of friends also have major roles. Parents could be angels and have a monster for a child and vice versa.

        • I see most of the ppl replying to priya’s posts arent asian. Im indian born to modern parents who feel the asian cultures practice tough love so the kids take advantage of whats offered to them (better life)

          • Every parent encourages their children to be successful. I myself am very successful due to my parents. My point is simply that sometimes the culture is rigid to eachother and others.

          • “….asian cultures practice tough love….” like streaming somebodys private lives and then shouting it aloud on twitter so that that two asians can looks and feel good in front of others – is this tough love or tough bullying??

    • Okay you are SERIOUSLY ignorant as well. You don’t know what his childhood was like or how he was raised. How do you know it wasn’t High School or kids from elementary or some other situation that didn’t affect him? Were you there? NO!
      Nor do we know what the motivation behind their action truly was. What are you three or senseless? Use what’s left of your brain and think.
      As is often the case children in this country tend to be cruel and thoughtless and it could of been their idea of an idiotic joke/payback.
      As for the parents they are probably just as shocked about this as the rest of the world and probably don’t know what to do. Either way they will get the blame. Look what happened at 9/11, you fools couldn’t tell the difference between an Indian and a Muslim so you beat them both up. There were no public apologies for that either… Now, look to your own culture: Ted Bundy,Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, Dennis Rader,David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy… shall I go on? Where were their parents/familys public apology?
      You KNOW NOTHING of either culture making you equally racist, spoiled, self centered, thoughtless, cruel and definitely ignorant. Any fool can make assumptions. So until we know for sure perhaps it would be best if you kept your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

    • Lets leave the parents out of this. I feel terrible for the Clementi family’s loss and I really feel sorry for Tyler who must have gone through hell in the 3 days after the video was posted online. However to blame the two families is unfair. As a parent myself, I am sure that the parents would have stopped their kids had they known what they were up to. And even though these two kids need to accept responsibility for their thoughtless acts and absolutely deserve to be punished, sometimes kids do stupid and mean things without thinking of the consequences. Before you start blaming the Ravi and Wei parents, think of the times you have made mistakes and whether you can just blame it on your own parents.

    • They definitely need some form of punishment…..although I’m sure their parents are probably reprimanding them pretty well right now and hopefully if they have some sense they are kicking themselves too.

  3. It has nothing to do with their parents/ I know good parents/ i mean very good parents, who had terrible childern – why? becuase of the society , TV especially,and junk food with a lot of chemicals in it – epecially red bull meet with added red sh*t colors which make a copy of the bull .. -Doesnt makesense? thats your food baby

  4. They should throw that Ravi kid off the same bridge. Then I think the score would be even. I dont have an opinion on the girl as much though she should get the boot from Rutgers.

      • It’s less wrong because Tyler didn’t do anything to deserve being bullied to death. Dharun Ravi’s actions caused the death of someone else. Many people believe in the death penalty.
        As for those focusing on their culture, both Dharun and molly were born and raised in New Jersey, I believe that a more important factor is the fact that they both came from well to do families. Thus they are probably bread to look down on others. When a person pulls a prank on someone they are getting off on humiliating and degradeing that person. They are attempting to lower that person to a status below their own. I would not expect to see remorse from either of them or their parents. To them someone like Tyler just doesn’t matter.

        • The only person reponsible for Tyler’s death was…Tyler. The human life is indeed a gift and the only one who has the tremendous amount of power needed to cut that gift short is yourself. Yes, Dharun’s actions may have caused him grief, but it was Tyler who interpreted those actions as something to end his life for. NO human being should end their life early; nothing on this earth, no grief is major enough to make you want to die and people need to understand that…

  5. A lot of evil ongoing here and I’d think, hope, that the parents of Ravi and Wei are mortified, whatever public response they make, or don’t. The apparent actions of their children, if proven true as likely they will be, resulting in this poor young man’s death are obviously reprehensible.

    Poor young Clementi’s homosexual behavior was egregious and disgusting, something I hope maybe he realized in asking for help. I hope. Our poor children are subjected to such a pervasively immoral environment these days it’s a wonder many more don’t deviate from good behavior. While the individuals involved here obviously bear responsibility for their actions, it seems to me that we also all bear a responsibility for not trying, hard, to set a better example for our children. It’s a sad, catastrophically destructive state of affairs, one I hope our nation survives.

    • I agree with your first paragraph albeit I’m not sure whether it was an intentional therefore evil action yet. Do you know why these two kids did this? Their ignorance is appalling. It shows their lack of foresight as to how their actions could affect someone. This has been an increasing trend in children. I see more and more children that use violence via subterfuge instead of talking to their peers.
      As for the rest of it, unless we come together as one then this country is headed for trouble.

      • Just curious, jane doe. How would you feel if someone did this to your daughter?

        If you can’t see that this is evil behaviour, then you my friend are morally bankrupt.

    • Your statement demonstrates that you are no better than Ravi or Wei. People with attitudes like yours contribute to the sad catastrophic destructive state of affairs that you are bemoaning.

    • To Andrew Eppink :

      What an idiotic, ignorant, arrogant person you are. I know you feel you’re being compassionate, but you know nothing TRUE about homosexuality, obviously, and sexual orientation in general. It’s not chosen – like hair color – you can cover it up but the truth will eventually come back. Don’t “moralize” sexual orientataion – it’s not the result of “immoral environmental influence.”

