Arizona Immigration Law: Gov Jan Brewer Law Change


Arizona Immigration Law: Gov Jan Brewer Law Change – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is reportedly considering changing the state’s immigration law that has received tough criticism from around the nation.

She had signed the law, and is currently appealing a ruling that blocked the most controversial sections of the legislation. Now, she said that she would be willing to make a few minor changes to the wording of the law if it would appease the court and allow the law to go through. Brewer maintains that she is only looking out for the best interests of the state, and that the federal government is not doing its job when it comes to immigration.

“We believe the law is constitutional,” Brewer told the associated press. She also went on to say that she thought that the judge raised some valid points in her ruling that she would be willing to fix and address to help the law get pushed through.

Bolton delayed the areas of the law that required officers to require immigration documentation from individuals that they deem as suspicious. If these individuals do not have their proper documentation on hand, they would be taken down to the station to ensure that they are legally in the country.

The law has caused intense debate around the country in recent months, and has spawned several protests for and against the bill. In polls, the nation has been virtually split down the middle on the subject and it has increased the amount of attention that the topic of immigration has received from the current white house administration.


  1. “Honorable” Jan Brewer: My prayers are with you and us. Thank you for such a ‘brave’ action of introducing SB170 to the state.

    Once you said when asked: that “no, you could not (or would not) know the difference between American Hispanics and MEXICANS (as I call them)”. Well, I DO know the difference; very much so and am seldom wrong.

    I have been studying these people’s culture and appearance for many years now and am myself hispanic,(Legal American), and am hoping to write a book on the issue of illegal immigration (Mexican) in our country.

    I am hispanic but I LOVE my country. And it is right out WRONG for this illegals to be taking over our country. So are they going to call ME a RACIST!!!


    If I wasn’t in charge of caring for my mother, I would have joined Minute Men and would be protesting AGAINST THE PROTESTORS EVERY single time that I possibly could.

    I wish there was a way that you could use an intelligent person as myself (and educated as well), to help you ‘PICK THEM OUT’! In all sincerity, though dreaming; –to live in Arizona and have the opportunity to HELP FIND AND GATHER THEM ALL–eliminating the possibility of much error. And they’re not going to BE ABLE to call ME a racist.

    Dear God help us and God Bless You and all caucasian individuals who have experience what even I am currently experiencing; but for years back. NOW I UNDERSTAND!