Robert Pattinson Proposed To Kristen Stewart?


Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may be engaged. The two have been seen showing affection for one another in public several times in recent weeks, and rumors made their way around blogs and entertainment websites before the couple became more open about their relationship. Neither Pattinson nor Stewart have publicly admitted that they are dating, but they have not been shy about commenting on each other to the media. Recently Stewart told reporters that she loved Pattinson’s singing voice.

According to an anonymous source, Pattinson recently proposed to rumored girlfriend Kristen Stewart. One source recently told Showbiz Spy that Stewart has grown tired of hiding their relationship and would like to go public in the near future. According to the source, Pattinson has proposed to Stewart on several different occasions but Stewart has reportedly kept telling Pattinson to wait. As of right now Robert Pattinson is just waiting for Stewart to take him up on his offer.

The couple have likely hidden their relationship because both are idolized by teenagers across the world for their roles in the hit “Twilight” series. Being single can play a large part in gaining popularity with the younger generation, and both stars would likely receive more attention from being single. They have kept their relationship quiet for quite some time, despite numerous reports and photos of them together appearing across the Internet. One recent rumor stated that Stewart flew to Hungary to visit Pattinson on her birthday while he was shooting a film, leading many to believe that the couple is gradually becoming more open with their relationship.


  1. I think they are together, but I do not think he purposed. Not yet!
    I know during Twilight filming he said he did, but she said no. They were both playing around. : )
    Happiness to them no matter what they chose to do.

  2. All I can say is I would not travel miles over the vast ocean for “just a friend” on my birthday. I think she even did it for New Years 2010, and he was over in the USA with her for Thanksgiving.

  3. i really annoyed the team up of kristen and roebert… they are very good for each other… i just hope something happen so good to both of them…. and may be they get married someday because they have very nice chemistry… both perfect….

    love lots… from philippines