Day Of Silence 2010


Day Of Silence 2010 – The Day of Silence for 2010 is a tough day for some students in America. Just like the Days of Silence that have been held in the past for the last 15 years, this day of silence has been no different. There really is not any silence on a day like this though. The day is designed to help spread the word to schools that are throughout the world. Gay, lesbian and bisexual students aren’t speaking out about their problems, they have chosen not to say anything on this day. In their effort to raise awareness it should be able to send a clear message to their fellow students and will state that they are not going to stand for the kind of bullying that they have been going through for their sexual standings. The day has been going on for 15 years so as you can see, there is still quite a long ways to go and much more to be accomplished for the gays, lesbians, and bisexual students throughout the nation.

Students have been bullied for being gay and lesbian since as early as elementary school. It begins at such a young age and the bullying has a lasting affect on the students. The violence, the hateful remarks, all of it is detrimental to a students quality of life. The Day of Silence has been a strong way for gays and lesbians to fight for the cause for same time now. The students just want to be able to be proud of their sexual orientation and not be put down for how they choose to conduct themselves. There is nothing wrong with the way they are and people just need to understand and realize what they are going through. Sexual orientation and gender problems have been recognized as one


  1. what a great day not to talk wow. I did it an it was way worth it. No i am notgay or what ever you call it. i am a girl who likes guys and i really dont think its right to be gay. But we should all be treated right and far. God is athe only one who should judge

    • I’m glad you feel that way. Even if you feel that it is not right you would allow others to be the way they choose which is very greatly appreciated.

  2. Homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle—Read Romans 1:25-27 and 1Cor 6. This is from God–the creator of all man. Homosexuals should not be hated but prayed for that they all draw closer to God and abandon this lifestyle.

    • It is not chosen, we are made that way. WE do not choose or decide to be this way, and no matter how close to God we are or get we can not change who we are attracted to. Just as you could not change you natural hair color or body build. To try to force a change like that on yourself is a lie. I was a devout christen and chose to leave due to the fact that no matter who I was everyone judged me for the things I could not control. I honestly feel that judging people is more of a sin then being as God created you. It maybe a sin but if God couldn’t forgive us for it he would not allow us to be that way. Also, it is a form of LOVE. No matter what the bible says, caring for another human being, no matter how you do it, cold never be a sin. It is not a sin to love, ever, it can not be. Why, because love does not destroy, we were created of love, we are born of love and if we are lucky surrounded by love. Why would God punish us for love?