Mexico vs Italy 2010: 2-1 Italia Defeat


Mexico vs Italy 2010: 2-1 Italia Defeat – Italy, the defending FIFA World Cup champions, will be playing a friendly practice game against Mexico as a warm up match for the upcoming World Cup. The game will be played at Baudouin Stadium, in Brussels, Belgium. The game will be taking place on Thursday, June 3 at 19:15 CET.
Mexico and Italy have faced off previously in warm up matches as well. Mexico will be playing their first match against the host of the World Cup, South Africa, on June 11, 2010. The 2006 World Cup football champion team of Italy will be playing a few days sooner, on June 6, against Switzerland. Italy is the favorite in the match and is expected to easily handle a Switzerland team that has not had a lot of success in recent World Cups.

The match will be an important one for the coaches to make their final roster changes and decision. Mexico has made a number of changes to their roster and positions over the course of their last few International Matches. It is expected that they will be toying with their lineup once again to fine tune it for their game against South Africa, who will likely be charged and ready to go.

Update: Mexico vs. Italy: a shocker, 2-1 win for Mexico. Carlos Vela (Mexico) was named player of the match.


0-1, min. 17. Carlos Vela.
0-2, min. 84. Alberto Medina.
1-2, min. 89. Leonardo Bonucci.

Italy : Buffon, Cannavaro, Bonucci, Criscito, Zambrotta, De Rossi, Pirlo, Gilardino, Marchisio, Di Natale and Iaquinta. Also played: Pepe, Maggio, Quagliarella, Palombo and Bocchetti.

Mexico : Perez Rodriguez, Osorio, Salcido, Aguilar; Marquez, Torrado, Juarez, Vela, J.Hernandez and Dos Santos. Also played: Barrera, Medina, Moreno, Blanco, Castro and Guardado.


  1. What exactly do you find funny? A four time World Cup champion vs…wait, how many World Cups has Mexico won recently? Oh, that’s right! Mexico never actually played in a World Cup final. Enjoy getting your a** handed to you by France. Ciao!

  2. ok Italia wrote the book on soccer. Mexico take this win and enjoy it because it won’t last too long.
    Arrivederci Mexico.

  3. italy los everyone suck up and admit italy has too many old people, too many grandpas playing now thats funny

  4. dawg italy lost they got outplayed just admit it! they got their ankles broken. i guess this year wont be italys year arrivedercii italia!

  5. Mexico sucks they just got lucky cmon Mexico beating Italy, but you Mexicans always thinking there all that

    • I am sorry Willian Juarez, but you didnt bite your tongue? I deal with LOTS of Italians and the ones that think that are the “ombelico del mondo” are the Italians.