Andrew Shirvell Chris Armstrong Watch


Andrew Shirvell Chris Armstrong Watch – Officials in Michigan State have attacked a gay college student who has been promoting what they call, “radical homosexual agenda materials.’ A blog was started that is called the “Chris Armstrong Watch.”

On a number of posts on the blog there are photoshopped pictures of Armstrong with gay symbols like rainbow flags and swastikas. The blog also picks apart the student’s Facebook profile.

Chris Armstrong is the first open homosexual acting as a student assembly president at U of M. The man who started the blog, the Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell has insisted that there is nothing personal behind his attacks, and that he simply disagrees with Armstrong.

He also gave a very awkward interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night.

In the interview he said that his main problem with Armstrong was that he was pushing for a gender neutral housing area at the University of Michigan. This would allow both men and women to live together in a certain housing district that has been set aside.

He has also called for Armstrong to step down from his position as the President of the study body at University of Michigan. Most analysts have sided against Shirvell for setting up a blog that attacked the student. There has to be a better way for him to express his opinion without doing so through photoshopped pictures of a college student.


  1. The Mr. Shirvell sounds dangerously deranged and should be fired. Mr. Cox is irresponsible in not having done so. Both of these men are an embarrassment to Michigan.

      • Conduct unbecoming of a state official, however, is an offense that can be punishable with termination.

        I’d say this behavior is pretty unbecoming.

        Also, who gave this moron his job in the first place?!? Has anyone SEEN this interview?!?

        He’s clearly got issues wayyyyy beyond the latent repression.

        • I just saw the video and did not know what happened .. for a moment I thought this moron shirvell was the gay guy.I thought that becuase the way he talks and gestures, iviously He is the gay one. and I say that with all respeact to the gay community.I can not understand how someone can be gay and homophobic at the same time, buecaus that’s what Shirvell is. It is possible that nothing can be done to stop this idiot?

          • You’re right on the ball, except that Andrew Shirvell is a fag that’s why he hates gays. A fag takes it due to some circumstances outside his control, while gay is a voluntary sexual orientation

          • In reference to: Galenus says:
            September 30, 2010 at 7:34 am
            You’re right on the ball, except that Andrew Shirvell is a fag that’s why he hates gays. A fag takes it due to some circumstances outside his control, while gay is a voluntary sexual orientation.

            My Response:
            That’s absurd. (Gay is to Fag) as (Black is to Nigger). Fag and Nigger are derogatory words and used as an insult, whereas (Gay and Black) are simply descriptive as of fact. Gay is not what you do as much as whom you are. Just because a gay person may some how ends up having sex with a woman does not make him straight. When a guy falls in love with another guy, that’s what makes him gay. That is not a learned behavior, simply a fact of life that has existed since the beginning of time. You do not have control of whom you fall in love with.

        • I agree. As the assistant attorney general for the state, the public puts their trust in him to protect their constitutional rights. True, he has a constitutional right to free speech, but to speak ones mind about an issue which is defended by numerous civil rights groups in a manner such as this would, in my opinion, be viewed as a serious violation of ethical conduct. One could even be concerned with the possibility the situation being escalated to violence. This man should step down from his position, and profusely apologize to Mr. Armstrong, the community as a whole, and the U of M for his conduct.

      • Yes not fired for his views unfortunately however he should be fired for harassment and stalking, this guy is dangerous and by not doing anything with him they are letting him become more and more nutty. If something isn’t done I have a feeling this kid is in danger.

      • Stating your opinion is one thing, but harrassing, stalking, slandering is another. This is against the law, as will be clear when the notice of intent is filed by the student. This extremely dangerous person should absolutely be removed from office. It is no better than if he was stalking a black citizen…would it be acceptable for him to be fired for his “views” then??

      • He can’t be fired for his views, but he could be fired for the crimes he did commit which could include slander and defamation of character.

      • Public officials do NOT enjoy the same protection of freedom of speech as private citizens. As such, Andrew can’t spout off what ever he wants. Not if he’d like to keep his job. There’s no Constitutional guarantee to a job.

      • He can’t be fired for his views, but he can be fired for what he’s done and how he’s portrayed them as a public figure. Federal law states that unbecoming conduct can be punshed with termination. Most would agree that this is pretty unbecoming. Even the Attorney General has said it’s pretty immature but it still looks like he’s not doing anything. What an asshole.

      • Mike r don’t waste peoples time posting things you obviously know nothing about. This is way more than expressing opinion, and it is a political office so negative public opinion IS just cause for termination.

