France vs Uruguay World Cup 2010


France vs Uruguay World Cup 2010 – France failed to capitalize in their first game, and finished with a 0-0 draw in their opener against Uruguay. The game was rather uninspired, and left many of those who were in attendance wanting much more.

The South Africa and Mexico game also finished in a draw, 1-1, in their opening game in Johannesburg. All four of the teams currently have one point in the tournament, and should make for an exciting group in the 2010 World Cup.

France still did better than they did in 2002, when they lost 1-0 to Senegal in the first round to exit the tournament. The draw leaves them with another game to play, but frustration shined through in their first game. Uruguay finished the match with 10 men after Nicolas Lodeiro was handed a second booking in the 81st minute of the game.

French coach, Raymond Domenech, said that he was disappointed that they could not have pulled of the victory. “Perhaps we weren’t calm enough or quite precise enough in the final phase. Uruguay defended very well and they have quality in that regard,” he said after the conclusion of the match.

He said that his approach to the game did not change in the days leading up to the match, and perhaps he should have. The French appeared to have no control over their own offense throughout the game, and were easily handled by the opponents defense.

They had a great chance early in the game on several different occasions, when they made it past defenders, but were unable to capitalize.


  1. Oh my God! The first two WC games both ended in ties. Ties are like kissing your sister. This is why professional soccer – football to most of you – has never caught on in the USA. In tonight’s match (I live in Asia) between England/USA I want a winner – not a tie – even if it isn’t my team. Make the goal bigger or the ball smaller or something. Let’s see some scoring. If it weren’t for replays from different angles there would hardly be any action at all in a televised soccer match. I hope I don’t fall asleep watching the big match tonight. Think about it: if it weren’t for historic rivalries and fan enthusiasum, why would this game be fun. The game itself is fundamentally boring! Back and forth, back and forth! The biggest “action” is when someone gets bumped and falls fainting injury until the referee makes a decision and then that player jumps up and runs away. Crazy!