      Your type of misguided “compassion” is one reason kids like Tyler feel they can’t reach out for help. God help you. You really, really need it.

    • what is wrong with. regaurdless of your personal beliefs on homoseuality, what does that have to do with what happened here?? the fact that the kid was gay has nothing to do with the fact that the two kids invading his privacy. whether it was with a male or female. because frankly it doesnt matter what act he was engaging with or with who, but the fact thart these heartless kids displayed his personal life all over the internet, and that something that would be extremly hard to overcome. i do not believe in special treatment because he was gay. oreintation should not matter the fact is these kids were wrong. and no matter what homosexuality exsist and calling it disgusting doesnt do anything but make you look like and idiot. i have read multiple stories of young females that commited suicide due to there personal affairs being displayed online with out there knowelege and they werent gay. i think your homophobia is clouding your judgment to see the fact that the two students actions directly resulted in tylers suicide. but dont get me wrong i dont consider them murders they did not push him or tell him to do it. suicide is a selfish crime, but the two kids do hold partcial blame.

    • Wow. Just wow. Wake up sh*thead. YOU are the problem. I hope that you never become a parent. It’s people like you who raise the Dharuns and Mollys of the world, spreading filth like the belief that a homosexual lifestyle is “egregious and disgusting” voting for prop 8 which no one has the right to do! and thinking that such poison won’t spill over into vestigial brained religious nutbags who can;t seem to make a single cohesive thought for themselves. I think that you are even worse than Dharun and Molly, hiding behind your sanctimonious bullsh*t, going on about how wrong they were, while secretly gloating that another depraved homosexual isn’t around to corrupt anyone else.

      Don’t you dare pretend pity. I know that Clementi would roll over in his grave reading such a sickening post.

  6. They didnt realize the kid was gonna kill himself. so its technically not their fault although they did invade a little bit of privacy maybe 5 days in prison should be enough

    • Unfortunately technically it is their fault. They had no business doing what they did and they need some form of punishment but as to what kind of punishment they recieve should be left to the judge.

    • Technically not their fault? Maybe 5 days in prison?{{{REALLY}}}}
      They didn’t ask Tyler’s permission to broadcast- it was a private moment.
      Soooo…. you would be ok with your boyfriend, husband, signifcant other, best friend (male or female)streaming you, or your sister or your mother using the bathroom, getting dressed/undressed without your knowledge or consent?

    • ok. So if it’s no big deal kelly. Then maybe I could secretly video tape you performing sexual acts, then alert every one you know – co workers, family, friends – that I’m going to broadcast it live over the internet.

      Would you be willing to let me off with “maybe five days in prison”. Would you still say it was a mild invasion of privacy? I doubt it.

  7. Dharun should be sent to prison for life, if not, atleast under surveillance for life. It is not the question of what happened to Tyler but the crime that Dharun has committed is ‘Dharun bullied Tyler’. These bullies should be imprisoned for life. There are plenty of bullies still hanging out there doing the same thing – ‘taping private lives of others to control and tame their helpless victims’. These people think that they are gods. Society should also be blamed here for following a pseudo conservative approach. They teach their children that gay and lesbians are beast. Nobody has any right to tell what is right and what is wrong because nobody knows what is right and what is wrong. Parents can advice their children that they should be conservative (not to be a gay and lesbian) but parents have no right to tell their kids that Mr.X is bad because he is a gay.

    • I am not Dharun Ravi. Dharun will and should get 5 years or the appropriate penalty for spying on a private encounter if its proved he did spy.

      As far as facts go, on the first day Dharun saw what was happening through his PC and stopped looking at it after his tweet.

      Second time Dharun was intending to spy but had already given a warning of sort to Tyler that he would through his tweet which Tyler saw (to make Tyler stop!). Tyler disabled Dharun’s webcam and went ahead with his play.

      Dharun Ravi is not a bully or a monster but a fool and really unfortunate fool

      • “…Dharun was intending to spy but had already given a warning of sort to Tyler…..”….. This sentence clearly states that THIS IS INDEED AN ACT OF BULLYING. By giving a warning, what is Dharun trying to be? – A moral police on an educational campus?…Shame!

      • Dharun had no idea, at the time of the second attempt, that Tyler had read his tweet. to pretend that this does not make him a bully is wrong. He intentionally humiliated Tyler once and then attempted to do it again. On the second attempt he even attempted to get a bigger audience. This sub-human is a bully!

  8. I don’t expect the parents to speak about this tragedy. Both students are legally adults. Why should another adult have to speak for them?? Obviously, the parents are deeply sorry about this event. Expressing it publicly satisfies noone except the morbidly curious.

    • Why is it obvious that the parents are deeply sorry? For all you know they and their children bothe feel that they did nothing wrong.

  9. Let’s get real and natural, this was an invasion of privacy case. Just like when the pervs set up the cams in the ladies’ washrooms. What kind of time to they get? 10 days community service? These two punks will plead contrition and get a slap on the wrist. If they are smart, they will change their names so when they go job hunting in the future, no one will find out doing the cursory background check. Finish out the semester, do the name change over the Christmas break, and transfer to another school for the January term.

    Nice neat and clean.

    Even I, who would love to see them tortured for a few years, would have to admit that Tyler jumping off the GW was kind of an extreme reaction to what happened.