    • He is also obsessed with this man, and i believe that he himself may be a homosexual who is lashing out on someone who is comfortable with who they are while he is not.

    • As an attorney, I find the action of Shirvell and the inaction of Cox as embarrassments, both civil servants, to all Americans, let alone those of Michigan citizens.


        • But he can be fired for his actions. He’s made claims that the student is engaging in “sexual escapades” in churches and children’s playgrounds and has regular orgies in his dorm room. This is all made-up information and is slander, and that is against the law. He can have his own views, but when you accuse someone of something, you better be able to back it up. I’m appalled that an assistant DA engages in that illegal behavior.

  2. Anderson Cooper hit it on the head. Shirvell is a bigot a cyber-bully and should be fired for poor judgment. No one who does what he’s done should be paid by tax dollars.

  3. HELP: Please write Mike Cox, Michigan Attorney General at

    Demand Andrew Shirvell’s immediate dismissal.

    Shirvell is not just an embarrassment to Michigan. His actions jeapordize all students in the State of MI.

    This must stop now. Protect our children & all students!

  4. How would the taxpayers of MI feel if this mental patient was stalking a female in the same way? Setting up a blog to defame her, “protesting” outside of her home, stalking her on Facebook and attempting to embarrass and defame her family?

    If the AG there keeps this lunatic on board, it is sending a serious message to the TAXPAYERS who pay both of their salaries. I found his boss’ excuse making for this bizarre and obsessive behavior totally strange as well.

    How can he justify keeping a person this deranged in a position of power in that State? Seriously?

    • I Think Mr Mr. Shirvell should go to Jail for criminal stalking. I think this guy is a coward and a bully who uses his influence to pick on people. If it was me I would file all types of lawsuits and restraining orders. Then this would be come a legal/state issue and force the state to act.

      • See my above reply to you. It’s his actions, not his views, he should be fired for. If I make up a website saying Mike R is stalking children in playgrounds when, in fact, you aren’t, I’d be held liable and you’d be able to sue me. That’s what this guy is doing…. lying. Freedom of speech doesn’t extend to lying. We don’t protect slander.

  5. Cox must be spineless to let Shirvell keep his job. I feel sorry for those in Michigan as Shirvell’s hate speech and Cox’s wuss factor make the state look backwards.

    I think Shirvell is unbalanced and a danger to the college student and perhaps his family.

    Shirvell is going to blow at some point if allowed to continue his hateful diatribes. Apparently Cox thinks it’s ok for this psycho to be prosecuting people for crimes in Michigan? Unreal.

    This is just nuts. I hope the people of Michigan can do something to stop this guy and get him off the state payroll.

  6. I saw the interview on CNN. To me Andrew Shrivel (intentionally mis-spelled) came off as paranoid, wimpy and pathetic as well as extremely ignorant. Frankly, he immediately reminded me of Peewee Herman during his playhouse days. Another idiot makes himself known without the slightest awareness of what an embarrassment he is.

  7. This is stalking. Coming from a public official, one would expect Shrivell’s behavior to be illegal.

    Homophobia is the new gay. Shirvell is obviously a huge closet case. Self-hating closet gays are the worst kind of homophobes.

  8. Just watched the segment on Andrew Shirvell.

    He’s clearly a closeted gay, jealous of Chris Armstrong.

    He comes across pathetic and ignorant.

    He should stick his anti-gay comments up his @$$!

  9. Seen the awkward behavior during his interview?
    Andrew Shirvell is a CLOSETED gay.
    Just come out of the closet you bigot…
    You’re an embarassment to your own kind, you homophobic gay.

  10. I disagree with both Shirvell’s and Cox’s positions, but it’s important not to become the thing that we object to. If Shirvell hates homosexuals and we hate Shirvell then hate wins. A hater is a hater. There is only one way to respond to this and that is with love.

  11. This Shirvell guy is certainly GAY himself and wants Chris Armstrong. I think Mr. Armstrong put off his advances and now he is getting back at him by pretending to be anti-gay! This guy is deranged and dangerous to all. People in a lot less public jobs have been fired for less. What is wrong with his boss?? I know for sure as obsessed as he is with this he has done part of this on work hours and you can’t tell me he didn’t! Get rid of Shirvell and his boss!

  12. Could it be anymore clearer? Andrew Shirvell is gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. Did anyone else notice his mannerisms? He looked like he wanted to purse his lips.

    Andrew’s sexual orientation does not concern me. What does concern me is his position of power. What concerns me more than that is Mike Cox’s inaction.

