Bloomberg Slams The CBD Oil Industry

While we aren’t say they are wrong Bloomberg took a moment this weekend to blast the entire CBD industry.

Basically amounting it to a bunch of fraudsters, scammers, and fake products and snake oil salesman of generations past.

‘Got arthritis? Dry skin? Menstrual cramps? Trouble sleeping or feeling stressed? The CBD industry claims it has the cure for you.

Such assertions are becoming increasingly common—and brazen—as the cannabis compound commonly known as CBD proliferates in drinks, baked goods, tinctures, body lotions and even bath salts. To some, the hype echoes 19th-century snake oil advertisements that promised to cure “all aches and pains!”’

Bloomberg might be right that there are some bad players in the industry. But that hasn’t played out yet. And just like many things before it the truth isnt in one of the two extremes. CBD isn’t a life saver but it does have benefits.

I do believe more regulation is in order at the federal level but it also might be a good idea to make marijuana legal and then let the states determine how they want to regulate this new industry predicted to be $30 billion by 2030.

Wendy Vargas

Wendy Vargas

Wendy Vargas is the global news editor for newsopi. She's a former health editor at Healthcare Asia. She can be reached at [email protected]

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