    • You are not Tyler and this did not happen to you or any member of your family so do not jump into conclusion that Tyler action was kind of extreme reaction to what happened to him.

      Yes both of those nasty kids ( Dharun and Molley ) can change name or move to some other city and hide. But they can not escape the nature force of what goes around comes around. They can get away with Man’s law but they have to face their faith one day.

      May be their children will be treated worst and bullied by others someday

  10. As this is now a criminal case I do not find their silence troubling.

    I do find the act they committed reprehensible and they both should be punished justly.

    My condolences to all parties involved. Many lives wll be left derailed because of the actions of everyone (including those that left comments about the videos).

        • In what way did they bash him. They simply posted a video of what he was doing. His reaction was completely extreme. If those two young people committed suicide it would be two more lives senselessly lost in an already senseless situation. You are ignorant Eddie.

          • Is it extreme? Being outted cause damage to you employment future. 75% of survayed out of the closet Homosexuals have reported that at least one member of their family estranged themself from them after they came out, and 25% reported that they lost their entire family. Not to mention that a large percentage of Gay teens have body image issues. For those teens the thought of nude pictures on the web for everyone to see, out their forever is devestating. There was a girl in the news who killed herself after she sent nude pictures to her boyfriend and he spread them around, and these were pictures that she consented to. Tyler got blindsided by this bully. Yes Tyler was very much bashed by these two.

    • I think u r right they should kill themselves. Those bastards, if i would meet them i’d probably go to jail for what i would do to them.

  11. The parent’s silence appears to be approval of their hateful offspring’s behavior. Bullies beget bullies. Lawyers may want to rethink their stratigies – this was a murder of a young man’s soul – yes murder and it should no longer be tolerated. I know there has to be more decent people in the world that will unite against homophobes. I for one, pledge my support of more stringent laws reqarding hate crimes.

      • Why do bigots like you Jane equate demands for justice with a hate crime? No one is after these two sub-humans blood because of who they are. We just want them to pay for what they have done. By the way Jane Doe, why don’t you have the guts to log in under your real name?

    • You want to unite against homophobes? Suppose I said there should be more people willing to unite against gays, or blacks or women. That would be a hate crime. Homophobes can not help the way they feel, just the way that homosexuals can not change the way they are. Our world would be better with more peace and acceptance. What Ravi did was wrong as was what Tyler did. Suicide is a cowardly and selfish escape from your own problems. It solves nothing it only ruins the lives of others.

  12. Parents and families aside. We allow too much and surrender too much in this world. Theses two should be charged so that they receive maximum penalties. If courts don’t decide let no one allow them to forget what a horrible act they committed. Gay or Straight no invasion of privacy so intimate and personal should be the “joke” of anyone let alone to share it with the world on line. This is insidious. Two cretins who ruined one life and stained their own.

  13. Suicide is senseless and selfish. There are other ways to solve emotional problems. The actions of Tyler have now ruined the lives of two other young people along with their parents as well as his. From what I understand Ravi wanted Tylers actions to stop and Tyler persisted after being warned. It is true that what Ravi did is wrong and there were other options for him to solve the issue at hand. Suicide only results in loss and blame. It is a very selfish way to solve your problem. I feel sorry for those living that are still deeply affected by this. Tyler no longer has to feel the pain. For that he is selfish.

    • Ravi gave permission for Tyler to use the room. How is that him wanting Tyler to stop? And how was he warned? You are obviously someone who has never been pushed to the brink of suicide by bullies. there is no rational thinking at that point, and calling Tyler selfish, and claiming that he ruined Dharun and Molly’s lives is just blaming the victom. So he should go on feeling the pain just to not be selfish to his tormentors? There was only one life lost here Tylers. The two piles of dog do don’t matter.

      • I have people in my immediate family who have taken their own lives. Don’t tell me what I do and don’t know about suicide. It is selfish and wrong no matter what the reason. It takes the pain off of yourself and puts it on others. The pain that these two will have to deal with is far worse than the pain that would have been felt by Tyler if he were still alive today. It is not honorable or right.

  14. Ravi’s parents have probably been counseled not to issue any statements at all by their attorney, or contact the family, regardless of how they feel, because of the heat of the moment (either family could be highly reactive and make the situation far worse.) As the investigation continues, there may come a time when they may contact the Clementi family. As hard as it may seem right now to wait for a response, I think that the “calmer” professionals need to be involved to prevent escalation, allow a little time for the situation to defuse for everyone’s sake.

    When the facts come out at trial, we’ll be able to determine all the factors that led to this tragic and terrible course of events, and how to help prevent it from happening again. For now, we need to stand up to bullies, support those who are victims of aggression, and offer them all the support and compassion we can.

    • Ravi’s parents must really very very ashamed of what happened. These people have come all the way from the otherside of the world and made a good life for themselves and their kids with their hard work.
      Their son committed a horrible horrble crime and is responcible for the death of a promising young man.It is easy for others to say that theyshould come out and say sorry but it is very hard for the well educated indian person to accept that his son has done commited a crime.ALl the Indian parents who come here expect taht their children should get good education. This boy is shame for the family.

  15. Everybody should try to read Tyler’s words about Ravi’s actions, Tyler said on an online gay support site justisboys. And then decide what happened and “angelize” the victim and demonize the perpetrators.