  13. Of course he can’t be fired for his views and comments, but he can for his actions.
    The jerk has gone to this students home several times and filmed his sad stalkeresque act, and posted the video on his hate site.
    Also he takes part in the Westboro Baptist Church protests outside the funerals of soldiers, with signs saying the soldier died because “God Hates Fags”.
    Cox aptly named is a coward.
    I pay these weak fools, who clearly don’t understand integrity, salary. I’m a taxpayer in Michigan.
    Also I’m a UofM alumm, and I’m filled with disgust by the actions of Shrivel, misspelled on purpose, and the inactions and complicity of our poor excuse for a state AG’s, Cox.
    With contempt
    Adam T Glass

  14. Andrew Shirvell exists among a tiny faction of clueless, intolerant, and perhaps self-loathing hate mongers.

    They’re indifference to the fact that their words and actions are responsible for the death and suffering of many human beings — including children.

    Shame on you, Mr. Shirvell! Shame!

  15. This is appalling. Also, please consider a careful edit of this article. Although rainbow flags are a typically gay symbol, swastikas are not!

    • The flag with the swastika image came from the blog Shervil set up. I imagine it’s why it’s in the article, not to insult anyone but as an example of his lunacy…

  16. Whether or not the man has a “legal right” to spew his hateful comments is beside the point. The “law” is so often the last refuge of the thug…the point is, as others have said, that no public servant has a right to take a publicly-funded paycheck with such attitudes of hate, bias, and dangerous, threatening conduct. Yes, he should be fired.

  17. Hey Andy! Anybody who reads your blog can see it – you got a serious manlove thing for Chris – but he’s just not into you. If you can’t get under him, you’ll have to get over him. You need to find a dude who’ll do you (might not be that easy) and get it over with. Regards from a fellow homo!

  18. I just called the states attorneys office and spoke to someone named Mickael. I caught him off guard but as he listened he became annoyed. I told him I was non-partisan and was calling on behalf of the “humans”. I asked if his boss condoned the stalking of a college student and said supporting co-ed dorms is not an excuse for stalking. When I finished he thanked me for my comments and said he would pass them along.

  19. You think the Anderson Cooper video was bad, check out the first report aired on WXYZ-TV 2 weeks ago… this guy is psychotic!

    Channel 7 Report Link:,-targeting-an-openly-gay-college-student” rel=”nofollow”>,-targeting-an-openly-gay-college-student

    In case html link didn’t work, copy and paste:

  20. Folks, he does not have First Amendment protection for this sort of speech as a public employee. The Supreme Court has deeply restricted the protected speech of public employees. I know it’s part of the American creed to hide behind “free speech” rights while engaging in preposterous conduct, but in this case Supreme Court precedents do not support Shirvell or his misguided boss.

    • Mr. Shervill today, apparently, has closed the website to the general public, the weasly little coward. Now you have to know the super duper secret HItler Youth password to get in.

  21. Shirvell should come out of the closet already.

    Shrivell obviously has issues which impede his judgement. He should be fired for conduct unbecoming. He’s deranged. His behaviour us disgusting. He has no business being a public servant. Fire his ass.

  22. While it is true that this creepy Shirvell clown is protected under the First Amendment, Mike Cox could definitely fire him if it could be shown that his actions outside of work were hurting the reputation of the office. It could easily be shown that this hurts the office’s rep as what he is doing borders on hate speech.

    Also, it’s true what they say; gay people are their own worst enemy. Anyone who has seen Andrew Shirvell on television knows what I mean.

    Just come out of the closet, Andrew; it is obviously taking a harsh toll on your mental well being.

  23. As a UK citizen this kind of behaviour makes me very sad. In England this monster would have been fired a long time ago…

  24. I’d like to know more about the gender neutral housing that Chris is pushing at U of M. Would this be on campus housing for students so they can live together without marriage? Um, I’d protest too, if this is the case. Live off campus, if you want to live with your f@ck buddy – het or homosexual. Maybe Mr. Shirvell has a point? If he was working a regular 9-5 job, nobody would be knocking him, including Anderson, for having an opinion.

  25. I’m not sure what Shirvell’s problem is. He seems to be getting way too upset over something that shouldn’t be a big deal. Men and women living together? Welcome to the real world. Gender-neutral housing has not caused a problem at any of the colleges where it has been instituted (in the US at least). Why the extreme reaction?

    P.S. It sounds like you’re saying both rainbow flags and swastikas are gay symbols. I understand that this wasn’t the writer’s intention, but it’s still awkward and insulting.