Big Butter Jesus Touchdown Burns In Ohio


Big Butter Jesus Touchdown Burns In Ohio – The famous “Touchdown Jesus” statue that was located off of Interstate 71 in Monroe, Ohio went up in flames after it was struck by a bolt of lightning on Monday night. The statue, which was nearly 62 feet fall, and 40 feet wide, was a popular attraction in the area. It sat in front of the Solid rock Church. After the lightning struck the statue, it immediately went up and flames and then burned to the ground.
The fire chief said that he had “never seen anything like the fire,” when the fire crew arrived on the scene. The statue was constructed using a sturdy, steel frame. It was surrounded by Styrofoam, which is easily ignited, and then covered in a fiberglass coating to protect the underlying Styrofoam. The statue was first placed there in 2004, and had sat in the same spot with no previous problems, until lighting struck the statue last night.

Church members are saddened to see their statue no longer standing in front of the church. Some have said that they see the event as a negative message from the lord, while others have said that they believe that the event is merely a coincidence. Depending on who you talk to, there are many ways that the event has been interpreted. The actual statue name, “The King of Kings Statue,” may be replaced with another statue, or a replica of the first one, but no decision on the issue has been made at this time. 


  1. What must the church have done to deserve this? Their always pointing the finger at areas struck by natural disasters saying they sinned or sold their soul to the devil? So what is the explanation for lightning destroying big butter jesus? I would love to hear it.

  2. The big butter jesus was a monstosity. That church wasted all that money on something that wasnt a need. Their priorities are all ass backwards. Butter jesus was insured and instead of building a new one they need to do sometning productive with it. Imsure jesus was jusy flattered by the thing but i’ll bet he would have rather thwy spent that money on maybe, oh i dont know, feeding the homeless, helping the poor. donating money to a charity. Its blasphemy what they built and i assume that god had had enough. Its not a sign that it burnt down. It was made of styraphome. i mean come on. People wake up and take a hint. If it was a sign at all it was jesus saying to them, ur wasteful.

  3. i think its kind of foolish to make something like that
    out of a vary combustible plastic like styofoam auther than lightning if something hot like a cigerette happen to hit it would also catch fire like that too