  16. Everyone knows Indians and Chinese are the worst bigots in the world. Intolerance is ingrained in their culture. There’s no room for open-mindedness. The parents that immigrated here obviously handed down their attitude to their kids. Hasn’t anyone seen the Russell Peter’s skit “Indian Redneck”?

  17. At first I thought we should push the 2 kids off the bridge as well – tit for tat. This issue speaks of a much deeper sickness taking over our country. We sensationalize garbage right and left, worship individuals with absolutely NO redeeming qualities. America is being taken over by a cancer – and we are all responsible for it’s spread. I bet that any one of us in college would have been right there saying… “Let me see them having gay sex on cam” because the media has sensationalized putting individuals private lives out there for everyone to see. No, we as Americans didn’t push that boy off the bridge, but by our every action or disaction, we make a choice between right and wrong. This country needs to get back to some basic values – it is going to be hard, because we do not have one single person to look to that will help lead us out of the mess we are in.

  18. I’m disappointed Rutgers appears not to have taken any disciplinary actions. I think they could have at least suspended Ravi at this point.

  19. By not issuing a statement offering condolences to the Clementi family, the Ravi and Wei families appear callous, which they may not be (then again, maybe they are). In the face of an ongoing investigation, they have probably been advised by legal counsel to keep quiet.

    I don’t expect them to receive jail time, but Ravi & Wei will pay for this for a long time. We live in an era of extensive background checks, and even 20 years from now, a simple Googling of these 2 names will remind university admissions, employers, loan officers, etc. what they have done. Thus, the same technology Ravi & Wei used to humiliate Tyler Clemeti will destroy their lives. Yeah, karma can really suck sometimes.

  20. American values are stupid. If all of america is gay, what will be the population of USA LOL! Thus is a mental illness striking america Listen to Michael Savage! Why dont you blame internet in dorms.

    • There is ever increasing evidence that homosexuality is, to a significant extent, genetic. Homosexuality has been evident throughout history (otherwise, why would it have been mentioned in the Old Testament – 3500 years ago.)

      Society has labeled a mental illness, until recently, when our leading psychiatric experts decided it was not.

      I have listened to Michael Savage. He is entertaining, I agree with him of some things, and he is completely incorrect in his understanding and assessment of gays.

  21. Unfortunately, the law is too soft on this crime.

    A young man is dead. If Ravi and Wei had any values or principles at all, they would do the right thing. An overdose or just let the engine run in the garage.

    But they have no values or principles. So, regardless of their eventual sentence, it is important for the press and citizens to keep these two on our radar. To follow them from college to college, report any name changes and to make sure their eventual employers know who they are, and to publish their pictures on anniversaries of Tyler’s death. You reap what you sew, Ravi and Wei.

    • Ravi and Wei deserve a fail trial. If found guilty, they (in my opinion) deserve serious jail time.

      You have no idea of the degree of “values or principles” they have. They committed one, incredibly stupid, mean-spirited, intolerant, immature, and highly and sadly consequential act….at 18 years of old.

      They will be “marked for life” by the criminal convictions they (most likely) will receive.

      But 18 year olds grow up, their lack of judgement and disregard for the good values and principles that they have been taught improve, and to suggest that they be continually punished for life (even having caused such a tragedy) perhaps calls into questions some of your values and principles.

    • You are a very spiteful person. You do not know what happened yet you are willing to give all the hate that you can contribute to this already messed up world

  22. I can also believe that his parents would remain silent- where do you think he learned such intolerence!?!?! It’s hard to believe that such hatred can still run rampant in America. Hopefully both Dharun and Molly W. Wie will both be charged with a hate crime under NJ law!!! Then I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty from both the Ravi family and Wei family!

    • Your message shows incredible prejudice towards Dharun and Molly’s parents. You know nothing about them. I have raised two boys and therefore have known many other 18 year olds, and their parents.

      18 year old people to stupid things. Mine stopped at, then ran a red light at 2AM because he was “tired of waiting” coming home late from a school sporting event. Others have been caught driving drunk, speeding, etc.

      I consider myself an excellent parent – and my boys are now very tolerant older adults. The parents of the boys who did these other “stupid” things are fine people as well.

      Ravi and Molly are 18, immature, and did an incredibly stupid, insensitive, intolerant thing….and I’m confident they did not give any thought to the consequences of their actions…….because they are 18. Most 18 year olds are legally adults and developmentally still socially and intellectually immature.

      They deserve jail time for the consequences of their actions. Their parents do not deserve the intolerance you express.

  23. I find it highly troubling! But then again, these two bad apples, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, may not have fallen far from the tree. They are obviously a pair of unfeeling, uncaring sociopaths, raised without knowing how to show any respect for others, and their parents are probably even worse.

    • Wow! First off, there is no evidence that Ravi and Molly are sociopaths (please look up the definition before using such an inaccurate word.) They were indeed “unfeeling” in their dealings with Tyler and were certainly not tolerant or understanding of gays.

      If “prejudice” and be defined as “pre-judging,” then your conjectures about Ravi and Molly’s parents are incredibly prejudiced.

  24. From the AP:

    “A person can be found guilty of a bias crime in New Jersey if the jury agrees that he or she committed a crime because of a belief that the victim is a member of a protected group, such as a racial minority or gay.”

    Hopefully they will get more than 5 years in jail.

  25. One minor correction to the article. Ravi, Wei, and Clementi did not all attend the same high school. Ravi and Wei did, attending the same high school near Princeton in central Jersey. But Clementi went to high school about 60 miles away, up in north Jersey not far from NYC.

