Sandra Bullock Divorce


Sandra Bullock Divorce PEOPLE Magazine – The famous Oscar winner known as Sandra Bullock has now revealed that she will be filling for divorce from her husband. Wednesday, People Magazine reported on its website that she has announced that she is moving forward with the divorce. This is just one month after there has been several women that came forward and said that they had a sexual affair with her husband, Jesse James.

Sandra commented, “Yes, I have filed for divorce.” Sandra also added to the story that she is now feeling “sad and …. scared.”
Some other news that was made aware to People Magazine is that Sandra adopted a black baby boy being called Louis. He is just 3 and a half months and it’s said that the entire adoption process has been in the works for close to 4 years but only in January was Louis able to come to his home. People Magazine features Sandra Bullock looking rather happy while holding her baby boy up into the air.

Bullock received her first Best Actress Award just last month at the Oscars. The award was given because of her role in “The Blind Side.” She moved out of her home where she shared with Jesse just after hearing about the first news of the affairs. It’s reported that Jesse had affairs with 4 different women. Jesse and Sandra were together for nearly 5 years.


  1. It’s clear Sandra doesn’t want to make a clean break from Jesse and is leaving the door cracked for a future reconcilation. How convenient to tie herself to him for life with the new baby. If she sees jesse for what he truly is, Narcissistic/Sociopathic, I doubt she would expose her baby or herself to him any further. jesse is giving sandra a beautiful ‘gift’ by “letting her” divorce him and raise the baby, thus Jesse has regained control in his mind…which is all he is about anyway. sandra, stop playing head games with yourself! He’s a nut case.