Chelsea vs Manchester United


Chelsea vs Manchester United – Did you hear that Chelsea took over Manchester United at the top of the Premier League scoring an admired 2-1 victory at Old Trafford on Saturday? Well it got a lot of excitement going behind this team because Chelsea has been the latest news in the headlines. Their hard work and determination has showed to pay of tremendously for the young team.

Chelsea manager state to reporters “it was an important victory because we won at the home of a strong team.” He couldn’t have said it better. It’s no secret that when you’re playing a very reputable team that has the skills and desire to back up their fame, you surely are the underdogs going into a match up when they have the home field advantage. Chelsea didn’t seem the least bit intimidated though because they walked in with their heads held high and ready to play. That they did too and they really stepped up their game and is now recognized as the title favorites.

Chelsea has 74 points total, United with 72, and coming in 3rd is Arsenal with 71. Being a full 2 points ahead is definitely a huge advantage for the team. They should be able to stay focused and clearly judge whats ahead of them and prepare for the sure to be top game of recent news. Chelsea fans are exploding with excitement for their recent when and can’t wait to see what will be coming next. If Chelsea keeps there mind on the game their sure to satisfy a lot of needy watchers. Chelsea was able to complete a league double on the United States this season and is now standing at very promising positions in the


  1. Chelsea won because Manchester United played way below their normal standard and the referee and the linesmen were blind. Drogba’s goal was clearly offside. Oh well this is football…the ball is round. Skill aside luck was with Chelsea. Anyway if they do win the championship it will be their 4th title which is way behind Liverpool and Manchester Utd who have 18 each. They are village heroes, only good in England but not good enough in whole of Europe.Long way to go before they can call themselves a great club. Good luck to them….thats how they win by luck.

    • Don’t forget to blame it on the weather too. By the way nobody is complaining on the hand ball goal by the devil.

      • Well said, Charlienuman!!

        Man U was beaten fair and square – and the game was played at Old Trafford, not at Stamford Park.

        Brilliant job by Chelsea.

    • Mokroker keep on relying on past glories.chelsea is the team and let me mke you understand that all the times chelsea has been eliminated in the champions league is due to some divine intervention.chelsea will win the title and the champions league shall be ours one day.

  2. Chelsea beat United home and away, with their trick but that did not make them wath half of United, b/c 100 years to “they will never be like United in foothball history” One luv United fans. 08069620709.