  26. While I admit to finding Dharun and Molly’s parents silence disturbing, I suspect that they are probably under advice from their attorneys to keep silent on this horrific matter.

    God bless the Tyler family in their darkest hours.

    For Dharun Ravi and Ravi Wei. There are no words to adequately express the contempt I feel about you both.

    To those who defend Ravi as “a good guy”. Good guys and real men don’t behave maliciously towards others.

    For Tyler in heaven: You were much to good for this Earth.

  27. How do you know that Ravi’s parents haven’t contacted Clementi’s parents? Not everything in such a horrible situation needs to be played out in public. It is quite possible they have.

    To most, this tragedy is a news event with societal implications. To the Clementi and Ravi parents, this is among every parent’s worse fears.

    One set has lost a son and the others’ son’s life has been irreparably damaged. And crass as this may sound to some, Ravi’s parents could easily be bankrupted (by legal expenses) by his stupid actions, in addition to recrimination they are experiencing (including your story) and the shame I’m confident they are feeling.

    • Howard, are you actually paid by these people? You put down other people for speaking without knowing. How are you confident that they are feeling shame? What have they or their children done to show any kind of remorse what so ever?

      • I have no affiliation with any participants in this tragedy. I “put down” no one. I pointed out that no one knows what the parents may have done without notifying the press.

        I didn’t profess to know anything about the parents’ feelings, including feeling shame.

        No one knows what the parents’ or children have done to show remorse through private or school channels. That was the entire point of my post.

        Did you read my post?

        • I think we should revoke the citizenship of all people who get involved in crime and bullying. Dharun Ravi should be sent to another country as soon he completes his jail term – we do not want Indian bullies in our country.

          • I agree with Alan completely. In India every strong(people who are mean, majority and ready to use violence) person bullies every weak person. Social shaming in India is like drinking coke in the U.S, it is normal and happens everywhere. Dharun comes from such a place and so these type of bullying should be expected from him.

          • you want only american bullies in this country ? Idiot ! I am 100% sure that Dharun and Molly were both American Citizens because they were born and brought up in USA…. just like you.

          • We do not want American bullies but we definitely do not want curry faced Indian bullies from land of unwashed masses

          • Alan,

            Clearly you don’t have any understanding of US Constitution. Once a citizenship is granted, it can’t be revoked. If so, what would you say to the Oklahoma bomber, Tim McVeigh? Would you take his citizenship away. Even if the US government takes citizenship away from Ravi or Molly, neither Indian nor Chinese ( or wherever Molly’s family comes from) wouldn’t accept them. You can’t deport them to any place.


            If there is an auction of brains, your brain would fetch the maximum price; you know why? It is completely unused. You talk and write like a 5 yr old. I don’t know what your background is, your upbringing and fears are. May be you are upset because your Indian girlfriend dumped you. May be you are jealous over success of some of your contact, friends or relatives who happened to be India. May be you are a failure or it just may be a simple fact that somebody ( your parents, uncles, cousins etc) has given you wrong information because he/she himself/herself was failure and wanted to blame on somebody. But I can claim that you are a “frog in the well”. GET SOME HELP and GET EDUCATED.

          • To subh N, skn etc,

            “Clearly you don’t have any understanding of US Constitution…. ” – How dare you come to my country and teach me about US contitution?
            A number of guantanamo prisoners were deported to third countries. Still we have countries like sudan, somalia etc who can use Dharun as a pirate or as a slave. You can also join him, let me know.

            Your anger against Krishna: He is only trying to improve indians and I think that is a good attitude. Every body knows that indians smell curry…you guys should wash yourself once a while, apply some cologne etc. If you make a mistake, accept it, that is the hallmark of a good citizen. Instead of that you blame Krish and call him ‘to get help and get educated’ is like you spitting on your own face. You should get some help and get educated.

          • Did a check on this ‘skn’ guy,this is what his friends and collegues had to say:

            1.skn does not listen to anybody.
            2.skn always thinks that he is the only one who knows everything
            3.skn dreams of conquering this world
            4.skn is abusive
            5.skn has dangerous visions
            6.skn got a shock from a few tragedies in his life
            7.skn is unable to get his work done
            8.skn has bullied his collegues
            9.skn is kind of sic

  28. Priya ur name sounds Indian but unfortunately ur words are totally racist.America is a melting pot of intelligent people who are immigrants from all over the world, this is a great country who has been good to many races and this makes it one of the best in the world.
    Ur words are so meaningless, u are deviating from the point talking about Indian people in a despicable manner. Indians are warm loving and non agressive people.I have some Indian neighbours who are good people.

    The greatest loss to a parent has hapepnned we are all human beings, irrespective of creed, caste or color it is important to note that a precious life has been lost.
    My sincere condolences to the Clementi family, may God help you in your time of loss.I myself am a Mother and cannot even imagine this grievous and senseless loss.
    I plead with society to bring these people to the law and see that such a act should never be committed, in the 21st century I never thought such a thing could happen.

  29. Life in prison for both of these low lives. Every day for the rest of their lives, no matter where they go, no matter what they do, they will have the blood of this beautiful young man on their hands. They will never ever be happy again. We all will never let them forget what they did. They are sick bullies. We do not need these type of people in America.

  30. It would be a nice gesture for the parents to make a comment in support of Tyler’s family, but I don’t think less of them for remaining silent.

