Vuvuzela WC 2010 Star


Vuvuzela WC 2010 Star – A number of complaints have been raised regarding the plastic horn instruments that have been used throughout the World Cup. Some have said that the instrument, named vuvuzela, are ruining the atmosphere and are too loud and obnoxious to be used during such a critical event. Because the instruments have absolutely no tune, and are simply noise makers, people have warned South Africa that they should not allow them into the stadiums because they are distracting other fans from the games that are being played.

Even Lance Armstrong had a few words to say about them in a Tweet on his Twitter account;
“No offense to the vuvuzelas posse but, man, it’s a bit much.”

Soccer lovers have hoped that the individuals who use the vuvuzelas would change their minds and stop using them. Some have gone as far as to say that they ruined their experience in South Africa. The legions appear to be divided on the use of the horns.

Some have stated that the horns are just part of the South African experience, while other viewers from other nations seem to have said that they believe that it is a bit much for them to be blowing them throughout the entire game, and perhaps they should be saved for only goals and other big plays in the game.
With the vuvuzelas playing throughout the game, it really limits the crowd interaction. There is no more silence during defeat, as the winning team is likely going to be blowing their horns. Likewise, the sound of cheering is drowned out by thousands of Africans with their vuvuzelas.


  1. LOL…they host a world cup in a country full of black people and then complain of noise? Sorry, too late….it’s in their nature to be loud, and this annoying, tuneless plastic trumpet appeals to their very deepest nature. If it wasn’t for the Vuvuzelas, they’d be making as much noise with their mouths. Yet another reason it was a mistake to host the 2010 world cup in South Africa – it has been ruined for the true fans, as you have a few thousand for each team, and then 600000 grinning South Africans on a day trip blowing into their stupid novelty noise makers. For the next England game, I’m going to watch in silence….or maybe with a favourite CD.