Cop Punches Girl:Seattle Police Beating Video


Cop Punches Girl:Seattle Police Beating Video – A police officer from Seattle, Washington ,Ian Walsh has come under fire after he punched a 17 year old girl in the face after she resisted arrest. The Seattle Police Office has reviewed the tape as evidence, and have concluded that he did nothing wrong in his handling of the situation. In fact, the single punch to the face is described in the handbook as an effective way to gain control over someone who is resisting arrest.

Seattle Police will continue to review the incident. The drama was caught on a cell phone camera of a witness who was in the area when the incident took place. Walsh has been a police officer since November 2007, and has not been disciplined since the melee took place on Monday. The incident will remain under investigation, but it looks as if the officer followed protocol in the way that he handled the situation.

According to the statement from the bureau Walsh was on patrol and in uniform when he stopped a young man who was jay walking. As he spoke to the young man, two young women walked past the officer, also jay walking. He ordered them to stop and to step over to his cruiser, presumably so he could explain that jaywalking is a problem in the area and that it disrupts the flow of traffic in the intersection. The woman reportedly became angry, and was antagonistic toward the officer.
She began to walk away, and the officer grabbed her in order to detain her. That was when the women fought back. After a few seconds of struggling with the first lady a second jumped in and started to wrestle with the officer. He responded by punching her in the face and detaining the unruly suspect.


  1. More Police abuse in Seattle?
    Typical Seattle Police actions. The cop is a loser and should be jailed for punching a 17 yo girl. In jail he’ll get his. I am glad it was caught on camera.

  2. No, the girl had it coming. You are not supposed to interfere with police activity. He actually showed huge restraint with dealing with the girl that he was trying to arrest and having someone else grab or get in between the officer and the perp is plenty of cause for what he did. He could have slammed the female on the ground and forced her into the cuffs but he didnt. He was very gentle with her. I wish the videos would show the whole thing from start to finish but people cant form their biased opinions if they had all the facts.
    I truely hope that the girl will think twice the next time she thinks she can interfere with an officer that is trying to defuse what could have became a very bad situation. She is lucky that all she got was a sore nose.
    As for her age having anything to do with this. I remember in school they used to call us young adults at 17 and if she is going to run her mouth and act like a male then she is going to get treated like one with a punch to the face.