Sandra Bullock Adopts Black Boy


Sandra Bullock Adopts Black Boy – PEOPLE Magazine was first to report on the big Sandra Bullock Baby news .
They released a magazine with a big picture on the cover of the magazine holding up her son Louis into the air. The caption below the photo reads “Sandra Bullock: Meet My Baby! -3 month after the secret adoption.” Sandra Bullock was the winner of the Oscars for the Best Actress award this year. She is now a proud mother of her new baby boy Louis. Louis is just 3 and a half months old and he was born in New Orleans in January.

Sandra is going through a breakup with her husband, Jesse James. Sandra Bullock looks very happy in the photo that was taken with Louis and she gave some comments to reporters that captured the picture perfect moment. She said “He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way. It’s like he’s always been a part of our lives.”

Sandra also announced that she filed for divorce from Jesse James. The adoption process with Jesse and Sandra began about four years ago but only last January were they able to finally meet their adopted baby. Hopefully Sandra Bullock will have some peace of mind and happiness in her life with her new baby boy.


  1. Run Jessis run can’t say I blame you. I personally think it is disgusting that she did not adopt a white baby. They think it makes them look good. Well Sandra your husband left you because it was the last thing his kids needed. He don’t want his kids exposed to that. White children need homes to and they are beautiful. When he gets older she will have to hide her head in shame. STUPID WOMAN, glad Jessie left her.

    • So you think she is disgusting for adopting a little black baby boy?? What in the world is wrong with you?? She didn’t adopt him to make herself look like anything.. She has wanted a baby for a very long time..She took in a precious gift from God that needed a home. Do you honestly think she is gonna be ashamed later in life?? You are a very prejudiced person.. Jessie didn’t do what he did because of this precious baby boy’s color.. I am a white woman and I think you are a horrible person for even thinking something like that let alone write it.. I wouldn’t say who I was either if I was like you.. I would be ashamed to even let someone know who I was after writing something like that.. You need to remember or in case you didn’t know, I am going to tell you that Jesus loves all the little children.. He doesn’t NOT love little babies because of their skin color.. I wouldn’t want to be you on judgement day.. You need to get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness for writing what you did.. Disgusting because she didn’t adopt a white child.. YOU are the one that is disgusting!!

    • Also Annoymous, why didn’t you put you name on you paragraph….shame on you for your ignorant words about any baby and their color. And your plain mean words about Sandra. You should get your facts straight before your start your nasty spewage. Actually, you are someone who should not have the freedom of speech because you are too dumb to actually speak.

    • you are the one who is stupid and ignorant…you do not sound like your a person with much intellegence.
      not that sandra care what you or anyone else have to say.

  2. Also Anonymous.. READ the rest of the tabloids!!!! Jesse didn’t leave her, SHE LEFT HIM!! He just decided to be a cheater and he got caught cause someone decided to run their mouth.. She is a good woman.. You don’t read crap about her like some of the rest of them..She is a very proud person.. She didn’t deserve what he did to their family.. She is smart enough to divorce him.. Did you read anywhere that he was divorcing her?? NO!!! Because she is suing him for a divorce.. Look at the happiness in her face with that BEAUTIFUL little baby boy!!! She will never be ashamed of him!! Not in this lifetime or the next!! He deserves a good home as well as any white child.. What is wrong with you??? Have you said the same thing about all the other movie stars that has adopted children that isn’t their same color?? I guess if you would say it about her then more than likely you have said it about others.. You just need to keep your prejudice remarks to yourself cause I am sure NOONE wants to read what you have to say unless they are prejudice like you.. I just don’t know how anyone could say something like that. He is BEAUTIFUL just like his new mother!!!!! Maybe not the same color of skin but that baby boy is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Also anonymous: You are a horrible, horrible person! Unfortunately GOD gave you life and a voice and this is how you use it! You should be ashamed of yourself for even having the thoughts in your mind and then letting them come out of your nasty, filthy MOUTH. GOD made us all, we are all truly blessed and in case you forgot-you are a blessing because you have life and I’m pretty sure you have parents that raised you. So, you should never ever have a heart so dark and so cold to even publish words like that about Ms. Sandra and her blesseth baby boy-Louie. They are beautiful, and I am happy to see her looking so happy in that photo. You should be punished, and personally I cannot wait for the wrath of GOD to punish you. While you are hollering Run Jessie Run-maybe you should run Oh but guess what you cannot hide from GOD! Like I told my friends,”Sandra you go girl, don’t let no man get you down or take your joy, baby it’s too much out there to let that happen. I wish you and baby Louie the best of Love, Peace and Joy”….

  4. What about the three children that Sandra was step-mom to, Sandra was raising the little six year old Sunny, what happens to her with Sandra in New Orleans now?

  5. The only thing I find “wrong” is that 46-yr-old Sandy realized that she forgot to have kids, so at that age she adopts a newborn?? How many women have a first child at that age? Some, but not many.
    I don’t care what his skin color is; he’s a cute baby.