    I hope the two cretins responsible for humiliating Tyler to the point of suicide are charged with hate crimes and imprisoned long enough for them to comprehend what their lives will be like as ex-cons.

  31. I think if this was any other country this guy who streamed would’ve been hanged. Why is the United States so much wrapped in self-righteous protector of the democracy of the world kind of mentality. I think the guy who streamed this should be hanged to make an example.

  32. i know that these kids shuldnt have filmed the gay kid and all but im pretty sure they didnt expect him to kill himself over this. they made a mistake and now they’r gonna pay for it but lets not label them as murderers. No one pushed the guy off the bridge but himself.

  33. Ugly on the inside … ugly on the outside as well, especially the dude.

    At 18 — at 12! — you should understand that what they did is a terrible invasion of privacy and very wrong. There have been all kinds of stories of landlords arrested, people arrested for spy cameras. This is no different except for its tragic outcome. They’d be labeled sick f**ks if the roommate’s encounter was straight, so it’s certainly gay bashing. I hope they do jail time. Maybe they’ll concent to cameras in their cells. Yay.

  34. The parents of Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, in all likelihood, have been advised by their cousel to not say a word to the press. It could be used against them and their children during a trial or it could lead to a limited jury pool.

    If they did speak, I hope it would be condolence to the Clementi family and embarassment for their children’s actions.

    As for Ravi’s parents, they’re probably saying to Dharun, “What the hell were you thinking? Didn’t we raise you better? Is this what we pay you college tuition for? Is this what webcams and iChat were intended for? If you had a problem being ‘asked to leave’ so many times late at night by your roommate, why didn’t you tell an RA to be reassigned? Couldn’t you have just talked it out with him and said, ‘No, I share this room with you–not others. I don’t bring others over and ask you to leave late at night–if you want to, you should get a hotel room or we should change roommates.’?”

    As for Wei’s parents, they’re probably saying, “What a poor choice of friends you have! You put yourself in harm’s way by letting Dharun use your computer. What were you thinking?”

    The answer to the question “What were they thinking?” is that (just as many 18 year olds) THEY WEREN’T THINKING. Or, at least not mentally mature enough to think, but to act inappropriately despite their age of majority.

    It might be in Dharun Ravi’s best interest to plead guilty to Invasion of Privacy and be punished. Then the DA might ease up on the Involuntary Manslaughter charge.

    Molly Wei should do the same.

    One person dead. Three lives ruined. Three families in grief.

  35. #1. It is nothing directed at the gay community. Get over it.
    #2. It was a prank gone wrong. It is cruel, but that’s what happens in a lot of schools. The only difference is that this gets a lot of publicity and venom because someone died.
    How a white boy died to two minorities makes it worse.
    #3. The media sensationalized the hatred. We do not know the full story.
    #4. Can we get something else to read? This is getting old.

    • Like it or not, I truly believe that they are already getting enough punishment as it is. Their lives are already ruined, so let’s get over it. Hating them more doesn’t do squat.

    • I agree, it was a horribly mean thing to do, but in the end it was a prank that went bad. It was totally in poor judgement and these two kids do need to be punished for that. But it is not a hate crime or bullying in the real sense of the word.

      • The best desciption is “humiliation for sport,” which is inherently mean-spirited. Ravi & Wei should have known that such humiliation could have tragic results, and they should face the appropriate consequences for their actions.

        People rarely commit self-murder over one particular thing. In Tyler’s case, this humiliation was most likely a “last straw.” We don’t know anything about his high-school life. He may have been bullied there and hoped that college would give him a new start. After learning about Ravi’s dirty deed, he may have concluded that life would never get better. I only wish he had spoken face-to-face with someone that night instead of going to the bridge.

  36. Both of these culpable youth come from difficult foreign cultures and probably both of those families (Indian and Chinese) have cultural customs far different from the typical American ones. Look at China under Mao and the cultural revolution that killed so many and look at the terrible treatment of girls in China. ANd look at India with its untouchables and the cast system and swamis that lorded over their surfs. These two families come from a different world.

  37. Well! Let us calm down think about all these before we spit venom at each other. If I say Tyler was right or if I say that we should accomodate gay and lesbians then I will be branded as a gay. If I say Dharun was right then I will be branded as a person who is against white people. Either way I am going to buy trouble.

    Suicide – No man gets pleasure by committing a suicide and no man/woman commits suicide with just one bad incident. He/She has to be beaten up mentally at least a few times and later one flash event will create a turning point for the person to decide ‘enough is enough’. Think of the pain that Tyler had to go through by falling from such a height. Beyond a certain height, falling into water is like falling into a bed of rocks. Then I guess he must got drowned. For Tyler, the pain from all these will be far less compared to the mental pain,shame and anger he was going through.

    Gays and Lesbians are not new, they were here for a long long time and the society of the past never cared. Time has changed, people have become less tolerant towards gay and lesbians for their beliefs and convenience. We have only two choices – either we accommodate them and learn to get along with them OR marry off all gays and lesbians. The latter is not easy. We have plenty of other errors in our society (like drugs,alcohol,gun,violence etc) which we are unable to fix. If somebody does not want to drink that is acceptable but it is not acceptable to go around the town telling that ‘Tom,Dick and Harry’ are bad because they drink.

