Al Franken Jason Mattera Confrontation


Al Franken Jason Mattera Confrontation – Al Franken was confronted by a conservative activist recently in a stairwell. The confrontation apparently upset Franken, and the video being posted on later YouTube was not very well received by the Franken camp either. They have requested that the activist take the movie down, but he has refused the requests. The video shows the activist, Jason Mattera, as he introduces himself to Franken. The exchange appears to be very friendly at first, but quickly turns sour when the activist begins asking Franken questions regarding the land mark health care reform bill that was recently passed. He begins by asking Franken “which parts of the bill are going to lower costs?” He later went on to add “Is it the provision giving $7 Billion to fund jungle gyms or the provision mandating that employers provide time off for breastfeeding?”

Franken responds by asking to see the portions of the bill that he is referring too. This is where the exchange started to become heated. When Mattera starts to point at the bill to show Franken where the sections of the bill are located, he also asks Franken “why the government is funding an army of monkey bars.” He then told Franken to “Answer it.” This reportedly upset Franken quite a bit, as he told the activist to “Shut up and listen to him” and continued to argue with the young man until Franken decided to leave the situation behind and exit to the stairs to the left. Representatives for Franken have not commented on the confrontation, but it has been reported by several different sites that Franken has asked that the video be taken down. Mattera declined the request, and continues to promote the video around the Internet, which has gone viral and has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.


  1. Here’s some ifo for you Mattera! The USDA has stated that a minimum of $3.6 billion dollars would be saved per year if breastfeeding rates were increased.

    Lower health costs for companies –
    Aetna estimates savings of $1,435 on medical claims per breastfed baby per year.

    CIGNA reports annual saving of $240,000 per year in health care costs and $60,000 per year through reduced absenteeism.

  2. But the bill mandates “time off” for breastfeeding. Obviously it doesn’t mandate breast feeding…it mandates TIME OFF which means these women could be boozing it up earlier than usual and simply bottle feeding the babies.

    Also, why don’t you answer the part where the jungle gym part? My guess is not only is it a waste of taxpayer money but it could cause more injuries therefore negating any positive health savings.

    Jennifer Ritchie + Michael Inglut = clueless.

    Also please factor in lost productivity for companies in terms of dollars and cents as well for your breastfeeding “savings”.

  3. I think most people will agree that Jason Mattera makes himself look like a complete jackass in the video. If fiscal conservatives ever want to be a majority in this country this isn’t the way to get there. It is the reason the “Tea Party,” movement will only hurt the conservative movement in the long run.