Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Immigration Law


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona Immigration Law – The recently passed immigration bill that was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, has been controversial to say that least. Brewer called the bill “another step forward in protecting the state of Arizona.” However, some individuals who are opposed to the bill have suggested that the bill gives racial profiling a new footing, and that the bill will never be able to be used as intended.
The bill came in response to a spike in violence along the US and Mexico border. The bill will make it a state crime not to carry proof of legal immigration status. It will also require Arizona’s police force to ask about the person’s immigration status. If they believe that there is “reasonable suspicion” to believe that the individual may not be a citizen of the country, they are then allowed to detain the individual for further questioning, provided they are not able to present the proper documentation pertaining to their immigration status.

“I will not tolerate racial discrimination or racial profiling in the state of Arizona” Brewer said in response to the allegations made by democrats in the state that have said that the bill will lead to discrimination and racial profiling.

Brewer has stated that she made the decision to sign the bill after the federal government made several failed attempts to ensure that the borders remained safe.
“This protects all of us, every Arizona citizen and everyone here lawfully,” she said.
President Barack Obama has called the bill “misguided”, and has stated that the legislation is a perfect example of why Congress must act soon to ensure that the situation on the border does not become worse. Tom Saenz, executive director of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund has said that he does not believe the legislation is within the rights of the state of Arizona, and predicted that the bill would be shot down by federal courts.


  1. Screw Obama and hats off to the Gov. I say use racial profiling and anything else they have at thier disposal if that’s what it takes to stop this flood of illegals from free passes to the US. I wouldn’t care if I had to carry proof of citizenship if that’s what it takes to get’m out of here.

    I have no problem with LEGAL immigation of ANY color

    • you are out of your mind pal. Make the screening process much more attainable for good people. We have a wide range of dead beats in our country. Why not background check the illegals and give them a chance to stimulate your economy.

      • Craig, I feel for the illegals I have stayed in Mexico and know first hand their problems. But I also have friends here that went through all the troubles of coming into our country the correct way. They have strong feelins that the illegals must do the same. Now these people are not only from Mexico but from Asia,Europe,and Cuba, all are my friends.. The law is easy to understand and we all have to go by the laws State and Federal. The system is what it is for many reasons if you think it should be changed there is a system to do that go out and vote for the people that will go to Washington and change the law to step up the process. obama wont do that he rather make issues to confuss and decieve. But we can elect people that can and will make real change in the American way. Doug

    • I think this is a good law, as long as it applies to everyone. Being stopped and required to show proper ID is done all over the world if you are a visitor. Law breakers have to be caught and deported back to where they come from,all other countries do that and a lot worst. Now with the exception of felon crime persons commited in the state or other states. They should be punished. Thank you for standing up for the President and his goons. Texas will not be long in joining you and your state. Do not bend to obama’s social party, they think by given you a bad comment that you will run away from what is correct, he has no real care for the law breakers unless of corse it effected his family, and maybe not then has anyone checked on obamas half brother latley??? Remember he lives in a shack with mud floors.

  2. I love that the White House and Congress decided to bump up the immigration problem over climate change in the program. It is like a person stating “maybe I should pick up my sick child and get my nails done later”- DUH- Congress – Ya think????

  3. You Go Girl!!
    It’s about time someone stood up for the citizens of this country instead of every other country.
    I am a citizen and carry proof of citizenship. No problem

  4. HAT’S OFF TO GOVERNOR BREWER!!!!! It is about time someone had the ‘guts’ to STAND UP!!! What is it about ‘illegal’ that these people (no matter what color or origin they are) do not understand!!!!

  5. Sounds like a just and necessary law, given the violence and immigration problems that threaten legal Arizonans safety, and hurt the economy.

  6. I support the immigration bill. Governor Brewer is addressing behavior not a class of people even though a certain class of people are trying to make it about them. Illegal immigration is for all countries and we have illegals from all over the world in the USA. Come in legally like we would to your country and be greeted with open arms. Your rights are protected when you are lawful.

  7. My hat is off to Governor Jan Brewer. Is grrrrreat to see someone standing up for the people of the United States. By taking a stand in Arizona other states might do the same. Congrats Governor Brewer !!!

  8. JAN BREWER FOR PRESIDENT..At least she is concerned with protecting what is left of AMERICA!!

    Why would anyone BUT an ILLEGAL get upset over this law??? I LOVE IT I hope all 50 states get the balls to take a stand!!

  9. I applaud the Governor of Arizona for signing the immigration law and I’m disappointed that Senator McCain doesn’t back her. There is NO racial profiling here it’s a simple case of being legal.
    If more states had a Governor with backbone we wouldn’t have this problem with illegal immagrants taking over our health care system to say nothing of jobs.

    Go Governor, why don’t more of you states find some backbone and join her campaign.

    David Schronce
    Myrtle Beach SC

  10. I’m a U.S. citizen, but i really don’t think she made the right choice alot of people say they should take us the mexicans out but honestly, who’s cutting fern for 3 dollars an hour, WE ARE! who’s out there doing the jobs no one wants to do WE ARE! if ya american could do those jobs, we wouldn’t of been here. ya are used to $9.00 and hour or even the minimum wage when the mexicans are getting paid $3.00 dollars an hour

    • Ozzy, That would not be a problem if they were legal. If them go back and come in legal they would get better pay. But the guy that is hiring them should be not fined but closed down. For aiding a illagle. And one more thing itis not just Mexicans, most yes but there from all over the world. Remember we are a country of laws what is right is right and what is wrong is WRONG. DDW

  11. This is all sad to me how people would think positively about this new law.You dont really see what these people do for you they are not criminals or they didnt even come to the U.S to do any harm they actually view this country as a HOPE and happiness that they always wanted and all they do here from the time the place a foot in the U.S is start working. Tell me how many “U.S. Citizens” you see at a field picking the food that you consume everyday.Go to a market and tell me the vegetable your eating wasnt picked by someone who aside from his/her status here in the U.S. did that just to survive here in the U.S. Everyone just needs to come together and actually get their heads out of their behinds.

  12. Yeah Arizona and boo Obama

    Illegal means illegal, how is this a problem? I am also willing to carry my US passport with me if need be.

  13. I am in full support of this law and give props to the Arizona governor for having the GUTS to sign this bill. Don’t force feed me this BS about the illegals being good people. If they are “good people” they would come into this contry PROPERLY! Do not parade the children of these “good people” in front of me either because I believe that if their parents really loved them, they would bring them here PROPERLY!! It’s sad to send them (the kids) back to an improvished country, but blame their parents for trying to cut corners…NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Bottom line: You don’t belong here if you’re not here properly! God Bless Arizona!!!

  14. im wondering what gives anyone with out a green card or state id the wright to speak out aginst US LAWS.i fill they need to shutup and walk back the way they came.