    So, the choice is ours. Let us learn to forgive and forget, and get along with each other. All cultures whether it is American, European,Chinese or Indian are equally good and bad. There is nothing like an ideal culture.

  38. I want to reiterate my deep sorrow for Tyler and his family – such a waste of a beautiful life. Dharun and Molly were 100% wrong, but the blame also lies equally with the people that saw the video and probably taunted Tyler on it. He was not driven to commit suicide by the videos alone, but the humiliating reaction that he must have got from others who viewed it. I am surprised no-one is talking about that. Sure Dharun started it, but we don’t know yet about others who contributed to adding fuel to the fire. They are equally responsible.

    PS: I still see that pea-brained fool Priya has not shut up, so I’ll say it again – SHUT UP already

    • @ Allan Smith:
      oh my, I am surprised that you would ask such a stupid question – well, actually not surprised coming from you, but just surprised at such a question. The answer is obvious to all intelligent people, but you seem challenged in that regard. The rest of us can’t stoop to your pathetic level – you poor, sorry soul.

  39. These two may no be threats to society, but they should be punished. An example needs to be made that you can’t just run around and do whatever you want. Just because you don’t like your roommate, or you are not a fan of gays doesn’t give you the right to post someones sex life. Holy cow!

    Suicide is probably a rash decision for what happened, but young gay teens are troubled as it is. Accepting yourself as gay in a world full of hate is hard enough even after one is able to tell people they want to know! How terrible for people you’ve never even met know so much!

    I don’t know what the parents should do. Personally, I would kill them if things like that had my DNA. No matter what they happens to them as far as the law goes, they should be steralized. Humanity needs none of this!

  40. Both should be ashamed of themselve. I hope they do get punished by the courts. If it stays on their records then everytime they fill out an application for a job (after college) they will have to let that company know what they did.

    That punishment should fit what they did.

  41. Both Dharun and Wei should go to Jail and I say atleast for the whole 5 years. Invasion of privacy could be fatal. I think we have to learn from Dharun’s mistakes.

  42. There are many right wing hindoo organizations in india which are against the white people. Did Dharun contact them when he visited india many times? Was he trying to implement their agenda?

    • Alan,

      I read some of your comments. And I agree with you. Those curry faced unwashed took my job and many others. Just because they went to some Ivy school, they think they are smart and can tell me about constitution of my country. We certainly have to show to American people how they can be dangerous to our country and economy and create fear for them. They say we are spreading lies, we are idiots when in fact they are the culprits. They can’t even argue with us; I haven’t seen a single reply to your post except for that bigot skn. And I bet there will be no reply to mine. I also bet that if somebody dares to reply, he will tell that our postings are full of lies, makes no sense, we have no brains, we are unemployed, have tons of free time on hand and doesn’t bear a response.They will be few idiots who will say we are bigots, racist, right-wingers and redneck. I dare anyone to give me a different response. For clarification: I have never been a right winger and always had an independent mind.

      • @Robert Garrett:
        hmmm, have you considered that people are not responding to your scary words of hate simply because it is beneath them to do so??????? I will say nothing further on your note.

  43. To Morons Alan, Krishna and Robert

    Unfortunately illiterate people such as yourselves know nothing about India. Literacy doesn’t just mean knowing English. Alan, you white piece of shit, I don’t know where to start talking about the deeds you white people did against black people in the US.
    Robert, here is a f*^%ing reply to you. Indians went to the Ivy league because they have the brains to do so.If you had the brains to do so, you may have kept a job. Honestly I doubt you still might have because your post clearly shows how ignorant you are.
    This whole article above is about how three lives changed forever. One lost and two losing themselves.
    And all you racist pigs can talk about is whether or not Indians wash themselves. Speaks volumes about your stupidity.
    This unfortunate situation is about BULLYING. Period.

    Not Indians, not gays and not even about just once child who lost his life. It is about the actions of so many ignorant people which leads to so many innocent people dying.

    Alan, Krishna and Robert, Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Clearly, you guys do not know the meaning to this phrase.

  44. To Gayatri,skn, subh etc (so many names)

    1.”Krishna and Robert Unfortunately illiterate people such as yourselves know nothing about India…” – Oh Ya. 6000,000 people shitting in open, that is all we illetrates know about your India. Your own media has written this, not american.

    2.”Indians went to ivy league….they have brains…”. Ya! thats true, even after going to ivy league you haven’t learned about humility or common sense or compassion. That means your ivy league education was a waste and a big joke. A pig sent to ivy league in your place would have performed better.

    3.”..This unfortunate situation is about BULLYING. Period….” – So, you do acknowledge that the whole thing is about bullying – great! Atleast, we agree on one thing.

    There is nothing ignorant here – Dharun did not do it in one single day, he has been doing this ‘deed’ for a few days. Who knows – maybe he has been doing this for a long time.

    Looks like your rignt wing hindoo masters asked you to take a ‘stand’ by spitting venom on me – good job, they are happy.

  45. “….I don’t know where to start talking about the deeds you white people did against black people in the US…”

    We do acknowledge that we did make mistakes, we say sorry to all african-americans who were hurt. We have done
    a number of things to uplift them. We have given them scholarships, affirmative action, jobs and all other
    types of encouragement. Look at the people in the current US administration and you can see what we are saying.
    We are not saying that we are perfect, we are doing our best. There is more to do. Take a look at all the
    Governors, Mayors and other officials in US, if we had strictly followed ‘only whites’ policy, many of these
    people from the so called minorities occupying these high offices would not have been there.

