Nexus One Verizon Pricing & Release Date


Nexus One Verizon Pricing & Release Date – Nexus One, Google’s answer for the iPhone, has not yet given all of the information out about when consumers can expect to have the phone in their hands. Still, the company continues to perfect the phone, and many tech junkies wait on the next version to become available. The Nexus One on Verizon has to be extra careful with the pricing of their new phone, as inappropriate pricing for the phone can really ruin their chances at taking over the position that has been firmly held by the iPhone since the iPhone first arrived on the scene. The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2010. While Google has not confirmed that this is when their users can expect the phone, they have also not shot down these rumors and instead have opted to say that the phone will be available when “it is ready.”

Still, tech junkies await eagerly for the new phone. The capabilities of the phone that Google has displayed on their website are absolutely amazing, wowing many potential customers with a few short videos. Most recently, Google showed that a particular app on the phone was able to take pictures of something written in a foreign language (think menus or street signs when you are on vacation), then the phone will be able to automatically detect what language the text is written in and translate it to a different language. The pricing of the phone is figured to be nearly $500 for the phone itself, and much less when the user subscribes to a two year agreement with the phone. Google representatives were not immediately available for comment, and many are keeping a tight grip on the facts about the Nexus One. Individuals that are interested in the details will have to wait at least a few more weeks before anything becomes official.


  1. Really, “April 2011”? I hope you meant April 2010 because by 2011 my phone better be making me breakfast and be in close contention for replacing my wife.

  2. I think you made a typo, it will be coming out 2010. Google has it on their website. If it were to come out 2011 that phone would be out of date. I speculate Either March 28th or April 1st based on much research and talking to 6 different Verizon representatives.

  3. April 2010. I’m def not waiting until 2011 for this phone that will be relatively outdated by then. With phones like the EVO and Galaxy S being announced, the entire landscape will be totally different by next year. Moore’s Law is hitting the smartphone industry and a paradigm shift is taking place. Keep your eyes open.

    If Nexus One comes out in the next couple of weeks, then I might get one, but otherwise I’m waiting on the next batch of killer phones…

  4. “The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2011.”

    Did you mean 2010? Since January, the Google site to sell the Nexus One has stated Spring 2010 as the release. I’ve heard it should be available any time now, within the next few weeks, but not anything near saying it is still another year away.

  5. “The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2011.”

    Don’t you mean April 2010? Verizon store told me yesterday they expect Nexus One phones to come in any day now for sale.

  6. “”The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2011.”” 2011 who’s going to wait that long? Not me.

  7. Lol 🙂 Easy now, the article states: “The speculative release date for the Nexus One is in April of 2010”

    No mention of 2011 except for in the first response.

  8. I was just thinking, if Gooogle keeps waiting around to release the Nexus One phone I feel most people will just wait 2 more months for the iPhone 4G on the Verizon network. What do you think?

  9. First we heard March 23rd was the big day. Now sometime in April. Well it better be first part of April, because it’s killing me!

  10. I heard that the nexus 9 5G that came out in the year 2025 has an app that lets it time travel. and it’s gonna send itself back in time to the year 2011 and blow peoples minds!!! so i would just wait for that phone.

    no but seriously the reason the nexus one hasnt been released on verizon is because they are testing android 2.1 right now and there has been some bugs with it that they need to fix before releasing it. could be three days or three weeks how ever long it takes. my guess is in a week or two.

  11. “Will verizon let you use the wireless funcion on the phone ( like on the ipod touch), without having a data plan??”

    You can’t add a smartphone to your plan on Verizon without a data plan, unless it was made prior to the rule change. I think it was changed back in Nov 2008 or so.

    Short answer: This phone will require the data package.

  12. You could always activate the phone on Page Plus. Uses VZW network but you don’t have to use the data. 39.95 gets you unlimited talk and text.

  13. I received my Nexus one today. It’s charging. I am not sure about signing with Tmob, or Verison. Tmoble drops a lot of calls inside brick buildings

  14. The holdup has been the testing of the phone with the different network type. The phone was originally designed to work with a GSM network (AT&T and T-Mobile), but the phone needed to be tweaked to work with a CDMA network (Verizon and Sprint). This tweak requires software and hardware changes. This is the reason for the holdup.

    Tim, if you got a Nexus One today, it is only going to work on AT&T or T-Mobile. Verizon is not even an option for that phone. T-Mobile vs. AT&T, I would go with AT&T. It may not be great service, but anything has got to be better than T-Mobile.

  15. Ya know, all you people who were so quick to JUMP on that guy should consider the possibility the author DID make a typo and revised it. AMAZING!

  16. I’m sorry Verizon you had great service but I have heard good things from T-mobile customer (a lot better than at&t). But you lost a customer because you failed to realize that the customer wants. cool handsets

  17. Android 2.2 on my SGS is still cool. I don’t anticipate buying any other gadgets for a long time.. even if the new nexus is really cool. maybe the Samsung elite!