Apple To Launch iPhone 11 in China Red to appeal to Chinese buyers

According to a report in Forbes Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone, the iPhone 11. 


“The leak reveals iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Product(RED) editions are coming before the end of the month. This is exciting news as both phones have a steel chassis, a material which had previously stopped Apple from launching this iconic option with the iPhone X. So clearly a breakthrough has been made, which also opens up a world of future possibilities. 

Interestingly, iPhoneHacks reveals the launch will begin in China before the end of the month. Apple (which has never used the Product(RED) brand in China due to political taboos) will attempt to woo Chinese buyers by calling the finish ‘China Red’.”

We are speculating that this new phone will be called iPhone 11 because of the new camera features, and stainless steel chasis.

David Krug

David Krug

David Krug is the founder and CEO of newsopi, an independent news outlet based in Las Vegas.

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