    Now, let us take your country – India. Can a christian or minority become a Prime Minister or Governor in your India?. The answer is “hell – NO”. Forget about sikhs, tricks of hindoos will not work with them. Plenty of innocent christians, muslims,buddists,sikhs,parsis and other minorities are killed in india for no reason. Their only fault was that they were just born into these so called religions. Recently I read a story about a christian man (who has stopped practicing christainity long time back) in india who is placed under house arrest
    by the hindoo right wing. Reason – hindoo right wingers told him that he cannot earn more than other hindoo
    guys of that town. One can only laugh at these kind of jealous morons. I can keep writing like these, giving
    lots of examples of what is happening in your india.

    Then there is these right wing hindoo swamees visiting US to preach about virtues, yoga, meditation etc. These morons preach about how family values have broekn down in the US due to dating and they themselves enjoy hookers, ukrainine and american blondes at night – bro, don’t you guys have any shame?

    Summary – Indians are hippocrites. We do not want these kind of people to disturb our peace.

    • Alan Smith – you are a disgusting, uneducated, uninformed pig – that’s all you are – and it is not because you are “white” or “american” or anything to do with your race – it is only because of your bad blood. You are nothing but a dirty, crass wasted human being who is a burden on this earth – Sad!

  46. @ Alan Smith

    obviously there is a huge disconnect between your brain and your mouth. you say : “Can a christian or minority become a Prime Minister or Governor in your India?. The answer is “hell – NO”. Forget about sikhs, tricks of hindoos will not work with them”

    Next time do some research before shooting your mouth off.

    The Prime Minister of India (Singh) is a very learned and intelligent Sikh. The President of India (Patil)is a woman. Prior to her the President (Abdul Kalam) was a highly educated Muslim. The current Defense Minister (Antony)is a Christian, and the Defense Minister till 2004 (Fernandes) was also Christian. The head of the Congress party, who wields tremendous power is a woman, and Christian. I could go on and on.

    Now lets go back to the issue at hand. The rest of us are mourning poor Tyler’s death and you chose this as a platform to spread hatred. Don’t you think it is time to stop now?

  47. you are so right, alan smith, and the reason for all the hate posts directed against you is because they KNOW that you are right. i am a black person and taught english on the high school level for over thirty years, in addition to my having worked as an adjunct in a local community college — also teaching english. and it has been my experience to have noted blatant racism against blacks by indians and this one is SHOCKING, there was even racism against black people by the indo-caribbeans from guyana! i am definitely of a certain age; as a result, i have seen a lot of things but racism that comes from foreigners always amazes me. as a teacher in a local high school, a guyanese family, posing as real indians, discovered that their son was in my english class and ran to the guuidance counselor demanding that their son be placed in a white teacher’s class. the guidance counselor, because she had worked with me for over two decades, confided in me what the guyanese parents had said to her. i shall never forget the guidance counselor saying to me, ever so racistly herself, “just who do these people think they ARE –telling me what to do because they don’t want their son in your class? and they’re browner than you are.” and this guidance counselor actually thought that she was complimenting me.

    • How does your experience with one Guyanese family compare with the fact that you don’t know much about 1 billion Indians? Think before you add fuel to the fire.

    • Maybe if u educators did a little research instead of talking absolute crap you would sound smarter than you really are. I am guyanese and people from my country are oppressed by the blacks that live there. Pick up a book sometime!

  48. @Alan Smith

    The most racist countries on earth are those with White people. The worst are in Europe. The undeniable reason for this is the pillage and plunder of Black and Brown people by White people in the last 2 centuries, leading to a de facto sense of superiority and even ownership. I cannot believe that this is so in 2010, but that’s how it is.

  49. Alan Smith,
    I donot have words to say how big idiot u r; with pseudo culture in ,not byour blood, but in brain.it appears to be true, the research and study says that fools like u ,an average american know only hawai-islands,the bahamas and some naked beaches in both the coasts,but hardly knows about the world.ur frog in the well knowledge is disgusting.donot try to prove time and again that u r a educated ILLITERATE.
    I have great respect to all Americans who made my living in US for 10 years a DREAM.I have so many freinds who want to come to india to see the culture of this multi lingual,multi cultural.multi religious people living in hormony!

  50. priya and alan please stop! u had enough said and enough heard ;why u r trying to put ur personal feelings, experiences on this platform?u have deviated the subject, u have lost sympathy for the poor-kid who could have lived a full life of his choice!ever country every culture has it’s own merits and demerits; there are forums to discuss about this but not at this moment of tragic death of an innocent teenager.the erring kids origin,culture don’t have a role to play here please understand.when u point a finger other 4 fingrs point at u.I dont think u r exactly the ones what in this debate has tried point out.
    take things easy be good to the society and ur community learn from jesus,allah or krishna donot blame the cultures because we r not competent enough to talk!

  51. Indians carry this stereotype in the US media as being well-intentioned, if bumbling, characters. The reality is that they are just people, and prone to all the vile and petty expressions of humanity. Ravi does not deserve to be lambasted for his ethnicity; rather, he deserves to be criticized for his maliciousness toward his roommate. Did he kill Tyler? No, but he created a situation from which no good could possibly come with the direct intention of humiliating this kid. For that, I’d say he deserves all the criticism he gets.