Coach Ron Rivera clarifies his decision to sit quarterback Cam Newton

Coach Ron Rivera clarifies his decision to sit quarterback Cam Newton

Ron Rivera’s faith over Cam Newton, the quarterback, has never ever waivered. However, the latest shoulder issue aligning struggles for the player has brought a twist to the game. Now the head coach for Panthers believes in the fact that Taylor Heinicke, who is in a healthy shape might give Carolina better chance for bagging the home finale to be held on Sunday against Falcons team.

Rivera mentioned that they had the chance to consult with the trainers, the doctors, as well as Newton with regards to the proceedings of the match. He mentioned that all of them felt the best way to win this game was to go with a healthy player and who better than Taylor to take the torch while Newton rests.

Rivera added that Newton shall remain on a 53-man roster mentioning that crazy things can take over the game to be held on Sunday. This was a reference to Panthers remaining alive for the playoff spot. After the loss experienced against the Saints on Monday night, the coach decided to let Newton rest given the fact that he was incapable of performing at his best due to lingering soreness on the shoulder.

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