Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2010 Spanish League


Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2010 Spanish League – Barcelona was able to beat Real Madrid 2-0 in a very exciting game today. The two teams are two of the most popular and most feared teams currently playing in the Spanish Primera Division. Nearly 80,000 people attended the game that had been discussed for weeks about among soccer (football) fans. The real difference came in the number of fouls that each team was given. 30 fouls were given to Real Madrid, and really handicapped the team throughout the match. However, Barcelona only had 15 fouls called on them throughout the game, which allowed them to keep the ball in their possession long enough to put some points on the board. However, Real Madrid was able to take twice as many shots in their loss. Real Madrid took 16 shots on goal, while Barcelona was only able to take 8. Luckily for Barcelona it’s not how many you take, its how many you are able to get into the net. Barcelona was able to make 2 of their 8 shots goals, while Real Madrid was not able to score any.

The game was an exciting one, that featured a number of great saved by the Barcelona goalkeeper. The game was one of the most anticipated soccer games of the year. Both teams have been considered to be relatively close in skill level, as well as in club prestige. Some would go as far as to describe them as superpowers. At one point in the match, Real Madrid was able to put the ball in the goal, but the referee did not allow the point because a player (Benzema) had committed a hand ball during the shot on goal. During the match, Gabriel Milito left the match with what appeared to be a semi-serious leg injury.


  1. You must have not watched the match. You are clearly reporting off of some headlines you saw.

    Had you actually watched the match, you would have known that there were not 2 equally matched superfootball powers playing that night…. Anyone who has any idea of anything going on in the Spanish League will tell you that although FCB and Real Madrid had been on equal level pointwise, they are not nearly not on the same playing field.

    The result was clear proof of this.

    Your article makes it sound as if the match was close. It was a one sided victory. You mentioned the fouls. Did you watch the match? FCB was fouled all night long, many more fouls which werent called. There are deep forces at work in the Spanish League that will do anything possible to prevent FCB winning everything another year. Real Madrid always plays with a slight advantage.

    But FCB knows this already, and takes it into account. They just played better. They dominated, in fact, just like they did with Arsenal just 3 nights before.

    You might be trying to write an objective article. But if you saw the match, or have read the headlines of any international press outlet, you would know there is no room for bland reporting on last nights match.

    Last night, people who actually saw the game, witnessed another display of FCB´s sheer talent and humility.

    Try adding some salt to your soup.

    • Now you are one to speak….your bias in you words is disgusting. You said Real Madrid plays with a slight advantage? I dont even think you deserve much more of a reply.

      Congratulations to FCB from a true Real Madrid fan.

  2. finally ronaldo is seen clearly ,he is not and never been the best player in the world ,except for the british media empires that joined with the power of manchester united that makes him best player of the world,without rooney he is nobody,just an elegant handsome player like david beckham ,messi on the contrary is the best player of the world ,if u see his goal yesterday ,u see how he leans to the left and go to the right that is meant to lose the marking of the defender that is marvellous,watch it closer guys

  3. I am not much of a fan for any, but I dont think that this is the way you talk about Ronaldo. He’s an excellent player, everybody knows that, so stop arguing about it and forgetting his history of goals and moves.

    • look sry to burst your bubble but ronaldo isn’t an excellent player though he is good he’s not anywhere close to being excellent… unfortunately enough for him if it wasn’t for his good looks he wouldn’t bring a lot of fans :S, and he has countless fouls which you must see on youtube because an excellent football player is not one that plays dirty it’s one that plays with skill

  4. I saw the game yesterday and i think barcelona have proved to be the best team in the world there is no doubt about it. It’s just the way they play moving the ball all over the field, no team can do it better.Ronaldo have good skills,but not a big player for me ,because he can’t perform in big games like this as the people apect from him i saw it last year in game when he was with manchester united in the final against barca.but messi otherwise can take the game to him . that’s why he is for me the best player in the world.

  5. i’m a fan of both teams, however barcelona is a dominating force in soccer they’ve won evertything last year good job barcelona. as for cristiano an messi messi is the better player passes shoots does everything right, cristiano just needs to step up his game.

  6. I like Messi more than I like Ronaldo, but to say that Ronaldo is not an excelent player is ridiculous. If you don’t like the guy, his attitude or his pretty face, that’s fine, but that has nothing to do with football.